Fade to Silence

There are many different experiences that video games offer

from horror and open-world games to puzzle games and dungeon exploration, and while big-budget games tend to focus on the most popular experiences of the moment, less expensive projects try to Other experiences to offer are less interesting. Today we will learn about… One of these cheaper games is Fade of Silence, brought to us by the development team Black Forest Games and trying to attract the attention of fans of survival games. Will he succeed?

The story follows Ash, a man who wakes up in a post-apocalyptic world

whose inhabitants suffer from a cold and harsh climate. When the snow isn’t enough, the world is full of hideous and savage monsters that attack the living as soon as they see them. Ash owns a settlement in the middle of this destroyed world and tries to remember his past and the decay of the world. To reach this situation and find out the answers, he must travel the world in search of evidence. Games of this type do not usually focus on the story, and although Fade to Silence tries to focus on the story and surround it with mystery in order to present something exciting, it ends up presenting a superficial and unimportant story.

On a technical level, the game offers average graphics in a world

whose design can be described as very simple and without innovation. The game suffers from many technical problems, from a very frequent frame rate drop, as it cannot maintain frame rate of 30 frames despite the modest technical level, the appearance and disappearance of objects and even their movement. In strange and sudden ways it is very possible, and if this is not enough the game stops working repeatedly and annoyingly. and based on our experience with the game on the PlayStation 4, we have faced this matter several times, to the point that we once suffered from the loss of a large number of important tools and functions that we had accumulated over many hours. From playing.

The game world features several areas controlled by monsters known as Eldritch

To rid the world of these monsters, you must clean or clear the nests and headquarters controlled by these monsters. To complete the experience, you must clear all the headquarters. When talking about the game system, it is very simple, one button for quick attacks and another button for attacks. The weaker power is the least fast, in addition to having a button to dodge and another to block. The combat system is not so responsive. Occasionally this is not only desirable, but also so easy that the combat lacks tension, because when you encounter monsters you often resort to blocking at the right time in order to counterattack and repeat it. This strategy is repeated again and again. and although it is not suitable for all enemies, it is useful against most monsters and is also almost the only strategy this system offers.

Ash must go out into the world to collect firewood and hunt deer

to provide the resources necessary for survival, but you won’t be able to roam the world as you wish. The character’s health is represented by a heat meter that begins to fill when exposed to cold weather. They also have a hunger meter that fills up if you don’t provide enough food. While you’re traveling, there may be regular snowstorms that appear without warning. If you get stuck in one of these storms, the heat gauge will fill up quickly, causing you to start freezing. This is shown on the life meter, meaning a complete freeze means your death. Filling the hunger meter also increases the speed of freezing. The unexpected event awaits blizzards You have to prepare for such surprises and take appropriate precautions before leaving your settlement every time and it increases the stress and anxiety when they occur and you are not prepared for them.

Followers consume up to a certain amount of firewood and food

which you can find in the follower list. If you think carefully about how many followers you want to include, build appropriate huts and equip them to save consumption, you will be able to build a practical economic system that will allow you to achieve self-sufficiency in your settlement, which will increase the satisfaction of the people Trailer increased. This ultimately leads to greater efficiency in completing tasks, and it can be said that access to this economic system is very important, since resources in the world are not so scarce that experience becomes impossible, and they are not so plentiful present that you do not care about them and in the event that you are unable to use the skills to save resources, you may suffer from the problem of running out of resources provided by the game world consume unsatisfied!

The elements of survival and resource gathering as well as managing your settlement are the parts you will enjoy the most about the experience

as these matters require your constant attention and will benefit you if you manage the settlement well and striking a balance between the gathering of resources by the followers and the crafting of new weapons and tools necessary for progression, as the attempt to survive becomes increasingly difficult the further you progress in order to clear more headquarters and eliminate scary creatures.

Fade to Silence will test your patience at first

as the game gets really fun in the second half of the game, but the first half is wasted trying to figure out what your goal is as the game never tells you what you’re doing or should do how to collect resources as you are told during exploration and passage. In an area where resources are being collected, you will be told that this is how you will collect them and you must find one of the headquarters or nests to do this. You will have to be told that there are headquarters that will be cleared must. Additionally, moving around on foot is relatively slow, making exploration tedious before you get the wolf-drawn sleigh and other things you might think are essential but aren’t available until later.

To complete the experience you will need between 15 and 20 hours on the usual difficulty level

depending on how much you want to explore. There is an easier difficulty option that lowers the difficulty and provides a greater amount of resources. There is no doubt that completing the game in this option will take less time. Fade to Silence is fun when we talk about the experience of survival and gathering. Resources come in addition to managing your settlement, but the many technical problems and the surface combat system overshadow this fun. Most of the time, you won’t have any significant fun in the game if you’re unable to overlook these problems.

Pros and Cons of Fade to Silence PC Game


  • Unique post-apocalyptic survival experience
  • Engaging elements of resource gathering and settlement management
  • Challenging gameplay that tests your patience and decision-making skills
  • Opportunity to explore a vast and immersive game world
  • Ability to recruit and benefit from followers with different abilities


  • Superficial and unimportant story
  • Technical issues such as frequent frame rate drops and game crashes
  • Simple and uninspired graphics and world design
  • Combat system lacks depth and becomes repetitive
  • Slow movement speed and tedious exploration in the early stages of the game

Fade to Silence offers a unique post-apocalyptic survival experience, with engaging elements of resource gathering and settlement management. The game challenges your patience and decision-making skills, providing an opportunity to explore a vast and immersive game world. The ability to recruit and benefit from followers with different abilities adds depth to the gameplay.

However, the game falls short in terms of its story, which is superficial and unimportant. Technical issues such as frequent frame rate drops and game crashes hinder the overall experience. The graphics and world design are simple and uninspired, while the combat system lacks depth and becomes repetitive. Additionally, the slow movement speed and tedious exploration in the early stages of the game can be frustrating.

Overall, Fade to Silence can provide a fun and challenging survival experience, but it is important to consider the technical issues and repetitive gameplay before diving in.


1. What is Fade to Silence PC Game?

Fade to Silence is a survival game developed by Black Forest Games set in a post-apocalyptic world where players must navigate a harsh climate and fend off savage monsters.

2. What is the gameplay like in Fade to Silence?

The gameplay in Fade to Silence revolves around resource gathering, survival, and managing a settlement. Players must collect firewood, hunt for food, and explore the world while facing the challenges of extreme weather and dangerous creatures.

3. Are there any technical issues in Fade to Silence?

Yes, Fade to Silence has been reported to have technical problems such as frequent frame rate drops, disappearing objects, and game crashes. These issues can affect the overall gaming experience.

4. How long does it take to complete Fade to Silence?

On the usual difficulty level, it takes approximately 15 to 20 hours to complete Fade to Silence. The completion time may vary depending on how much exploration you choose to do.

5. Is the combat system in Fade to Silence satisfying?

The combat system in Fade to Silence is simple, with one button for quick attacks and another for heavy attacks. However, some players may find the combat lacking depth and tension, as it often relies on repetitive blocking and counterattacking strategies.

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