WWE 2K23

Improved Gameplay and Exciting Features

After years in which the WWE 2K wrestling game series suffered from stagnation and bad experiences, there is no doubt that things have improved since last year’s release, which saw a major change in all gameplay elements and improvements, which this year’s version offers. The Visual Concepts development team once again returns to the headquarters of sole development of the game. After a year since the release of last year’s version, we get the new part, which offers more of everything and many improvements. Today we present you a complete review of Check out this year’s version and learn about the improvements that the game offers but also about the problems.

With the recent news of the sale of the WWE Wrestling Federation, there is no doubt that many changes are on the way and we hope that the improvements continue in the WWE 2K game series that has finally arrived offering us very entertaining ones wrestling games. This year’s version builds heavily on last year’s game in terms of game modes and progression. More of that. One of the additions that the game offers is the WarGames mode, in which we see more than one arena side by side, and players can face the challenge in it, be it through individual, group, team or other battles , and they have to move from one arena to another.


Exciting Game Modes and Storylines

The MyFACTION and MyGM game modes, as well as Showcase, all return from the last game, offering players great value for those going through the experience alone. For example, “MyGM” mode puts you in the role of the President of the Federation in the Raw or SmackDown division, and you have to compete with the other president and present the best offer, while Showcase mode is the story mode in the game is. In which we play with the history of the famous wrestler John Cena and the most famous fights in which he lost in his history in the Federation. There is also a MyRise mode in which you take on the role of a wrestler at the beginning of their journey in the association until they win the world title.

The game system is very similar to last year’s version, with a mix of action fighting with direct strikes and also a certain professionalism in the game in terms of reverse strikes, which play an important role in winning and you have to get used to it quickly in order to win games because they are decisive, as opposed to the result of a severe beating that gives you a chance to win. The strongest element of the game is the system. The gameplay is very entertaining in the way it has been implemented since last year, and here the game continues to build on this and you will play many entertaining matches that will reward you as you perform more moves and varied shots, and certainly lots of game options, from normal matches to cage, ladder and hell matches and even fights outside the ring in the loading zone at the back etc. All styles give this game great value for money, a wide range of Options and definitely have fun.

Technical Limitations and Design Issues

The wrong thing about playing with control is that sometimes it’s not ideal. For example, sometimes it is difficult to instruct an opponent, backing him into a corner, or entering the match while outside of it, or trying to get a weapon, or aiming a punch at a specific wrestler in the match , when it’s full of challenges like the Royal Rumble. In Tag Team mode, you will face a lot of glitches as you try to pin your opponent. This gets a bit annoying, especially in story mode where you have to win tag team matches. Wrestlers’ designs vary. Some of them are “current wrestlers” and we see great quality in their design, while others are classic wrestlers, “Bret Hart for example.” Example: “We find no quality in design in the game at all.”

On a technical level the game is average. Graphics vary depending on the design of the wrestlers as well as the rings and the crowd. There are announcer voices that repeat phrases, but they remain an addition to the game and make the game even more excitingly realistic. WWE 2K23 offers an entertaining experience whether for fans of single-player or group play options, and since it is an annual series of releases, this can significantly limit its development, especially in terms of graphics. We are undoubtedly looking forward to the release of the game exclusively for current generation home devices to experience a technical transformation that keeps pace with the major improvements to the game’s gameplay system that it has offered since last year’s version.


  • Improved gameplay elements and overall experience compared to previous WWE 2K games
  • Introduction of the WarGames mode, offering new and exciting challenges
  • Returning game modes like MyFACTION, MyGM, and Showcase, providing great value for solo players
  • Engaging gameplay with a mix of action fighting and strategic moves
  • Wide range of match options, from normal matches to cage, ladder, and hell matches
  • Entertaining storyline mode featuring the history of John Cena
  • Plenty of game options and variety, ensuring hours of fun
  • Realistic announcer voices that add to the immersive experience


  • Occasional difficulty in controlling certain actions, such as backing opponents into corners or aiming punches at specific wrestlers
  • Glitches and issues in Tag Team mode, particularly when trying to pin opponents
  • Inconsistent quality in wrestler designs, with some being well-designed while others lack detail
  • Graphics can be average and limited due to the annual release schedule
  • Technical limitations on current generation home devices, awaiting improvements in future releases

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – WWE 2K23 PC Game

1. What improvements does WWE 2K23 offer compared to previous versions?

After years of stagnation and bad experiences, WWE 2K23 brings significant improvements to the gameplay elements. The Visual Concepts development team has made major changes and enhancements to the game, offering more features and improvements.

2. What game modes are available in WWE 2K23?

WWE 2K23 offers various game modes, including MyFACTION, MyGM, Showcase, and MyRise. MyFACTION and MyGM modes return from the previous game, providing players with a great solo experience. Showcase mode allows players to relive famous fights from wrestler John Cena’s history. MyRise mode lets players embark on a journey as a wrestler, starting from the beginning until they win the world title.

3. How is the gameplay in WWE 2K23?

WWE 2K23 features a mix of action fighting with direct strikes and strategic reversals. The gameplay is entertaining and rewards players for performing various moves and shots. The game offers a wide range of match options, including normal matches, cage matches, ladder matches, hell matches, and fights outside the ring.

4. Are there any issues with the game controls?

While the gameplay is enjoyable, there are occasional difficulties with the controls. Some tasks, such as instructing an opponent, entering the match from outside, or aiming punches at specific wrestlers, can be challenging. Tag Team mode may also have glitches when trying to pin opponents, which can be frustrating in story mode.

5. How is the technical performance of WWE 2K23?

On a technical level, WWE 2K23’s graphics vary depending on the design of the wrestlers, rings, and crowd. The game features announcer voices that add to the realistic experience. However, as an annual release, the game’s graphics may not have seen significant development. Fans are looking forward to a version exclusively for current-generation home devices to experience improvements that match the gameplay enhancements.

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