Watch Dogs 2

Review of Watch Dogs 2: Did Ubisoft Deliver on Their Promises?

After conflicting opinions about the first part of Watch Dogs, which did not deliver what was intended, Ubisoft is back with the second version of the game with further promises that this time the game will be what we wanted from the beginning have. Did they really succeed? I really hesitated before writing this review because I was one of those who was dissatisfied with the first part, which didn’t offer the world I expected, but I wanted to make my own judgment about the company’s promises , especially since the game’s first presentations were reassuring. We would like to point out that the review of the game was carried out due to the lack of a release on the regular PlayStation 4 devices. Pro devices were officially available in the UAE at the time of writing.

The events of this part take place in the city of San Francisco, and already from the first moments of the game you will notice many differences in the main direction of the game. The game is less serious than the first part and offers you creative freedom thinking and diversification. When playing, you take on the role of a hacker named Marcus who works with a group of creative people. In this section, several topics of utmost importance to expose corporate corruption and its exploitation of information technology are discussed, including extortion or corruption and other topics, in an interesting context for the characters to deal with such problems and utilize the skills of the team to end different types of crises.


The Immersive Game World of Watch Dogs 2

The huge and vibrant game world is one of the most important features of this game. The huge spaces and different environments of buildings and houses with amazing designs as well as other ports and parks add depth to the game world. However, all this will not be enough if it is a world without events, but there is a lot to do in this city, and when we say “many” we mean many, many hours that you spend on it can, stroll around this city and collect some of the collectibles scattered throughout the city, or even go shopping, buy clothes, masks, etc. and even buy the latest luxury cars.

And once you’ve done all of that, you’ll be able to do a lot of side activities, from stealing money from the townspeople by manipulating their bank accounts on their cell phones to taking part in one of the races spread throughout the city. You will succeed You will be amazed at the variety of different races in the game. The game will not be content with presenting the usual car racing. You can even take part in races for sailboats, bicycles and many others, although you will encounter some problems controlling the camera angle in some races.

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The Joy of Exploring the City in Watch Dogs 2

Just walking through the city is fun. You can photograph yourself or passers-by on the street and take selfie shots with the most striking areas of the city. For this you will also be rewarded with some experience points, and the townspeople may even interact with you by seeing you use your cell phone’s camera and perform some movements. They joke while taking photos or even express dissatisfaction at being photographed without their knowledge.

Well, talking about the game world goes on and on, and I won’t go into it in a few lines, but it’s enough to see the city and its inhabitants interact with each other even without you interfering in them. Sometimes you will experience wars between two gangs on the side of the road or one of the rioters breaking car windows and the police come to arrest him. As the game progresses you will see many different events that will give you an overview of the conditions in the city.

Pros and Cons of Watch Dogs 2 PC Game


  • Improved gameplay mechanics: Watch Dogs 2 offers more creative freedom and diversification compared to its predecessor.
  • Engaging storyline: The game tackles important topics such as corporate corruption and information technology exploitation in an interesting and thought-provoking manner.
  • Immersive game world: The city of San Francisco is beautifully designed with vibrant environments, adding depth to the gameplay experience.
  • Abundance of activities: Players can spend countless hours exploring the city, collecting collectibles, shopping, and participating in various side activities like races.
  • Unique race options: The game goes beyond traditional car races and offers races for sailboats, bicycles, and more, providing a refreshing and diverse gameplay experience.
  • Interactive city: The game world feels alive with NPCs reacting to the player’s actions, adding a sense of realism and immersion.


  • Camera angle issues: Some races in the game may have problems with controlling the camera angle, which can be frustrating for players.
  • Lack of release on regular PlayStation 4 devices: At the time of writing, the game was only officially available on Pro devices, limiting accessibility for some players.

Overall, Watch Dogs 2 offers improved gameplay mechanics, an engaging storyline, and an immersive game world. While it has some minor drawbacks like camera angle issues and limited availability on certain devices, the pros outweigh the cons, making it a worthwhile gaming experience for fans of the open-world genre.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Watch Dogs 2 PC Game

1. What is the gameplay like in Watch Dogs 2?

The gameplay in Watch Dogs 2 offers creative freedom, thinking, and diversification. Players take on the role of a hacker named Marcus, who works with a group of creative people. The game focuses on exposing corporate corruption and utilizing the team’s skills to solve various crises.

2. Where does the game take place?

The events of Watch Dogs 2 take place in the city of San Francisco. The game features a huge and vibrant open-world environment with different environments, buildings, houses, ports, and parks. The city is designed with amazing detail and offers depth to the game world.

3. What can players do in the game world?

Players can explore the city, collect various collectibles scattered throughout, go shopping for clothes and masks, and even buy luxury cars. In addition to these activities, there are numerous side activities such as manipulating bank accounts, participating in races (including sailboats and bicycles), and more.

4. Is there interaction with the city’s inhabitants?

Yes, there is interaction with the city’s inhabitants. Players can take photos of themselves or passers-by on the street and even take selfie shots with the city’s landmarks. This can earn experience points, and the townspeople may react to the player using their cell phone’s camera by joking or expressing dissatisfaction.

5. Are there dynamic events in the game?

Yes, there are dynamic events in the game. Players may encounter wars between gangs, riots, and police interventions as they explore the city. These events provide an overview of the conditions and atmosphere in the city as the game progresses.

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