Zero Time Dilemma

The game that completes the Zero Escape trilogy

The game that completes the Zero Escape trilogy, considered one of the masterpieces of visual novels and mobile games, is finally here. The third installment would not have happened due to its conflict with the publisher’s wishes, but the era of fan support through sites like Kickstarter and Indie Jojo made that dream a reality. The game seems to continue the path of its predecessor and is based on the rules established in the previous VLR game, especially in the way the story and events are branched and the different outcomes are visible. So was the wait justified for the fans? Let’s find out this and more by reviewing the game on the True Gaming website.

The story of Zero Time Dilemma

The story of the game tells about a group of different characters who volunteered to take part in scientific research into life on the planet Mars, but then found themselves in a completely different place. They were divided into three groups of three people each to take part in a very bloody game that resembled a nightmare. The person behind all this is called Zero, and the main mystery of the game is to know who Zero is, why he chose these people and why he lets them take part in this questionable game. Is this all just fun?

Zero-time dilemma analysis

The concept of choice in Zero Time Dilemma

Zero Time is a visual novel based on the representation of various characters from different backgrounds, allowing you to get to know them through multiple paths of the story. The main idea of ​​the game is “choice” as the game keeps putting you in difficult situations, the results of which in most cases will be very bad, and here it must be noted that the game is very violent and not suitable for those with weak ones hearts. One of the choices may result in you surviving rather than killing your other companions in the game, and that’s been the case with this series since we first met it.

The fragmented paths in Zero Time Dilemma

However, since the game has multiple paths, you can go back each time and see what would have happened if you had chosen the other option that was available to you at that time. Each time you change course, you learn more about different events in the story and perhaps learn more details about the characters, their history, and how they got to where you were. Unlike VLR, here you cannot follow a specific path to the end of the journey, but the paths have been divided into so-called fragments, which, as the name suggests, represent only a part of each path. At first it’s strange to play the tracks in this discontinuous way, but later in the game everything gradually becomes clear.

Zero time dilemma flowchart

The gameplay and puzzle-solving in Zero Time Dilemma

Well, Zero Time is definitely a visual novel, but it contains gameplay elements from the previous installments, where you find yourself in locked rooms and try to get out of them by solving a series of interconnected puzzles. The puzzle method is based on pointing and clicking. You stand in the middle of an enclosed space and begin to examine the environment around you and look for solutions. As I said, the puzzles are complex. For example, you find a paper with a secret number on it and discover that it opens the lock on one of the boxes. So you open the box to find a key, and this key turns on the power generator, which in turn turns on the main computer and so on. There are a whole series of closed rooms whose puzzles you have to solve, and these rooms will be like breaks between the events of the exciting story, although in fact they are of different levels.


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  • Masterpiece of visual novels and mobile games
  • Continues the path of its predecessor and builds on established rules
  • Engaging and branching story with different outcomes
  • Support from fans through Kickstarter and Indie Jojo
  • Provides multiple paths and choices for players
  • Allows players to explore different events and character details
  • Combines visual novel elements with gameplay and puzzles
  • Complex and interconnected puzzle-solving
  • Offers a series of locked rooms as breaks between the story events


  • Violent content, not suitable for those with weak hearts
  • Paths divided into fragments, which may be confusing at first
  • Puzzles can be challenging and may require trial and error
  • Some players may find the discontinuous gameplay structure off-putting


1. What is Zero Time Dilemma PC Game?

Zero Time Dilemma PC Game is the third installment in the Zero Escape trilogy, known for its captivating visual novel and mobile game experience.

2. What is the story of Zero Time Dilemma?

The game follows a group of characters who volunteered for a Mars research project but find themselves trapped in a deadly game orchestrated by an individual known as Zero. The main mystery revolves around the identity of Zero and the reasons behind the game.

3. How does the gameplay of Zero Time Dilemma work?

Zero Time Dilemma combines visual novel storytelling with gameplay elements from its predecessors. Players navigate locked rooms and solve interconnected puzzles to progress through the game. The puzzles require exploration, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

4. Can you change the outcome of the game?

Yes, Zero Time Dilemma offers multiple paths and choices that lead to different outcomes. Players can revisit decisions and explore alternative routes to uncover new storylines and character details.

5. Is Zero Time Dilemma suitable for everyone?

No, Zero Time Dilemma contains violent content and is not recommended for individuals with a weak heart. The game’s themes and intense situations may not be suitable for all players.

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