Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares: A Unique and Disturbing Experience

There are few new titles that offer players a frightening, disturbing or even “different” experience, and the game Little Nightmares from the modern development team Tarsier Studios and published by Bandai Namco could be one of the nicest surprises of this year. How could it be otherwise, because it offers us a mix of horror games and atmosphere? Depressing, unique puzzles and an idea very different from the rest of the experiences. Today we are testing the game, which may not be on the list for many players, but it is undoubtedly worth a try, so let’s start the conversation.

Little Nightmares is a survival horror game with side-scrolling puzzles. In the game you take on the role of a young girl named Six who finds herself in the strange and very depressing world of giants. Unfortunately, there aren’t many explanations for the story. The idea seems very exciting. You will immediately feel the depressing atmosphere it offers. With its limited colors and disturbing designs, the game really offers a different experience in its world and actually makes you feel like you are a “mouse” in the world of giants and those strange and terrible creatures that live in it.

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A Distinctive Graphic Style and Worrying Atmosphere

The game offers a very unique graphic style with very limited colors and a worrying design. The enemies in the game are human-like creatures, but in frightening shapes, and you have to escape them every time. Also in terms of sound, the game offers a worrying atmosphere, especially the heartbeats when enemies approach you. Or you try to hide from them under the table or under the cupboard. On a technical level, this game looks beautiful and offers us a truly different and distinctive experience.

Let’s talk about the gameplay. Well, the game shoots sideways, but the character can go deep into the screen, which can cause problems as the camera is very rigid and sometimes you have difficulty seeing the right path, which causes you to fall or have difficulty getting under things. You progress in the game by solving puzzles. In each room and in each chapter of the story there is a major main creature that resembles the leader of the region and you must eventually overcome it and confront it, be it directly or according to the events on the stage, for example to escape from it.

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No Blood or Weapons, Just Hide and Solve Puzzles

There is no blood or weapons here. All you have to do is hide, run and solve puzzles even when facing the bosses. The character Six does not carry any weapon and relies on her limited abilities to advance events. And since the huge monsters are always behind you, you will always feel anxious and afraid, as if it is like playing the game Resident Evil 3 and facing the Nemesis. But what’s different here is that having to run and hide from it will make you fearful and anxious for a long time during the adventure. What really sets the game apart are the puzzles that it presents in every area of ​​the game, which make you think a lot, but in a logical way and without the need to expect unrealistic things.

The story of the game is not long. I finished the story in a period of up to 6 hours of gameplay and there isn’t much to comment on, but the time is very reasonable for the length of the game to ensure that the ideas are incorporated into the puzzles not repeated and to make each room and chapter in the game unique. This game may not get much media attention, but it deserves it. The opportunity to experiment, especially for fans of survival, horror and strange ideas, is undoubtedly one of the games I enjoyed the most this year.

Nintendo Switch version of the game:

Almost a year after the original version of the game was released, the Nintendo Switch received its own copy of it. This copy comes to us at a price of $30 and includes all of the additional content that the original version received. Given the technical difference between the capabilities of the Switch and current generation home devices, this version offers high resolution. Lower, whether in home or mobile mode, and reaches 720p in all game modes, with a slight drop in frame speed in some scenes, and There is a difference in lighting, particularly in dark areas of the game due to the difficulty of finding the way to recognize can be a problem. Also, the download times for this version are longer than for the home version, and since it is a game, there is a lot about experience and the repeated loss of lives. And again it gets a little annoying.

Overall, this version is worth buying if you have never tried the game before or want to try it in mobile mode and anywhere. The game itself still offers a very different experience than other adventure games, with a dark and depressing character and a very high artistic sense. It was one of the best games of last year and a copy of it. While the Switch isn’t perfect, it’s still very playable and worth a try for those who haven’t experienced the original experience.

This game was reviewed using a Nintendo Switch review copy provided by the publisher before the game was released.

Pros and Cons of Little Nightmares PC Game


  • Unique and Disturbing Atmosphere: Little Nightmares offers a mix of horror and atmosphere, providing players with a frightening and different gaming experience.
  • Visually Stunning: The game features a unique graphic style with limited colors and disturbing designs, creating a visually striking world.
  • Engaging Sound Design: The game’s sound design adds to the overall atmosphere, with heartbeats intensifying as enemies approach, creating a sense of tension and fear.
  • Challenging Puzzles: Little Nightmares presents players with intricate puzzles that require logical thinking, making each area of the game a unique challenge.
  • Reasonable Length: The game can be completed in around 6 hours, ensuring that the ideas and puzzles remain fresh and engaging without becoming repetitive.


  • Camera Issues: The side-scrolling gameplay sometimes makes it difficult to see the right path, leading to falls or difficulties navigating certain areas.
  • Limited Gameplay Mechanics: The game primarily focuses on hiding, running, and solving puzzles, with no blood or weapons involved, which may not appeal to players seeking more action-oriented gameplay.
  • Lack of Story Explanation: Little Nightmares lacks detailed explanations for its story, leaving players with limited information about the game’s world and characters.
  • Shorter Story Length: Some players may find the game’s 6-hour length to be too short, craving more content and a deeper narrative.
  • Technical Issues in Nintendo Switch Version: The Nintendo Switch version of the game experiences longer download times and slight drops in frame rate, as well as difficulties with lighting in dark areas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Little Nightmares?

Little Nightmares is a survival horror game with side-scrolling puzzles. In the game, players take on the role of a young girl named Six who finds herself in a strange and depressing world of giants.

2. What is the gameplay like?

The game features side-scrolling gameplay, where players navigate through various levels and solve puzzles to progress. There is no blood or weapons in the game, and players must rely on hiding, running, and solving puzzles to survive and advance.

3. How long is the game?

The main story of Little Nightmares can be completed in approximately 6 hours of gameplay. While the game may not be lengthy, the time is well-utilized to ensure unique and engaging experiences in each room and chapter of the game.

4. Is there a Nintendo Switch version of the game?

Yes, there is a Nintendo Switch version of Little Nightmares. It includes all of the additional content that the original version received and offers high resolution in both home and mobile modes. However, there may be slight differences in lighting and longer download times compared to the home version.

5. Is Little Nightmares worth playing?

Yes, Little Nightmares offers a unique and distinctive experience for fans of survival horror and strange ideas. Despite not receiving much media attention, the game is highly enjoyable and worth trying, especially for those seeking a different kind of adventure game.

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