The Crew 2

It’s difficult to work on a second part of a game that didn’t have the desired success, but Ubisoft was confident that it could meet the demands of players and their ambition to get a quality racing game, and why not move forward , by providing an experience that brings many distinctive additions and different vehicles to give us an experience. Various races that we have never seen before with The Crew 2.

Well, the developer’s move in this part was very bold. It is not an easy task to include watercraft of different types and aircraft in their various races, but I can assure you that it was the best decision of the developer. The distinctive variety The strength of this version lies in the variety of vehicles and race types, so every player has to find a type. He has a special feature that suits him. There are distinctive street races, well-known track races and even rally and bicycle races. All these types of races take place only on land, without going into detail about the remaining types of races in the sea and in the air. You can imagine the number of races and options to participate in many different races and find the distinctive type that suits you, so delve deeper. For example, in his races, I liked the distinctive drift races and the speedboat races, and I delved into them more than others, while I didn’t like the air races, and I found that they often caused dizziness, so I would only play when necessary, and also because they lead to a severe degradation of the details of the environment, and we will return to this point later in this book. Our review.


First, let’s talk about the play style. You start playing by choosing one of the unknown drivers and have to build a reputation by proving your worth in various races. Here the game divides the races into four main sections, namely street racing, professional racing, free racing and off-road racing, and each of these categories contains different types. Various races and special vehicles that are gradually unlocked as you win the races. Once you open a specific race type, the races will be displayed. All you have to do is click on the race on the map to go directly to the venue and you must manage to complete the races in each category until you reach the glory that allows you to challenge the category champion and snatch the title of best from him. Your fame depends on the number of followers you have. The more you win races, the more followers and money you get in the game. When you reach a certain number of followers, you are allowed to participate in new types of contests. Only race if you have enough money to buy a vehicle suitable for this type of racing.

Controlling moving vehicles is smooth and distinctive despite the variety of vehicles. Vehicle driving is perfect and suitable for every category, whether it is controlling airplanes, speedboats, etc. One of the most important features of this game is the real feeling of speed while driving. This feature was presented in such a way that you can feel the speed of the vehicle. It’s a feeling of going down the mountain quickly. Distinctive and you can really feel the speed of the vehicle and its interaction with the environment, and you can wander around the vast game world for hours, moving smoothly between vehicles at the touch of a button. There you can collect some crates that contain development parts for your vehicle or even perform some skills to gain more followers and increase your popularity.


Speaking of environments in the game, the game offers you a lot of variety. Since the game once again presents a complete map of America, you can offer everything you can imagine in terms of different and diverse environments. Sometimes you will find yourself racing in swamps and muddy environments, or racing in small boats between sharp bends in one of the rivers or… You enjoy, in addition to the in-game weather, gaining points through acrobatic moves between the vast American mountains and deserts collect. Rain, snow, cloudy and sunny weather are all available and change automatically. Driving at night was presented in the best possible way. The nighttime lighting is dazzling, giving night racing an edge and beauty.

We don’t forget to talk about the elaborate design of vehicles so that they appear in their best condition with lots of details. At the same time, however, the design of cities in the same areas was not of the same quality, particularly when it came to the use of aircraft. The environments are almost erased with very little detail, in your home or while walking around. The biggest challenges: The camera is switched to shots from the first person perspective. Unfortunately, one of the worst flaws is the low quality of facial details for the supporting characters. I wish more effort had been put into matching these characters and facial designs to the level of the game’s graphics as a whole.


The game also offers us the opportunity to take photos with several different options that will make you an expert photographer who will easily take the most beautiful pictures. Here we particularly praise this feature, which easily turns you into a professional photographer, in addition to the availability of various photography challenges in different areas of the game to photograph a specific teacher or a specific animal that lives in areas near you, and You will be rewarded. With some money and new followers via your success in the photo missions, the voice acting in the game is inconsistent between the characters and the Arabic translation in the game is not quite perfect and has several problems with the coordination and parallelism of the letters. The company had announced that it was aware of these issues due to the difficult compatibility of the game engine and the Arabic language and that they would work to improve it. Continuation of written translation through upcoming updates.

Well, we didn’t talk about network mode… although the game requires a permanent connection to the network, the game currently does not contain a competitive mode or option and will be added to the game after a few months. All this There is the possibility of playing cooperatively and playing with friends by roaming between cities or taking part in some races in some way. Cooperative, that is, if you play one of the races with your friends and one of them wins, the victory is counted for everyone. This is more of an easy level to play than fun for group play, which is disappointing. You cannot postpone the competitive game mode for several months and release the game without it. The reason for this is the need to refine and develop it, or even, as it is said among gamers these days, that the mode was postponed to solve the problem of the lack of it Not to raise competition between players who buy the mode Buy the strongest cars with real money at the very beginning of the game and easily win the races of the game, because this thing will cause the wrath of many in the game mode. Competitive.


  • Wide variety of vehicles and race types
  • Realistic feeling of speed while driving
  • Smooth and distinctive controls
  • Diverse and detailed environments
  • Opportunity to take beautiful in-game photos


  • Low quality facial details for supporting characters
  • Inconsistent voice acting
  • Arabic translation issues
  • Lack of competitive game mode at launch
  • Need for further refinement and development in network mode

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – The Crew 2 PC Game

1. What types of races are available in The Crew 2?

The game offers a variety of race types, including street races, professional races, free races, off-road races, and more. Each category contains different types of races and special vehicles that can be unlocked as you progress.

2. How does the gameplay progress in The Crew 2?

In the game, you start by choosing an unknown driver and building your reputation by participating in various races. As you win races and gain followers, you unlock new race types and vehicles. Your fame and popularity depend on the number of followers and money you earn through races.

3. How is the vehicle control in The Crew 2?

The game offers smooth and distinctive vehicle controls, regardless of the type of vehicle you are driving. Whether it’s airplanes, speedboats, or other vehicles, the driving experience feels real and immersive. The game also provides a genuine sense of speed while driving.

4. What environments can you expect in The Crew 2?

The game offers a diverse range of environments as it presents a complete map of America. You can race in swamps, muddy terrains, rivers, mountains, deserts, and more. The game also features dynamic weather conditions, including rain, snow, cloudy, and sunny weather.

5. Does The Crew 2 have a competitive multiplayer mode?

Currently, the game does not have a competitive mode or option, but the developers have announced that it will be added to the game in the future. However, players can still play cooperatively with friends, roaming between cities or participating in races together. Cooperative races count as victories for all players.

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