Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7: A Return to Horror Roots

There is a name whose name is associated with horror games more than others and it achieved great success in the gaming market for many years until it became the biggest title for the old Japanese development company Capcom. It is definitely Resident Evil and this series, which began in the ’90s, has gone through different generations of players and over time has been forced to change its skin several times to keep up with the latest developments in video gaming Market. From a classic horror game in the first part to an exciting action game in the fourth part to a disastrous, very shameful game in the series in the sixth part, which completely lost direction and quality. The seventh installment had to take a different path and put the series back on the map after many people had lost faith in it.

First Person The shock was real. After the seventh part was officially revealed, everyone was shocked that the game would take place in a first-person perspective. In addition, the game seems very strange for old players, as there are no usual characters and stars, and the setting of the game seems strange and unfamiliar, with the presence of new characters that look more like American horror films that take place on the outskirts of villages. Is this really Resident Evil? Players and critics have been busy lately asking the development team similar questions, wondering whether Capcom should actually name it after the old series, even if it looks completely different. The end result will only shock everyone even more.

Resident Evil 7-7

A True Return to the Roots

More than anything, Resident Evil 7 is a true Resident Evil. In fact, as the development team said, it has returned to the true roots of the series. The choice of first person perspective seems crazy for this game, but it’s not as crazy as the choice for Metroid games in the past, and we all know how we ended up with one of the best games in history. In RE7, the first perspective makes sense every time you progress through the game. When you shoot in this way you will really feel fear because you don’t know what is near your character since the photography is not far from you and every time you turn around and walk carefully you feel fear you will be protected from what might appear in your environment.

A Focus on Survival

This part really goes back to the idea of ​​survival that the first part was famous for. You visit a house in a remote area, looking for your missing wife and don’t really know what awaits you in this place. There is a lot of darkness and disgusting things, and you will often be stressed about everything that surrounds you. In the game there are various opponents with whom you can fight with the usual and classic game weapons. Knife, pistol, shotgun and other heavy weapons later in the game. There is nothing new here, except that you are not “Rambo”, so you have to think logically, because everything will be rare. There are few healing materials and little ammunition. You have to concentrate a lot when aiming and try to make your shots as effective as possible. I don’t want to hide from you that there have been more than one occasion when I have fled from enemies due to lack of resources.

Intuitive Combat and Challenging Enemies

The combat in the game is very intuitive, as it is exactly like the previous installments of the series, but only from the first person perspective. Use L2 to aim, R2 to shoot, and use the arrows to arrange shortcuts to the most important weapons and tools. There are specific places to carry tools, which can be upgraded by purchasing a bag at advanced locations. There is also the classic box for storing excess tools. You can find them in the save room, which also returns when the game returns to its original roots.


A Return to the Original Horror Element

The enemies in the game are different from each other. First, there is the family, some of whom we have seen in recent months. Family members can appear anywhere, and sometimes you have to run and hide from them. Ordinary enemies are nothing special and we have seen them in the previous parts. Loading them with bullets knocks them to the ground, allowing you to focus on areas like the head or legs to do more damage. There are several bosses in the game, and the fight against them is varied and entertaining, and I don’t want to spoil the events any further, but the only exception is the final boss, the fight for which was frustrating for me.

A Nostalgic Atmosphere

One of the things that caused the series to lose the original horror element was the shift to action and open areas. The seventh part brought back the original spirit that appeared in the first part, when the game was actually Resident Evil. Narrow corridors make encountering monsters really scary, and the first-person perspective doesn’t matter since movement isn’t very fast and reloading weapons will take some time. You will be very nervous, especially when you encounter strong or fast enemies. What adds to the horror factor is that there is no music in many areas of the game, and this causes every little noise you hear to make you look behind you and around you, searching for what’s around She could be lurking around.

