Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion: A New City and New Ideas

Ubisoft’s action and adventure game developed by Ubisoft Toronto. It is the third installment in the Watch Dogs series. The game was eagerly awaited by Ubisoft and promises more freedom and greater variety in this version. Will this version be the next step in the distinctive Watch Dog series with new ideas and a new city? We will talk about this in the following lines of our review.

The events of this part take place in the future city of London, in a world controlled by smart and wearable devices, drones, surveillance cameras and intelligent cars. In this part you will play with DedSec again, but not as usual. From the first moment you will have the opportunity to choose a character from several available characters, each of which has characteristics, characteristics and abilities. Different and varied backgrounds of the story, and as soon as you start you realize that your mission is to find out the cause of the London bombings that were attributed to Dedsec and find out that they were the work of a group called Zero Day and that the British Albion government forces took advantage of them to eliminate Dedsec members one by one and tighten their control over the entire city.

Reviving DedSec and Recruiting Characters

Here you begin your mission to revive DedSec from the ground up by recruiting many characters in the game world. The story is presented in an excellent way and with exciting and sometimes surprising events to keep your desire to know more about each event in the game. All characters in the city are recruitable, but you have to determine who you need and for what. A person whose skills will benefit you in the game. Each character has specific requirements for joining, such as completing one or more tasks in order to join the team, and the variety of characters’ abilities depending on the job adds depth to the game in a unique way. For example, if you recruit a lawyer for the team, you can free any character from your team, they will fall into the hands of the police more quickly and so on. Recruiting a doctor will help treat injured characters as quickly as possible. Recruiting a general (for a building) gives you the opportunity to use small cargo planes for transport (drones). Recruitment An Albion police officer will help you gain access to their headquarters. The conversation does not end here as the options are very numerous, resulting in more freedom and variety in options. Gaming brings great value to any new recruiting process you undertake. And the recruitment system is more detailed than we imagined. When you recruit someone, you have the opportunity to recruit their family members or friends and vice versa. If you find one of the characters who doesn’t want to join you, you can reach out to them by involving their friends or a member of their family.

Speaking of freedom in the game, the game offers you multiple options to control the game the way that suits you, from choosing the difficulty level to choosing technical upgrades for characters, clothing, accessories, weapons, colors, etc., even the option to enable or disable eternal death in the game. This option represents an important addition to the game style, so enabling it will be beneficial for everyone. It’s a decision you make. Death of the character in this case means losing him forever. This means that you will have to continue playing with a different character after you have mastered playing with the previous character’s abilities. Each character has abilities that set them apart from others. Some characters have the ability to withstand blows, others have superior skills in hacking and other things, and that’s not all. The death of one of your characters or a townsman can make it difficult or prevent a member of their family from joining your party in the future because of their anger and hatred towards Dedsec. For some, perhaps prefer to exclude the option of eternal death, so that the loss of the character is replaced by his temporary absence, and then return to the team to continue playing with the same character without changing personal play style. With you.

Exploring the City of London and Completing Missions

Well, you don’t lose everything if the character dies, as technical upgrades such as developing drones or weapons are shared by all characters. You can collect upgrade points by completing various missions or searching for them in various locations around London.

The story mode is unique, with a proper progression of events and appropriate movement in play styles to avoid repetition and provide variety between multiple fronts in the story. The story is divided into chapters, each relating to a part of the problems such as chapters dedicated to the Albion missions, chapters for the zero-day missions and other missions along the way, a connection between the two divisions and the revival of Dedsec.

The missions in the game are divided into basic missions, side missions and recruitment missions. The base missions are complex story missions with several different factions and fronts, each of which has a specific chapter to complete their missions in order to reach the end of all chapters and put them together at the end, forming a complete picture of the game’s story. As the story progresses, you will meet many secondary characters who will request some side tasks and completing them will give you money and technical points. Finally, we have Recruitment Missions, which are requirements of the targeted people for recruitment and you must complete them if you want to convince them to join your team.

