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Review: Get Even

In 2014, the shooting and puzzle game Get Even was announced by Polish development team The Farm 51. After keeping the project secret for several months, the game resurfaced and this time became the property of Bandai Namco, which is responsible for the publishing process. On June 23rd, the game launched on PC and consoles. The current generation of home games, but before that we present you a review of the game so that you can learn more about the experience that awaits you.

The story begins very directly, as you are in a warehouse and have a message on your cell phone asking you not to interfere in what is happening. You will continue to progress until you find a girl tied to a time bomb that you have to stop, but your attempt ends with the bomb exploding in your face and you later waking up in a mental institution! Who is the girl? What happened to her? What have you done there? This and almost every question that comes to your mind will initially remain unanswered, and a mysterious person who introduces himself as Red will communicate with you. All they know is that your name is Black, and according to Red, you are now going through a period of treatment of some sort, and to be successful at it you must “advance” in a group of memories without explaining what that means.


Gameplay and Story

The game doesn’t actually require anything from your hand other than introducing you to the game mechanics that allow you to progress through the story. Everything else you have to know yourself, and the story of the game has no basis. At the beginning you start going through memories one by one to put together the puzzle that is the story of the game and find the answers to your questions. Over time you will have a clear picture of the story and its events. The story will, in many cases, depend on your decisions and the way you “move on” in the memories you experience, and this matter will affect the facts and things you will discover.

The game’s story is not particularly innovative in some aspects, but it is very good and entertaining and will sometimes surprise you with unexpected changes. Perhaps this is due to the very ambiguous nature of the narrative and the way you discover the game’s facts. If the game had used a different narrative system, the story wouldn’t have been as important as we find it to be. here.

On a technical level, the game is actually below average, and the general technical level is weak, which is surprising for a game that promised a realistic technical level at the beginning of its reveal. The game also uses the Unreal Although Engine 3 is aimed at the eighth generation, these are not the best games that have used the engine on a technical level. It features linear environments and is generally small, as the graphics do not surpass the previous generation games. It also lacks complex effects and details. However, it operates at a frame rate of 30 frames and sometimes suffers from some frame drops when multiple enemies appear on the screen.


Technical Issues

Also, the game has some technical glitches, some of which cause you to suddenly get stuck in your place, causing you to have to return to the main menu or download from the last save point, in addition to a problem that causes them to be out sometimes removed from the game. Maybe the development team will release an update to solve this problem. Movement The characters are clunky and primitive, and as already mentioned, the game is really disappointing on a technical level.

On the audio level, the game takes us to a completely different stage, as the melodies and music are distinctive and very beautiful and serve the game world and its largely dreary and sad direction. The level is actually surprising. With the technical appearance of the game, you don’t expect so much mastery in handling the melodies. It’s worth noting that for all their successful decisions, the team made a strange decision to score a tune that I personally didn’t find appropriate at all. But in the end it didn’t affect the rest of the gaming experience, which features distinctive tunes.

Get Even is a first-person shooting and mystery experience, but is essentially based on history and the discovery of its events and circumstances. You go through some parts where there are enemies in the environment and you have the choice to avoid them or eliminate them. When going through memories, each enemy you kill affects the memory in which you experience the events, as killing enemies causes memory confusion, which may give you incorrect information about how events occurred.

If you want to follow the fighting and close combat style, the game offers a weapon called CornerGun in addition to normal pistols and machine guns. It is a special weapon that will allow you to solve some puzzles and puzzles, as the weapon has a nozzle. It is connected to a stand that is attached to your smartphone to use it as a screen and you can use the nozzle after Rotate left and right to look from any of the angles without… exposing yourself to the enemy or aiming at an enemy without them seeing you. The idea of ​​a weapon, despite its simplicity, is the mechanics of its use. It’s fun to face enemies and solve various puzzles.


Game Mechanics and Puzzles

Your smartphone is the main tool in the game as it has a number of advanced technical features such as: Such as a scanner that looks for evidence and ultraviolet light to detect and track blood evidence, as well as a map that shows you where you roam and other technological tools that help you solve a group of puzzles and help you. Depending on the progression in the game and the fact that the game depends on the element of investigation and solving puzzles, the idea of ​​the phone and its technical equipment completes the experience beautifully.

The game features a variety of puzzles ranging from easy to medium and sometimes a bit difficult. The quality of the puzzles is entertaining and offers excellent variety. You have an evidence room that you can return to to see what percentage of evidence you have collected from memories, with the option to return each memory to collect all the evidence or end the mission. In a different way to find another possibility or reveal the true circumstances of it, and if you collect complete evidence in a mission, the game rewards you with a secret code that opens a door in the mission in which you find a new weapon, as well as a hidden memory that will reveal some additional details of the story. The game offers excellent value for reliving the missions and discovering different things that can happen in them.

Get Even is entertaining with a beautiful story that is superbly supported by the narration and a set of distinctive tunes, and with the game releasing for $29.99, the price seems reasonable for the content on offer.

This game was reviewed using an Xbox One review copy provided by the publisher prior to the game’s release.


  • The game features a captivating and entertaining story that keeps players engaged.
  • The narrative system of the game allows for unexpected twists and surprises.
  • The game offers a variety of puzzles that range from easy to difficult, providing a good level of challenge.
  • The use of the smartphone as a main tool in the game adds a unique and immersive element to the gameplay.
  • The game’s music and melodies are distinctive and serve the overall atmosphere of the game.
  • The price of the game ($29.99) is reasonable for the content and experience it offers.


  • The technical level of the game is below average, with weak graphics and lack of complex effects and details.
  • The game suffers from technical glitches and issues, such as getting stuck in place or being randomly removed from the game.
  • The character movement in the game is clunky and primitive.
  • The game operates at a frame rate of 30 frames and may experience frame drops when multiple enemies appear on the screen.
  • Some players may find the game’s story to be not particularly innovative in certain aspects.


1. What is Get Even PC Game?

Get Even is a first-person shooting and mystery game that focuses on storytelling and discovering the events and circumstances of the game’s world.

2. What is the gameplay like?

The gameplay involves going through memories, solving puzzles, and facing enemies. Your choices and actions in the game affect the story and the information you gather.

3. Are there any technical issues in the game?

Yes, the game has some technical glitches, such as getting stuck in place or being removed from the game. The character movement is clunky, and the overall technical level is below average.

4. What weapons are available in the game?

In addition to normal pistols and machine guns, the game offers a special weapon called CornerGun. It allows you to solve puzzles and shoot enemies from different angles without exposing yourself.

5. Are there any hidden elements or secrets in the game?

Yes, the game features a variety of puzzles and hidden evidence. Collecting complete evidence in a mission rewards you with a secret code that opens a door to a new weapon and a hidden memory that reveals additional details of the story.

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