White Shadows

The first project for an independent development team is a very important project as it provides an overview of the team’s general direction and what we can look forward to from their future projects. White Shadows is the first project for the German development team Monokel, which currently only consists of 7 people. The game is a platforming experience that comes to us in black and white. With a trend very similar to the masterpieces Limbo and Inside developed by Playdead, the team’s attempt to present a game that can be watched directly And compared to these two games, that is automatically an interesting decision. So what were the White Shadows like?

Gameplay and Story

The game puts you in the role of Ravengirl, roaming through a huge industrial city, which to us represents a capitalist dystopia with high-rise buildings and a gloomy industrial feel, and the exclusive use of black and white colors enhances this gloomy feeling and adds additional depth to this environment. The game’s story revolves around racism, oppression and classism, which you’ll notice in many of the advertisements. Scattered all over the city, but the game does not leave you the task of identifying the main idea behind the story, but rather informs you through a warning message that appears immediately after starting the game. The symbolism in the game is clear and has familiar political and social connotations, such as the depiction of “black” crows as an oppressed group and the depiction of wolves controlling the course of things as an evil group and other groups of society as others Depicting animals, everything has clear connotations.

Storytelling and Graphics

The story suffers from many wrong decisions. In a later part of the experience, you will be informed of all the events that led to what you are seeing. However, this does not happen at the end of the story, but in a relatively early period, breaking up the ambiguity surrounding the setting. The game also depicts forms of racism, persecution and control of public opinion, but it depicts these things without addressing these issues. These issues could have been presented in a more symbolic way that would make you think and come to the conclusion that the game is talking about racism rather than portraying it in an explicit way that lacks engaging storytelling.

Graphics and Music

On a graphical level, the game presents a beautiful artistic approach due to the use of black and white colors, and the depiction of the environment is precise and full of details. If you look closely at the background, you will see many details that enhance the game’s embodiment of industrial dystopia. Speaking of tunes, they were chosen in an interesting way. The game features a number of classic tunes that capture some scenes beautifully.

Gameplay and Controls

The gameplay is simple. The character can jump and interact with some elements of the environment at the push of a button. The problem with the control system is the character’s slow movement and its slow reaction to jumps, making the parts jumping between platforms annoying, especially when reaction speed is important. The slow movement time makes timing your jumps difficult. The character is also unable to change the path of his movement while jumping, which is an annoying decision that will force him to make a different decision. Parts of the game are also confusing. The game offers some very simple puzzles that are not challenging to solve. We don’t know if they can be called puzzles and might prefer to use the term “obstacles.” Most of these simply attempt to slow your progress and can be circumvented by pressing a button or returning to a previous location to obtain a specific tool.


The game is very short and we completed it in just two hours, and the content is limited to the story that the game presents. White Shadows is a bold attempt by the Monokel development team to portray some social issues in a bold way, namely The game tried to resemble some masterpieces but failed because the narrative was not consistent. The gameplay was inaccurate and annoying, although the depiction of the dystopian city was distinctive and the music was carefully chosen. It’s an experience that varies in level but illustrates some of the development team’s skills.

Pros and Cons of White Shadows PC Game


  • Unique and visually striking black and white art style
  • Precise and detailed depiction of the industrial dystopian environment
  • Carefully chosen classic tunes that enhance the game’s atmosphere
  • Bold attempt to address social issues such as racism and oppression


  • Storytelling lacks engagement and fails to address the issues it portrays
  • Character’s slow movement and reaction time make platforming sections frustrating
  • Confusing and simplistic puzzles that do not provide a challenge
  • Short gameplay experience with limited content


Q: What is White Shadows?

A: White Shadows is a platforming game developed by the German team Monokel. It takes place in a black and white industrial city and explores themes of racism, oppression, and classism.

Q: How long does it take to complete White Shadows?

A: The game can be completed in approximately two hours.

Q: What is the gameplay like in White Shadows?

A: The gameplay is simple, with the player controlling the character Ravengirl who can jump and interact with elements in the environment. However, the character’s slow movement and reaction time can make platforming sections frustrating.

Q: Does White Shadows have puzzles?

A: While the game does feature some puzzles, they are relatively simple and not very challenging. They mostly serve as obstacles to slow down progress.

Q: What is the overall reception of White Shadows?

A: The game has received mixed reviews. While the artistic approach, detailed environment, and carefully chosen music have been praised, the inconsistent narrative and frustrating gameplay have been criticized.

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