Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Before we read the next chapter of BJ Blazkowicz’s mission to eliminate the Nazis, the bloody Wolfenstein series of shooting and action games returns to us with a new side release titled Youngblood, in which you take on the role of twin characters Blazkowicz The The focus is on the cooperative experience. Does this approach fit the character of the series? You can find out in our test report.

Story and Characters

The story takes place twenty years after the second part. BJ Blazkowicz, the most famous Nazi murderer, disappears for a while with no news of his whereabouts and no contact with his family. The twins Soph and Jess Blazkowicz learn of their father’s presence in Paris and immediately decide to travel to the French capital with their friend. The brilliant Abby, upon your arrival in Paris you will meet the leaders of the French Revolution and help them defeat the Nazis in exchange for more information about your father’s whereabouts.

The story is not the focus in this version, as it is limited to a few short clips from the game engine and some dialogues and we will not find the usual cinematic clips when the series returns, except in most cases only important moments, and It’s clear that the MachineGames team didn’t put much focus on it, but the experience is still presented to us. A group of entertaining and strange characters, and the most prominent of these characters are the Blazkowicz twins, who act and talk like seven year old children, but enjoy killing Nazis and causing lots of destruction and mayhem instead of playing with dolls, but apart from that Unfortunately, given the striking characters, you can’t expect anything special from the story.

Technical Level and Gameplay

On a technical level, MachineGame returns, offering a distinctive visual experience full of details and effects, keeping the frame rate constant most of the time. Arkane Studios’ support in the development process had a noticeable impact on the design of the maps, but it didn’t just become larger than before, but also full of alternative and branching paths that you won’t notice until you pay attention. It makes you curious to wander around the map and even though it is an action and shooting game where the aim is to kill your enemies Bloody, it gives you a lot of opportunities to play smart and avoid or attack the enemies deal with them if they are too strong to defeat. It also intelligently hides many secrets and valuable resources. On an auditory level, there are good melodies here, while they serve their purpose, but nothing sticks in the memory, unlike the previous version, which featured Mick Gordon’s enthusiastic melodies.

Cooperative Gameplay

The gaming experience, as previously mentioned, focuses on the cooperative element, with two players controlling one of the twins, each wearing power suits to use associated abilities, such as: Such as the ability to hide, the ability to dash towards enemies to knock them to the ground, and other advantages. Fans of the series will notice noticeable differences in this version that serve its direction. As far as cooperative play goes, the experience is more difficult than usual as it relies on tactics and cooperation between players, especially since some of the strong enemies have a defense meter and a life meter. To best destroy their defenses, you must target their weak points, which requires one player to distract the enemy so the other player can target the weak points. .

New Additions and Content

The experience is still enjoyable given the large number of enemies surrounding you on all sides, and as mentioned, tactics matter. If you decide to jump into the middle of the arena and shoot in all directions without thinking about targeting the enemies’ weak spots, you’ll quickly waste ammunition and get into trouble, especially if you’re a leader armed with deadly weapons confront. The knockout blows that you deliver at close range will return again, but unfortunately the team has not added anything significant to them, as their number is very small and you will find that with most enemies you will find the same Repeat movement.

There are some new additions, such as Preps, which are gestures or dances that the twins perform to increase their health or reduce damage. There are also multiple options available for the benefits that can be gained through these gestures. A system for developing weapons is also presented, and to obtain other gestures or develop weapons you will need, in addition to the coins that you can collect from enemies after eliminating them, these can also be found in some chests and secret ones hidden areas.

Leveling System and AI

Fans of the single-player experience can have the artificial intelligence experience, but playing alongside another reliable player makes a big difference and is more fun. If you are about to die, you can be revived by the other player within a short period of time. If your companion fails to do this, it does not necessarily mean that you have to return to the beginning of the area, where you can get three additional attempts from some special boxes, which allow you to return to play after the time set for the revival has expired. Perhaps the development team added this option due to the difficulty of the experience, which requires a certain level of professionalism.

Content and Collectibles

As for the content of the game, it is really extensive. You progress through the missions by traveling in one of the subway stations from the resistance headquarters to the districts into which Paris was divided by the Nazis. As you go through the main missions, Abby will contact you and ask if you are able to complete some additional missions in your area and from… You may be asked to complete multiple missions, such as: Such as eliminating a Nazi scientist or installing a listening device and other things, but this content cannot be compared to the side missions that can be obtained from members of the Resistance, especially since these missions are characterized by their exclusive areas.

The collectible content varies between character designs and audio recordings, as well as floppy disks, by deciphering which you can learn the secret codes for some chests and resources hidden here and there. The game combines the experience of action and exploration in a unique way. Leave the choice up to you. If you want to kill the Nazis and reach the next leader or the end of the mission, it is possible, and if you want to carefully explore the details of the map and collect its secrets, it is also possible.

Playtime and Recommendation

The main story will take you about 10-12 hours if you do a small number of side missions and forget about the additional missions Abby asks you to do while you go through the main missions, but if you want to complete all the side missions and collect collectibles you will get easily double the time and the game offers a unique number of hours of play at half the full price.

We would like to reiterate that the focus on cooperative play significantly changes the experience and some fans of the series may not particularly like this change. Therefore, we recommend that you try the demo version first. Wolfenstein: Youngblood may not focus on the story and cinematics like the previous installments, but it still offers the same entertaining and strange characters with a great experience. It offers huge content for the player who wants to eliminate the largest number of Nazis or explore and search for cleverly hidden secrets. It’s a unique experience for fans of this trend, especially since it’s available at half the full price.


  • Cooperative gameplay adds a new dynamic to the series
  • Distinctive visual experience with detailed graphics and effects
  • Maps are larger and offer branching paths for exploration
  • Opportunities to play smart and strategize in combat
  • Intelligently hidden secrets and valuable resources
  • Multiple options for developing weapons and abilities
  • Leveling system allows for character progression
  • AI companion available for single-player experience
  • Extensive content with main missions and side missions
  • Combines action and exploration in a unique way
  • Offers a unique number of hours of gameplay at a lower price


  • Story is limited and lacks cinematic moments
  • Characters may not appeal to everyone
  • Music is forgettable compared to previous installments
  • Knockout moves lack variety and become repetitive
  • Cooperative play may not be preferred by all fans of the series
  • Some players may find the difficulty level challenging
  • Additional missions from Abby can feel repetitive


Q: What is Wolfenstein: Youngblood PC Game?

A: Wolfenstein: Youngblood is a side release in the Wolfenstein series of shooting and action games. It focuses on the cooperative experience and follows the story of twin characters, Soph and Jess Blazkowicz, as they search for their father in Paris.

Q: Is the story the main focus of Wolfenstein: Youngblood?

A: No, the story is not the main focus in this version. It is limited to a few short clips and dialogues. The game emphasizes the cooperative gameplay and the entertaining and strange characters.

Q: How is the gameplay experience in Wolfenstein: Youngblood?

A: The gameplay experience in Wolfenstein: Youngblood is enjoyable and focuses on tactics and cooperation between players. It offers a large number of enemies, and players need to target weak points to defeat strong enemies. The game also features new additions such as Preps and a leveling system.

Q: Can I play Wolfenstein: Youngblood in single-player mode?

A: Yes, you can play Wolfenstein: Youngblood in single-player mode with artificial intelligence. However, playing alongside another reliable player enhances the experience and is more fun.

Q: How long does it take to complete the main story of Wolfenstein: Youngblood?

A: The main story of Wolfenstein: Youngblood takes about 10-12 hours to complete if you do a small number of side missions. However, if you want to complete all the side missions and collectibles, it can easily double the playtime.

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