One Piece Odyssey

The games of the famous anime series One Piece return to us in a new look called One Piece Odyssey. Unlike the previous games, which were adventure games with an emphasis on excitement, we get an adventure and role-playing game or RPG game.

Gameplay and Graphics

The game offers beautiful graphics and a wonderful environment. Each region has a specific style that reflects the events in the game. The design of the worlds in the game is beautiful and there are many places to explore. The world of Arabsta consists of full villages, a large desert, caves and mountains in a very large world! The game allows for fast travel, making it easier for you to get around.

The story of the game revolves around the crash of the Straw Hat crew’s ship on an unknown island. At the beginning you play as Pluffy and collect the rest of the crew members as you explore the island, but things end quickly and you find them all in less than half an hour. In fact, I thought you would be looking for the crew members for a long time. Across different stages, but no, they’re all not far from Luffy, and that kind of frustrated me. The strange thing is that all characters are at level 40 from the start of the game.

Exploration and Combat

After finding the crew members, you will meet a new unknown character named Adio. He will help you overcome the first barrier in the game. Suddenly, a girl named Lim appears and places her hand on each member of the Straw Hat crew. Small cubes come out of them and spread across the island. The entire crew loses their skills and the characters’ level drops to 1. All their skills and abilities disappear, and I really liked it, as it is the symbol of the beginning of the real game, and your goal in the game is to collect the missing dice. Some of them are small and intended for each character, others are large and you have to defeat a leader to get them, and some of them open new worlds for you that represent arcs or chapters from One Piece’s past, so the first world. You go to Arabsta and then replay the events that happened there and you have to find Croco Dale and defeat him.

Gameplay and Combat System

Speaking of the most important point, namely the gameplay element, it is divided into two parts: exploration on the map and combat. Exploration is done by using the characteristics of each Straw Hat crew on the map to open up new areas or obtain rare resources. For example, you use Zoro to cut open closed doors and you use Chopper to enter corridors. The narrow one uses Sanji to search for rare cooking resources and so on, and switching between characters is very quick. If you press the right or left arrow keys, a window will open with pictures of the characters for you to choose from. Then press it and switch to the selected character. The game will inform you when you pass rare resources, so Sanji will speak. And he says to you: There is something good around us.

Now let’s talk about the combat system, the system of role swapping that is familiar in all games, but to which new features have been added. Combat depends on three types (strength, speed, technique) and each member of the Straw Hat crew belongs to a specific type. For example, Luffy, Sanji and Chopper belong to the strength, Usopp and Nami. They belong to Speed ​​and Zoro and Robin belong to Engineering, and each type is stronger than the other type in Rock, Paper and Scissors style, so the enemies belong to one of these types.

Well, let’s start talking about the oddities in the combat system, and I don’t think I can explain it to you perfectly. It’s better to download the trial version and try it out yourself, but I’ll try to give you an overview. Let’s say the battle has started and you see the Straw Hat characters and the enemies scattered around. There will be separate zones, for example in: In the first area is Zoro and in front of him are 3 enemies. In the second area there are Sanji and Chopper and in front of them is an enemy. In the third area there is Luffy and in front of him are two enemies. In the fourth area there is Usopp. The enemies in the first area are of the technical type and Sanji and Chopper are weak in front of them. All you have to do is press the triangle button. Replace Sanji with Nami because she is the speed type that overcomes the technique type and you will be able to switch characters at any time and you will not lose the role! The character must eliminate all enemies in his area before he can help others in other areas. The design of enemies in the game is limited as they are presented in the same shape but also in different colors and names with different characteristics. which is common in RPG games.

Sometimes there is an event in the middle of the fight, for example Sanji and Zoro fight with each other and challenge which of them should kill the most enemies. If you succeed in such missions, you will receive additional experience points. And as you progress in the game, you learn group attacks, so-called Bond moves, the idea of ​​which is the cooperation of the Straw Hat crew. For example, in a strong group strike, Zoro, Chopper, and Usopp throw a collective strike, and you will learn more from these strikes. The nice thing is that the game graphics and animations in Combat Strikes are similar to those in the anime, and there is also a combat acceleration mode.

Content and Conclusion

Well, let’s talk about the content of the game. The content is very extensive. There are main and side missions as well as bounty missions in which you accept contracts to eliminate various enemies and receive money in return. As for the side missions, they are like those found in all games that we are used to, such as killing a certain number of enemies and bringing back resources. Or certain tools. There are also points scattered around the map called Hysteria, the idea of ​​which is to take a certain number of the Straw Hat crew and send them on a short adventure to a different version of the region, and at the end they get a new cooperative attack.

What I liked most about the game is that the characters talk to each other a lot and talk about most of the events and places they live through, while commenting on events that happened in the anime when they were in the storyline, in which you are Play along. For example, in the Arabsta arc, when you first arrive at the Crocodile Casino, Luffy ran shouting “crocodile” like he did in the anime, and here all the crew members reprimanded Luffy and told him, “He didn’t do it.” You learn from the last time, you stupid captain! It was a lot of fun and of course you will fight bosses from the past like Croco Dale and Lucci, but also new bosses. The boss fights are exciting and you have to use special strategies to defeat them.

Final Thoughts

Well, we have come to the end of the review and I can say that One Piece Odyssey is the best game that brought the world of anime to the RPG gaming system. You will spend many hours playing this game in which we will relive memories with the Straw Hat crew while experiencing a new adventure.

We received a copy for the PS5 from the publisher

Pros and Cons of One Piece Odyssey PC Game


  • Beautiful graphics and immersive environment
  • Large and detailed world to explore
  • Fast travel option for easy navigation
  • Engaging storyline with familiar characters
  • Unique gameplay elements with exploration and combat
  • Role swapping mechanic adds depth to combat
  • Group attacks and special strategies for boss fights
  • Extensive content with main and side missions
  • Characters interact and comment on events from the anime


  • Crew members are quickly found, reducing the sense of exploration
  • All characters start at level 40, removing the need for leveling up
  • Limited enemy designs with similar shapes and colors
  • