WWE 2K18

A new year and a new installment in the wrestling game series for the WWE Federation from 2K and the development of Yuke’s Studios, which has been working on this title since the first PlayStation generation. I am a big fan of wrestling games and a good follower. After working on WWE events for years, I am given the task of reviewing games of this type and after spending a while with this year’s version of the game It’s time to see if it brings the improvements we’re hoping for, or not the same usual annual experience with an entertaining game, but it’s missing a lot to be a good game that can be taken seriously, so let’s start the conversation.

Let’s get straight to the heart of the matter: WWE 2K18 offers a significant improvement in the game’s graphics, wrestler models and the general atmosphere of the ring and its surroundings, as well as the presentation and different play styles. They seem distinctive, but the subject matter differs from one wrestler to another, and there are huge differences in the quality of graphics from one region to another, and let’s not forget the technical issues. Strange things from time to time that you will inevitably encounter in this game will really surprise you and raise the question of whether there is a team present to test the game before its release! As far as audio goes, there’s not much to talk about other than the annoying voices of the commentators! It was as if the recording of their voices took place in a different place, far from the atmosphere of the ring and wrestling and in a very boring way with repetitive dialogues.

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Let’s leave the technical side and talk about the style of play. Well, whoever played last year’s game will feel at home with this year’s version. The same game system that overly relies on the R2 button and tries to reverse shots. And if you are a pro at timing and reversing your opponent’s punches, things will come very easy for you. That’s the truth. The game, like last year’s version, takes the bad and runs with it. The handhold system to surrender was not amusing as you are trying to rotate the analog stick within a circle you see on the screen while your competitor is trying to do the same to catch you and make you submit, which is not amusing at all . The rest of it Things haven’t changed. A lot, be it in the way of escaping the count before defeat, or in the way of making the final blows with a lot of energy and fitness, or in other game-related matters, and in fact the large number is exaggerated used buttons unnecessarily.

What really sets the game apart is the diverse game modes. There are many types of matches between regular challenges, cage and ladder matches, pinning anywhere and the rest of the fighting styles that we see and know from WWE shows. The game here The annual version offers more options for fighting outside the ring, in parking lots, in back offices and other things. Locations: The game also features a large number of wrestlers and various options for the wrestler design phase, giving players a great opportunity to be creative and present different ideas.


MyCareer mode is the equivalent of the story mode in previous games, where you take your wrestler on a journey until he becomes the world champion of the first promotion, NXT, in the main event at the WrestleMania concert. You can now wander behind The scenes seem like it was an open world game with a good development of this mode. This game is good when played as an entertainment game in gameplay mode. And whenever there are players to fight with, there is a lot of madness, especially with the different wrestling styles, but since it is a single player game, the game style still needs a lot of modification and development, and Although the development team tries to make this possible with each new installment, we are still far from offering a perfect wrestling game, as was the case for a generation. PlayStation 1 and Nintendo 64.

This game was tested on a PS4 version provided by the publisher before the game was released.

Pros and Cons of WWE 2K18 PC Game


  • Improved graphics and wrestler models
  • Distinctive presentation and play styles
  • Diverse game modes with various match types
  • Large number of wrestlers and options for wrestler design
  • MyCareer mode offers an immersive story experience


  • Technical issues and strange occurrences in the game
  • Poor audio quality, especially with repetitive commentator dialogues
  • Gameplay relies heavily on the R2 button and reversing shots
  • Unamusing handhold system for surrendering
  • Excessive and unnecessary use of buttons
  • Single player game style still needs improvement and development

FAQ – WWE 2K18 PC Game

1. What improvements can I expect in WWE 2K18 compared to previous versions?

WWE 2K18 offers significant improvements in graphics, wrestler models, and the overall atmosphere of the ring and its surroundings. The presentation and different play styles also seem more distinctive. However, there may be differences in the quality of graphics and occasional technical issues.

2. Are there any issues with the audio in WWE 2K18?

Aside from the annoying voices of the commentators, there isn’t much to talk about regarding the audio. The voices of the commentators may feel disconnected from the atmosphere of the ring and wrestling, and the dialogues can become repetitive.

3. Is the gameplay similar to the previous year’s version of WWE 2K?

Yes, the gameplay in WWE 2K18 is similar to the previous year’s version. It heavily relies on the R2 button for actions and incorporates a system for reversing shots. Timing and reversing opponent’s punches play a significant role in the gameplay experience.

4. What game modes are available in WWE 2K18?

WWE 2K18 offers various game modes, including regular challenges, cage and ladder matches, pinning anywhere, and more. There are also options for fighting outside the ring, such as in parking lots and back offices. The game features a large number of wrestlers and customization options for creating your own unique wrestler.

5. How is the MyCareer mode in WWE 2K18?

The MyCareer mode in WWE 2K18 is equivalent to the story mode in previous games. It allows you to take your wrestler on a journey to become the world champion, starting from NXT and culminating in the main event at WrestleMania. The mode offers behind-the-scenes exploration and has a good development. However, as a single-player game, the overall gameplay experience still requires further modification and development.

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