Young Souls

Young Souls is a new action and arcade fighting game that comes from the 1P2P development team, which consists of a duo who have worked in different companies for more than 10 years. The game comes from The Arcade Crew release and, in addition to being available in the Xbox game library, is also available on PC and all home devices. Pay attention and we will inform you about our experience in the following lines.

The Story

The story revolves around two brothers, “Jean” and “Tristan,” who live with their adoptive father, “the Professor,” in a small, quiet town. The brothers wonder what occupies the professor during his day at work in his office, and one day they discover the mystery when they find the door of the house destroyed, without any trace of the professor. Here they discover the portal that leads them to the underground world where a group of goblins live. The story justifies the events and nothing more, and although it tries to be surprisingly deep and mature, it fails because there is a lot of swearing in the dialogue and some childish comments, and the story is not the one that is looking for that. kind of games.

Visuals and Audio

The game offers us a beautiful cartoon drawing with a choice of matte and dark colors that suit this particular artistic direction. On the audio level, the game does not offer any voice acting for the characters and is content with texts. There is also a group of tunes that play in the background and serve their purpose, but which you generally don’t pay attention to while you’re busy. With confrontations.


The gameplay is very simple. There is a button to attack, another to perform special attacks, a button to jump and dodge, and finally a defense button. The game is one of the few platform fighting games that rely on weapons. There are different types of weapons that suit different play styles. There are heavy weapons that are less fast and do a lot of damage. But in exchange for greater risk there are the usual weapons like swords, hammers or even very fast daggers, but they deal less damage in exchange for greater maneuverability and movement ability. You can still press the attack button to speed up your attack, and you can also press the defense button at an appropriate time before receiving the opponent’s blow mechanically. It is a very important game as it fills your weapon’s attack meter and allows you to attack the opponent for a longer period of time. It is necessary to master it because some enemies are difficult or impossible to defeat without mastering it.

Customization and Progression

Throughout the experience you will receive many weapons and be able to purchase some of them as well, and the variety of abilities of weapons of the same type is beautiful as it encourages you to constantly experiment with weapons to find the right weapon for you then develop using the resources you collect throughout your adventure by opening treasures or destroying items. You will also find a number of useful tools in the environment, such as bombs or grappling hooks, and you can also develop these tools using resources obtained from defeating bosses. The game features different types of armor, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. You should pay attention to the weight of the weapons and armor you carry as this will affect your character’s speed. If you are one of those who prefer daggers and fast weapons, you may want to reduce the equipment. The beauty of the game is your ability to customize the weapons and armor for each of the two characters, allowing you to pursue a different play style with each character. You can also purchase shoes that give special benefits to the character you are using. They wear them.

Challenges and Difficulty

The gaming experience is very enjoyable due to the variety of enemies and the strategies you need to defeat each type of enemies. The game also aims to provide fans of street fighting games with a challenging experience in the basic game phase is what you will find in the game. It is important to note that the difficulty level is not balanced in many ways in the first few hours. The situations can be confusing, but after spending 3 hours and starting to acquire the armor and weapons that suit the challenge, you will find that the experience has become more balanced while still providing a fun challenge. Before entering the levels, their level is displayed and the game is designed so that the characters advance in level. Proportional to the increase in difficulty and strength of enemies.

Boss Encounters and Content

The game’s boss encounters vary by level, which is one of its most notable flaws. There are many exciting and exciting encounters, but they are offset by many ordinary encounters that become boring when you encounter the same type of boss multiple times with a larger health bar or with them dealing additional damage such as electrocution or burning, and it was… The game needs more work in this area. As we already mentioned, the gaming experience is pleasant, but we wanted to add even more depth, which would have made the fights more fun and exciting.

Additional Features

The content of the game is very good considering the games of this type. In addition to the main sections, there are many sub-sections that you need to find different keys to reach. You will also be rewarded for finding the keys in a group of treasures scattered throughout the various stages that can be opened with these keys, and they contain many. These treasures include special weapons and armor or rare resources that allow you to upgrade your weapons to the maximum level. There are some side activities that are possible such as visiting the sports club to train the characters and develop them in a certain aspect such as strength or immunity, and you can spend some of the money received to buy clothes for the characters. From time to time, the game also features a local multiplayer mode in which you control one of the brothers while your companion controls the other. The game is designed so that you can enjoy it alone or with one of your companions.


We completed the game 100% within 13 hours. This required returning to previous stages to unlock treasures, completing side missions, and ensuring many weapons were developed. It can be said that completing the game without paying attention to these details can take between 9 and 10 hours. Young Souls offers an entertaining experience. For fans of platform fighting games with excellent content and entertaining challenges in general, the game would have benefited from a few improvements here and there, but that doesn’t stop us from recommending it to fans of genre games.


  • Beautiful cartoon-style graphics with a choice of matte and dark colors
  • Varied gameplay with different types of weapons and play styles
  • Ability to customize weapons and armor for each character
  • Enjoyable gaming experience with challenging enemies and strategies
  • Plenty of content with main sections, sub-sections, and side activities
  • Local multiplayer mode for cooperative play
  • Entertaining challenges and 100% completion can take around 13 hours


  • Story fails to deliver depth and maturity, with excessive swearing and childish comments
  • No voice acting for characters, relying solely on text
  • Boss encounters can become repetitive and lack excitement
  • Difficulty level is unbalanced in the first few hours
  • Some areas of the game could benefit from further improvement


1. What is Young Souls PC Game?

Youth Souls is a new action and arcade fighting game developed by 1P2P. It is available on PC and all home devices.

2. What is the story of Young Souls PC Game?

The game revolves around two brothers, Jean and Tristan, who discover a portal that leads them to an underground world inhabited by goblins. They embark on a journey to find their adoptive father, the Professor, who has gone missing.

3. What is the gameplay like in Young Souls PC Game?

The gameplay is simple and revolves around platform fighting. Players have buttons for attacking, performing special attacks, jumping, dodging, and defending. The game also features a variety of weapons, armor, and abilities to customize the characters’ playstyles.

4. How long does it take to complete Young Souls PC Game?

Completing the game 100% can take around 13 hours, including unlocking treasures, completing side missions, and developing weapons. Without these details, the game can be completed in approximately 9 to 10 hours.

5. Can Young Souls PC Game be played in multiplayer?

Yes, the game features a local multiplayer mode where one player controls Jean and the other controls Tristan. This allows players to enjoy the game together.

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