Song of Horror Episode 1

Song of Horror: A Terrifying Survival Horror Experience

Song of Horror is developed by Spanish studio Protocol Games and the studio’s first game was published by Raiser Games. The game took five years to develop. This is the first of five episodes of Song of Horror, and each episode has its own scenario. Episodes 1 and 2 are available now.

Song of Horror is a survival horror game with an episodic system. The game’s events begin after the disappearance of Sebastian, an author for a publishing company. The publisher’s editorial director tried to contact Sebastian but couldn’t reach him, so he sent help to Sebastian’s house, but the assistant never returned… This disappearance leads to a series of events that will soon reveal something terrible : A dark, nameless being that seems to be responsible for the disappearances in Sebastian’s house and this being may have caused the appearance of an old music box that was sent to Sebastian as a gift and your mission is to search for Sebastian in the cursed house and to look for the other one.

A Classic Horror Experience

Song of Horror offers a classic, scary experience, the control style is similar to the classic Resident Evil games, the camera cannot be controlled and is available in angles that follow the character’s movement. The game is slow and there are no confrontations or weapons as the focus is on immersing you in the horrific atmosphere (atmosphere).

At the beginning of the game, in the mission to search for missing people in Sebastian’s house, you can choose five characters, and each character has its own abilities such as speed, strength and calmness, and each character also has its own tools. Some have a drink to calm him down and others have a candle to place in certain places around the house. The house is supposed to protect it from the dark being. Surprisingly, if the characters die, they stay dead forever as you complete the story (permanent death), and to complete the game at least one of the five characters must be alive. A nice idea and, in our opinion, creates excitement. In the first session, all the characters died and I was forced to replay the episode. Each character has 10 unique events in the episode, and with upcoming episodes, the developer has promised to provide 13 characters with their own events in the stages.

The Dark Creature and Terrifying Gameplay

The dark creature has artificial intelligence and appears at unexpected times and anywhere on the map. There is no safe space. There are also two ways to reach you: The first method is through any door in the house, where he tries to open the door and reach you. Here you have to run to the door and try to stop him as a meter for the force of your push to the door will appear repeatedly and quickly press the A button (XBOX controller) and then when the thrust rate has reached a high point , forcing RT to forcibly close the door. The second way for the dark creature to kill your character is that black spots quickly appear on the walls and floor of the house, which quickly increase in size. Then you have to hide in a closet or under a table, but the danger remains. Press RT and LT at the same time and measure the key press at a certain speed. Your heart beats until the figure calms down and the object disappears. Sometimes a dark object is hiding in one of the rooms, and you must listen to the sounds before entering a room when the “Listen” sign appears, otherwise your character will die immediately. In addition, there are terrible moments such as the house shaking or the temperature dropping dramatically, but there is no danger in it. The gameplay is simple as the game is based on finding keys, secret numbers and some simple puzzles.

Immersive Graphics and Eerie Sound Design

The game’s graphics are based on the environment, the wonderful house details and the perfect lighting and shadows, but the character details are average. There are some moments where the developer’s creativity shows in small details, such as: when the house shakes, you will see the clock hands move strangely and the furniture and doors shake. And I have to praise the details of the tools in the For example, you can hear the sound of the liquid in the oil bottle when you move it, and you hear the movement of the objects in the toolbox when you move it.

As for the music, nothing sticks in your memory except that the sounds of the house, like hearing footsteps and the wind when you’re in a room with a window, add to the horror in the game. Vocal performance is variable. The duration of the episode is approximately three hours, which is a good length for one of five episodes.

A Must-Play for Horror Fans

We recommend it to fans of classic horror games. Song of Horror Episode 1 offers a rare and frightening atmosphere.

The game was reviewed on the PC version that we received from the publisher.

Pros and Cons of Song of Horror Episode 1 PC Game


  • Classic survival horror experience
  • Immersive and terrifying atmosphere
  • Choice of five unique characters with different abilities
  • Permanent death adds excitement and challenge
  • Dark creature with unpredictable AI creates tension
  • Beautifully detailed environment and lighting
  • Small details enhance immersion, such as shaking furniture during house tremors
  • Good length for an episode, approximately three hours


  • Slow-paced gameplay with no confrontations or weapons
  • Character details are average
  • Music is forgettable
  • Vocal performance is variable
  • Some simple puzzles may not challenge experienced players

Overall, Song of Horror Episode 1 offers a rare and frightening atmosphere that will appeal to fans of classic horror games. The game’s immersive experience, choice of characters, and permanent death mechanic add excitement and challenge. However, the slow-paced gameplay and average character details may not be for everyone. Despite these drawbacks, the game’s beautifully detailed environment and tense AI-controlled dark creature make it a worthwhile horror experience.


1. What is Song of Horror Episode 1?

Song of Horror Episode 1 is a survival horror game developed by Spanish studio Protocol Games. It is the first episode of a five-episode series, each with its own scenario.

2. What is the gameplay like in Song of Horror Episode 1?

Song of Horror Episode 1 offers a classic, scary experience with gameplay similar to the classic Resident Evil games. The camera cannot be controlled and follows the character’s movement. The focus is on immersing players in a horrific atmosphere rather than confrontations or weapons.

3. How many characters can I choose from in Song of Horror Episode 1?

At the beginning of the game, you can choose from five different characters. Each character has their own abilities, such as speed, strength, and calmness, as well as unique tools to aid in their survival.

4. Can characters die in Song of Horror Episode 1?

Yes, if a character dies in Song of Horror Episode 1, they stay dead forever as you progress through the story. To complete the game, at least one of the five characters must be alive.

5. How long is Song of Horror Episode 1?

The duration of Song of Horror Episode 1 is approximately three hours, making it a good length for one episode out of the five in the series.

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