Song of Horror Episode 2 – Eerily Quiet

This is the second episode of five episodes of the third-person horror game Song of Horror. The remaining three episodes will be released later.

After surviving Husher’s house and rescuing Daniel from the cursed house, you will try to complete the mission of finding Sebastian and the story of the haunted music box that seems to be the cause of these successive events. The events of the second episode take place in an old antique shop that has been cursed by a dark entity, and the owner of the shop is Färber’s. Two characters were added to the list of original characters, which were five in the previous episode: the two characters are the shopkeeper’s daughter Erica Färber and the neighborhood police officer René.

Characters and Story Integration

As is well known, if the characters die in Song of Horror, they will not continue playing the game’s episodes, with the exception of the main character Daniel. I liked this idea in an episodic based game, but unfortunately I think this application is bad. While I was playing in the first episode, two important characters for Daniel (the main character) died: his ex-wife Sophie and his manager Etienne, but unfortunately they are not mentioned in the story, as if their presence only serves to make the number to elevate characters despite their appearance on a show at the start of the first episode, and I think that ruins the situation. Integration with the game story.

Gameplay and Atmosphere

The events, as I said, take place in an antique shop, in addition to an adjacent residential building, and the size of the map is much larger than the map of the first episode. There are a number of wonderful puzzles and lots of diaries and letters to delve deeper into the story and learn aspects of the story. In the second episode, a new creature is introduced in addition to the previous creature from the first episode, and you will feel a repetition of the attack of the creature from the first episode due to its repeated attack and your previous experience with it, and this may cause boredom in the player cause. The seven characters (if you keep all the characters from the first episode alive) have ten events of their own, but these events that the developers sing about are just simple things, like something falling from above around a particular character to scare, and other small events are intended to scare you, not to play an actual role in the story.

Technical Issues

Technically speaking, the second episode presents very wonderful graphics for the antique shop and is rich in beautiful objects and details. Honestly, I think it offers the best atmosphere (atmosphere) among all horror games from independent (indie) developers, but the second installment is not without technical problems, the frame rate briefly drops to 15-25 frames in some places.

I finished the episode in three hours and it was a good experience, but not without problems.

The game was reviewed on the PC version that we received from the publisher.


  • Episodic format adds suspense and keeps players engaged
  • Large map with plenty of puzzles and story elements to explore
  • Beautiful graphics and attention to detail in the antique shop setting
  • Offers a great atmosphere for a horror game


  • Characters who die in previous episodes are not mentioned, disrupting the game’s story integration
  • Repetition of creature attacks from the first episode can lead to boredom
  • Events for characters are simple and don’t contribute much to the overall story
  • Technical issues such as frame rate drops in some areas

Frequently Asked Questions about Song of Horror Episode 2 – Eerily Quiet PC Game

Q: What is Song of Horror Episode 2?

A: Song of Horror Episode 2 is the second episode of a five-episode third-person horror game. It continues the story of the haunted music box and follows the characters as they try to find Sebastian.

Q: Where does the second episode take place?

A: The events of the second episode take place in an old antique shop and an adjacent residential building that have been cursed by a dark entity.

Q: Are there new characters introduced in Episode 2?

A: Yes, two new characters are introduced in Episode 2: Erica Färber, the shopkeeper’s daughter, and René, a neighborhood police officer.

Q: What happens if a character dies in Song of Horror?

A: If a character dies in Song of Horror, they will not continue playing the game’s episodes, except for the main character Daniel.

Q: How long does it take to complete Episode 2?

A: The second episode can be completed in approximately three hours.

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