Dead Rising 4

Capcom Vancouver Studio Returns with Dead Rising 4

The Capcom Vancouver studio returns to us with a new version of the zombie game series and a large part, the fourth part of the series, with the return of the popular hero of this series, Frank West. It was clear since the game was announced that the development studio wanted to bring back fans of the original game with this new version and that is why it was their decision to bring back the hero. After all these years, Frank returns once again to lead this new conflict with the wild zombie creatures. Well, I don’t want to hide from you a secret that this game has already faced a lot of criticism before its release, especially from the original fans of the series because of some new ideas in the game and the rumors that were circulating about some changes to the basic systems for playing , which we will discuss in detail in our review, and whether the fears of fans of the series were justified, or whether the developers managed to find an optimal formula for the game in general.

The Storyline of Dead Rising 4

The game’s story revolves around the return of former hero Frank West to the city of Willamette during the holiday season after leaving the zombie conflict and devoting himself to teaching at a university after almost fifty years of age. However, he returns with one of his students to find that zombies have returned to the city. Not only that, different types of… They have advanced, and here West notices the presence of a whole bunch of soldiers in this city, so he begins a new adventure to find out the reasons for their presence and the reasons for the renewed spread of the epidemic. He uses his famous camera to assist him in his various investigations and delves into various topics to find an answer to all your questions. The game offers a good narrative, is enjoyable and not empty. It is humorous, as we are used to from the game, in seven chapters, or as the game developers symbolize it with seven themes.


Gameplay and Weapons in Dead Rising 4

The story mode spans about 12 hours of gameplay in an open world of the affected city, where you can fight hundreds or even thousands of zombie monsters using many strange and shiny weapons or even different vehicles that you use to make your way through the city move or even to run over dozens of zombie creatures that… They hinder your progress. Speaking of weapons, weapons are divided into three categories: hand weapons such as axes, swords and others or firearms and bombs. As we are used to in the series, you can create the strangest weapons if you receive plans for their creation from different parts of the city. You can make a weapon with maximum power, another just for fun, and even vehicles. You can combine them. New and distinctive vehicles can be linked together with just one click. Here we must not forget to mention the presence of the Exo Suit armor from other games, which gives you additional strength and the ability to carry heavy equipment, but I see little benefit from its presence, except in some boss fights.

Investigations and Graphics in Dead Rising 4

In your adventure to discover the secret of this city, you will use your camera to visualize evidence or even use a night vision perspective and decipher some locks and locked doors. This is in addition to the ability to freely photograph areas of the city. Take selfie shots in the strangest areas, even with enemies, and the game rewards you with experience points for doing so. With additional experience points, you can develop new abilities for your character, such as more health points or even the ability to carry a larger number of weapons. It’s unfortunate that the game doesn’t offer higher difficulty options. The game is very simple and even fighting bosses will only fire three shots with your mounted firearms! This is in addition to the availability of treatments in large numbers throughout the city.


Graphics and Technical Issues in Dead Rising 4

The stability rate of frames or frames when fighting this large number of enemies was very satisfactory, which is the main reason for the fun in the game world. Try out new weapons and combine them as you fight against groups of enemies in city squares and explore the advantages. Each weapon is really the strength of the game, and the game offers us several types. Among the enemies, there are advanced and strange zombie monsters scattered throughout the city, in addition to soldiers stationed at key points in the city, and each of them has its own fighting style.

Speaking of the graphics of the game, they are very acceptable in the open world of the game, but nothing is really amazing, with the transition to a world more vibrant and colorful than the previous part, but is everything good in this world? First, let’s talk about the technical problems in the game, although the game maintains high speed… Good frames, but we were surprised by many other problems. Sometimes you will see zombie enemies stationary and motionless when you come from a distance in your fast moving vehicle, and sometimes you will see some enemies falling from the sky, and sometimes even vehicles suddenly falling from the sky!!! And that’s not all, but even some of the side characters disappear or get stuck in the sky or in the walls of houses, which can lead to having to repeat the mission again if you want to skip it, and that’s not all . During our experience with Story Mode, the game restarted twice due to issues with the game shutting down without any explanation.

Pros and Cons of Dead Rising 4 PC Game


  • Return of the popular hero Frank West
  • Good narrative with humor
  • Open world gameplay
  • Ability to create unique and powerful weapons
  • Use of camera for investigation and photography
  • Stable frame rate during combat
  • Various types of enemies with different fighting styles


  • Lack of difficulty options
  • Simple gameplay and easy boss fights
  • Availability of numerous health treatments
  • Technical issues such as stationary enemies and falling vehicles
  • Disappearing or stuck side characters
  • Game shutting down without explanation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Dead Rising 4 PC Game

1. What is the gameplay like in Dead Rising 4?

The gameplay in Dead Rising 4 revolves around fighting hordes of zombie creatures using various weapons and vehicles. Players can explore an open world, complete missions, and uncover the secrets of the city.

2. Can I create unique weapons in the game?

Yes, players have the ability to create unique weapons by finding plans scattered throughout the city. These weapons can range from powerful and effective to purely fun and entertaining.

3. What role does the camera play in the game?

The camera is an essential tool in Dead Rising 4. Players can use it to visualize evidence, decipher locked doors, and even take selfies in unique areas. Taking photos also rewards players with experience points.

4. Are there difficulty options in the game?

Unfortunately, Dead Rising 4 does not offer higher difficulty options. The game is relatively simple, and even boss fights can be completed with just a few shots from mounted firearms.

5. Are there any technical issues in the game?

While the game maintains good frame rates, there have been reports of technical issues. These include stationary and motionless enemies, falling enemies and vehicles, disappearing or stuck side characters, and unexpected game shutdowns.

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