Bomb Chicken

There are many games from indie developers released on the Nintendo Switch digital store and therefore something special needs to be presented to attract attention. The action and platform game Bomb Chicken seems very entertaining since its unveiling, presenting a game of the second dimension with a graphical character very similar to the Wario Land series of Nintendo itself, but with the character of its hero. A new “chicken” capable of firing bombs instead of eggs to advance the adventure, solve puzzles and defeat enemies and bosses. The game was first released for the Switch and will later be released for the PC version. Today we present you a review of the game.

Gameplay and Mechanics

As the game progresses, we take on the role of a chicken who can fire bombs instead of eggs. This helps her jump using bombs as a platform and according to the height of the bomb tower you throw, or defeating enemies by throwing bombs at them and solving puzzles that often involve pressing a specific button and here it is. You use bombs by either throwing them somewhere far away or placing them on top of each other until you reach the target. This will help you progress in the game. Of course, as in any platform game, you will encounter a number of enemies that don’t present much of a challenge. To defeat them, all you have to do is throw the bomb at them or fall on them, but the challenges lie in the stages themselves, where you are sometimes chased. Facing a huge saw, here you have to think quickly and plan in advance how to use bombs and clear the path in front of you before the saw reaches you and other challenges that quickly become difficult in this game.

Graphics and Design


The game is a two-dimensional platform game with pixel graphics. In fact, this game reminds me a lot of the Wario Land series in terms of stage design. The main character, although just a featureless chicken, is very cute. The enemy designs weren’t really flashy and don’t add much to the game, but the stage environment designs are wonderful. Especially because some of them interact with you, so you see how they hit the lamps. In some areas they move and light up the different areas, which is a nice touch from the development team paying attention to these small details. The game looks beautiful on a technical level and also has good audio quality, and you will hear a lot of screaming and crying because you will often lose your life in the game.

Story and Content

There is no story here, and we had to read the story from the network to understand the events, since the adventure takes place in a factory for one of the famous restaurant chains, which uses a special blue “sauce” to cook chicken with a special blue “Sauce” to produce a distinctive taste and force customers to return, but the main heroine of the game does not want to fall for anyone’s dinner and tries to escape. You will try to complete the stages and collect treasures in them that will give you an extra life in a certain area. This requires you to collect a certain number of treasures to get an extra life. The matter is not really of much importance, since the game does not punish you if you lose your attempts or the lives you have, but only brings you back. At the beginning of the chapter you can try to complete the adventure again. There aren’t many of them. Things hidden in the game include treasures or additional or group game modes in this game apart from the main adventure in it which only lasts a small number of hours.

Difficulty and Value


Perhaps one of the most striking things about the game is the way the difficulty level in it ramps up very high. Perhaps it is an attempt by the development team to hide the short playing time that the game offers by quickly hitting the difficulty level, which will cause you to lose a lot of attempts and have to repeat the experience many times to complete the game. Game lover. Classic platforming, action, puzzles and challenges will find this game a very special experience, especially since the game does not require much. It will take a lot of time to complete it, but whoever is looking for a game, this offers good value for money and hours of fun, this game undoubtedly has nothing to offer.

This game was reviewed using a copy we purchased ourselves for the Nintendo Switch.


  • Entertaining gameplay: Bomb Chicken offers a unique twist on platforming games with its bomb-firing chicken protagonist. The gameplay mechanics of using bombs to jump, defeat enemies, and solve puzzles provide an enjoyable and engaging experience.
  • Challenging levels: The game gradually ramps up the difficulty, presenting players with increasingly challenging stages and obstacles. This adds to the game’s replay value and provides a satisfying sense of accomplishment when overcoming tough challenges.
  • Pixel graphics and stage design: The two-dimensional pixel graphics and stage designs in Bomb Chicken are reminiscent of the Wario Land series. The main character is cute, and the interactive stage environments add to the overall visual appeal of the game.
  • Good audio quality: The game features high-quality audio, including sound effects and character reactions. The screams and cries of the chicken when losing lives add to the immersive experience.
  • Value for money: Despite its relatively short playing time, Bomb Chicken offers good value for money. It provides hours of fun and entertainment for players who enjoy classic platforming, action, puzzles, and challenges.


  • Lack of story: Bomb Chicken lacks a compelling story and relies on players to seek out information online. The game takes place in a factory for a restaurant chain, but the story is not integral to the gameplay experience.
  • Short playing time: The main adventure of Bomb Chicken lasts only a few hours, which may disappoint players looking for a longer gameplay experience. However, the game does offer additional hidden treasures and group game modes to extend the playtime slightly.
  • Steep difficulty curve: The difficulty level in Bomb Chicken quickly ramps up, which may frustrate some players. The high difficulty is likely an attempt to compensate for the short playing time, but it can result in numerous failed attempts and repetition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Bomb Chicken PC Game

1. What is Bomb Chicken?

Bomb Chicken is an action and platform game where players control a chicken that can lay and detonate bombs instead of eggs. The game involves using bombs to jump, defeat enemies, solve puzzles, and progress through the adventure.

2. What platforms is Bomb Chicken available on?

Bomb Chicken was initially released for the Nintendo Switch and will later be released for the PC version.

3. How does gameplay in Bomb Chicken work?

In Bomb Chicken, players control a chicken that can lay bombs. These bombs can be used as platforms for jumping, defeating enemies by throwing bombs at them, and solving puzzles. The game features challenging stages with various obstacles and enemies.

4. What is the difficulty level of Bomb Chicken?

The difficulty level in Bomb Chicken ramps up very high as the game progresses. Players may find themselves losing attempts and having to repeat the experience multiple times to complete the game. The game offers a challenging experience for fans of classic platforming, action, puzzles, and challenges.

5. How long does it take to complete Bomb Chicken?

The main adventure in Bomb Chicken lasts for a small number of hours. However, the game also includes hidden treasures and additional game modes, which can provide extra gameplay time and replayability.

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