The Vibrant City of London and Interactive World

Here let’s talk about the dazzling city of London in all its details, and here we praise the development studio that managed to present a vibrant and interactive world. The streets are teeming with life, from lots of cars to civilians doing various jobs, various drones flying around you to ship or inspect goods, and not only that, everything in the game exists for a reason and in perfection. If you pass a person in the city who seems sad and you hack his phone to find out his identity, you will be surprised that this person is in huge debt and that is why he is in this situation. This has been seen with thousands of characters, which makes exploring the city and getting to know the characters even more fun, and why not help some of them? and include them in your group. Well, that’s not all. There are many side events in this city, such as battlefields, arenas to demonstrate football skills or even the opportunity to create artistic paintings on the walls. A traditional option that has become popular in Ubisoft games, these have you liberating areas of the city of London by completing various tasks, but they have been introduced. This time in a better way: First of all, you don’t have to climb any towers here! You also don’t have to complete dozens of repeated missions to liberate one of the regions, rather you simply have to complete three simple and varied tasks in each region and upon completion you will be asked to complete a final, special mission that offers a different style of play, such as: E.g., chasing cars, exploring with drones, and avoiding various obstacles.

The game style is divided into hacking and hacking computers and cameras and using various techniques to sequence and complete tasks in secret and attacking with your hands or using the arsenal of weapons you have to get into the headquarters with the maximum security. The choice is yours. It’s up to you. Each mission has multiple ways to complete it, and there are complex missions that may have a simple solution if you think carefully together. Heavily guarded security headquarters. I was able to fly to the roof of the building and a fancy robotic spider can crawl through one of the vents and get the information you need without spilling blood or putting your character in danger. This is where the strength of the game lies, because it gives you all the options to choose the one that suits you best.

Elaborate Sounds and Impressive Graphics

The sounds and music in the game are elaborate, with hundreds of voices for different characters, a world full of life, battle sounds and loud music, but don’t wait to hear the roar of the engines because you are in a future world is dominated by almost silent electric cars.

The game masters the use of current generation devices and offers us a distinctive city with a world full of details and attractive graphics, despite the lack of details on the characters’ faces. London looks amazing at night with beautiful lighting techniques and rain effects.

Technically, the game showed stable performance for most of the game, but during the game the game stopped working twice, in addition to some problems that may prevent you from completing the missions such as: B. the disappearance of a character you need to kill or B. the death of a character you need to chase down, leaving you stuck in the mission with no way to return the save file or the mission. You have to close the game and start it again to get out of the mission and you have to repeat some parts of it, with all the enemies that you previously eliminated returning.

Future Expectations and Arabic Localization

Given the huge game world and hundreds of characters, cars and drones in the game world, you will notice that some game elements disappear and reappear from time to time, especially when flying a cargo drone. You’ll feel like the device is struggling to try to keep up with the dozens of moving details in the city.

Let me be clear because I’m really looking forward to trying out the game on new generation devices once it’s released. Most simple problems seem to be easily solved with the capabilities of new generation devices and SSD storage.

Finally, we have to praise what Ubisoft has done in terms of Arabization in this part. The game is fully Arabicized for the texts and menus, and not only that. Menus in Arabic appear from right to left in a manner appropriate to our language and with mastery, through the use of a clear and beautiful font, an appropriate size for the texts and the use of clear, easy-to-understand Arabic synonyms. To give us one of the best, if not the best, localization processes in Ubisoft games.


  • Multiple characters with unique abilities and backgrounds
  • Freedom to choose and recruit characters for your team
  • Wide range of options to control the game and customize characters
  • Interactive and vibrant game world with detailed city of London
  • Various missions and tasks to keep the gameplay engaging
  • Multiple ways to approach and complete missions
  • Elaborate sounds and music that enhance the gaming experience
  • Attractive graphics and lighting effects
  • Full Arabic localization for texts and menus


  • Technical issues and occasional game crashes
  • Disappearance and reappearance of game elements
  • Some mission-related problems that may require restarting the game
  • Lack of facial details on characters
  • Performance issues when flying cargo drones

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Watch Dogs Legion?

Watch Dogs Legion is an action and adventure game developed by Ubisoft Toronto. It is the third installment in the Watch Dogs series.

2. Where does the game take place?

The events of Watch Dogs Legion take place in the future city of London, which is controlled by smart and wearable devices, drones, surveillance cameras, and intelligent cars.

3. Can I choose my character in the game?

Yes, in Watch Dogs Legion, you have the opportunity to choose a character from several available characters, each with their own unique characteristics, abilities, and backgrounds.

4. What is the main objective of the game?

Your mission in Watch Dogs Legion is to find out the cause of the London bombings, which were attributed to Dedsec, and uncover the truth behind a group called Zero Day. You must revive Dedsec and recruit characters to fight against the oppressive government forces.

5. How does the recruitment system work in the game?

The recruitment system in Watch Dogs Legion is detailed and allows you to recruit any character in the city. Each character has specific requirements for joining, and their abilities and skills can benefit you in different ways. You can even recruit family members or friends of the characters you’ve recruited.

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