A Mix of Puzzles and Exploration

The game also goes back to its roots when it comes to puzzles, because there are a lot of them, but to be honest they are very simple and I had no difficulty solving them. The game is mostly non-linear as you have to return to old locations to open a locked door that you have no key or tool to open. There is a full map that is very clear and easy to use (I wish there was a zoom feature), and you will find yourself returning to the map often as it shows you the locked doors that you haven’t visited yet, and Although there are any kind of locks on them.


Resident Evil 7 is a true return to the horror roots of the series. With its first-person perspective, intense survival elements, challenging enemies, and nostalgic atmosphere, it brings back the original fear and tension that made the first game a classic. The mix of puzzles and exploration adds depth to the gameplay, although the puzzles themselves are relatively simple. Overall, Resident Evil 7 successfully revitalizes the franchise and is a must-play for fans of the series and horror game enthusiasts.

Pros and Cons of Resident Evil 7 PC Game


  • Return to the series’ roots: Resident Evil 7 brings back the original horror elements that made the series popular in the first place. The game’s narrow corridors and lack of music in certain areas create a truly terrifying atmosphere.
  • First-person perspective: The choice to use a first-person perspective adds to the fear factor, as players are fully immersed in the game world. The close-up view increases the tension and uncertainty, making every encounter with enemies more intense.
  • Survival-focused gameplay: The game emphasizes survival, requiring players to carefully manage their resources and think strategically. Limited healing materials and ammunition make each decision crucial, and fleeing from enemies due to lack of resources adds an extra layer of tension.
  • Intuitive combat mechanics: The combat mechanics are similar to previous installments of the series, making it easy for longtime fans to adapt. The use of L2 to aim, R2 to shoot, and arrows to arrange shortcuts feels familiar and intuitive.
  • Return of classic elements: Resident Evil 7 brings back classic elements such as the save room and the storage box, adding a sense of nostalgia for longtime fans of the series.


  • Controversial changes: The drastic changes in gameplay and perspective may not sit well with some longtime fans of the series. The absence of familiar characters and the unfamiliar setting could be off-putting to those expecting a traditional Resident Evil experience.
  • Simplistic puzzles: While the game includes puzzles, they are relatively simple and may not provide a significant challenge for experienced players. Solving puzzles quickly becomes a routine task rather than a thought-provoking challenge.
  • Frustrating final boss: The final boss fight in the game has been criticized for being frustrating and difficult, potentially leading to a disappointing ending for some players.

In conclusion, Resident Evil 7 PC Game successfully brings the series back to its horror roots with its first-person perspective and survival-focused gameplay. While it may not please all longtime fans due to its controversial changes, it offers an immersive and terrifying experience for those willing to embrace the new direction. The intuitive combat mechanics and return of classic elements add to the overall appeal of the game. However, the simplistic puzzles and frustrating final boss fight are minor drawbacks that may affect the overall enjoyment for some players.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Resident Evil 7 PC Game

Q: Is Resident Evil 7 a true Resident Evil game?

A: Yes, Resident Evil 7 has returned to the true roots of the series. It captures the survival horror elements that the first part was famous for, bringing back the original spirit of the game.

Q: What is the gameplay perspective in Resident Evil 7?

A: Resident Evil 7 is played from a first-person perspective, which adds to the immersive horror experience. The close camera angle increases the fear factor as you explore the unknown environment.

Q: How does combat work in Resident Evil 7?

A: Combat in Resident Evil 7 is intuitive and similar to previous installments of the series. You aim using L2, shoot using R2, and can arrange shortcuts to important weapons and tools using the arrows. The combat mechanics remain faithful to the series, but from a first-person perspective.

Q: Are there puzzles in Resident Evil 7?

A: Yes, Resident Evil 7 features a variety of puzzles. While they are generally simple to solve, they add to the non-linear gameplay experience. You may need to return to old locations and find key items to progress through locked doors.

Q: What can I expect from the enemies in Resident Evil 7?

A: Resident Evil 7 features different types of enemies, including the family members and ordinary enemies. Each enemy requires different strategies to defeat, and some encounters may require you to run and hide. Be prepared for challenging boss fights throughout the game.

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