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For years I have been waiting to get a wrestling game that takes us back to the glories of this category of games, and of course I mean the first generation of the PlayStation and the Nintendo 64, where the publisher THQ was creative in offering various wrestling games with the utmost pleasure, but since this company withdrew from the video game sector and 2K acquired the rights to produce the games, we have been complaining in recent years about the low standards of these games, which has caused a lot of problems for the WWE Federation. Today we review this year’s version of the series to find out if it offers us something new and a step forward in this series or if the annual habit continues.

Let’s quickly talk about this game from a technical perspective. Even though it may be the fourth game since the beginning of this generation, we haven’t yet reached the stage where I can call the game a game for the current generation. The wrestlers’ designs are still not as accurate as required, even when watching the game’s cover star, wrestler AJ Styles, in the ring. The model used for this is still average in terms of details. The same thing repeats itself with the animation of the game, which I still consider a last generation game given the great evolution that I see in the animation of sports games such as football and others, while this game here is still not pleasant. The game’s presentation is generally very good, especially audio. The game doesn’t offer much in this area, as in the career and story phases there is voice acting for the characters, some of whom are wrestlers themselves, and others are very bad because I am the annual problem that concerns the commentators.

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Now, what does the game offer new in this year’s version? There is a very big focus on the variety of game modes. There is a career mode with which there is a very big improvement, be it in the way of narrating the events and their progression, or in the way of developing and teaching the wrestler himself as he learns new moves and takes on challenges from small clubs with very few spectators to the WWE World Circuit, the WrestleMania tournaments, etc. This mode has received a very big improvement and is undoubtedly one of the strongest elements of the game. There is also a story mode in which we play the story of the wrestler “Daniel Bryan” and his journey from the “Indy” ring to winning the world championship. There is also a similar “horoscope” mode to the one we are currently watching. In the Mortal Kombat game series where you face wrestlers one after another in the form of a tall tower until the final challenge, the game offers other different stages such as: B. playing with the giant head and others It offers a wide variety of content.

As usual, there is a lot of variety in the fights themselves. You can participate in the regular battle, the Royal Rumble or the Cage and Ladder Challenge, wrestle at any location and other options. We’re talking about the same style here. I can actually copy the same review from last year for you and post it here without any changes. The game “literally” only depends on one button, the R2, as this button does everything in the game. The more professional you are when reversing shots with this button, it will be easier for you to win. The development team still has a choice in how to implement surrender holds and try to make those boring circles to escape or subdue your competitor, and the method to do this is always bypassing the tedious installation by pressing at the right time and other things still the same as the last game without any changes. In fact, this part is a “copy and paste” from the last part in terms of gameplay style. and the change this year was limited to the modes, even if the team talked about it. We are working with the fact that this time the game will not offer us simulation, with the aim of offering a faster experience.


That doesn’t mean you won’t have fun playing the game. On the contrary, if you get involved in group games, you will spend many entertaining hours as long as you do not focus on the errors and technical problems that you may encounter and “will”. Encounter” even if it is less than usual, but the game is still far from being a wrestling game. I can describe it as an ideal that takes us back to the golden generation of this type of game. There is a very noticeable improvement in the various game modes, but the development team desperately needs to rearrange its cards in terms of the fighting or wrestling style itself, and it can’t hurt to go back to the old archive for some inspiration. Sometimes it is better. Going back to the past rather than presenting the new, and we have a good example of this with games like Mortal Kombat and others.

This game was reviewed using a PS4 review copy provided by the publisher before the game was released.

Pros and Cons of WWE 2K19 PC Game


  • Improved career mode with better storytelling and progression
  • Variety of game modes including story mode and horoscope mode
  • Wide range of fighting options such as regular battles, Royal Rumble, Cage and Ladder Challenge
  • Entertaining group gameplay experience
  • Good audio presentation


  • Wrestler designs and animations are not up to par with current generation standards
  • Limited improvements in gameplay mechanics
  • Repetitive gameplay style with heavy reliance on one button
  • Technical issues and errors
  • Does not live up to the glory days of wrestling games

Overall, WWE 2K19 PC Game offers some improvements in terms of game modes and career progression, but falls short in terms of graphics, gameplay mechanics, and technical issues. While it can provide entertainment in group gameplay settings, it fails to capture the essence of classic wrestling games. The development team should focus on revamping the fighting style and drawing inspiration from past games to create a more immersive experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – WWE 2K19 PC Game

1. Is WWE 2K19 available for PC?

Yes, WWE 2K19 is available for PC. It was released for PC, as well as for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

2. What improvements have been made in the career mode?

In WWE 2K19, the career mode has seen significant improvements. The game offers a better narrative for events and their progression. The wrestler’s development and learning of new moves have also been enhanced. The career mode now includes challenges from small clubs to the WWE World Circuit and WrestleMania tournaments.

3. Is there a story mode in WWE 2K19?

Yes, WWE 2K19 includes a story mode. Players can experience the journey of wrestler “Daniel Bryan” from the “Indy” ring to winning the world championship.

4. What game modes are available in WWE 2K19?

WWE 2K19 offers a variety of game modes. Along with the career and story modes, there are modes like Royal Rumble, Cage and Ladder Challenge, and regular battles. Players can wrestle at different locations and enjoy various options.

5. How is the gameplay in WWE 2K19?

The gameplay in WWE 2K19 is similar to previous installments. The game heavily relies on the R2 button, which controls most actions. Reversing shots with this button is crucial for success. The gameplay style remains largely unchanged from the previous game, with limited improvements made to the modes.

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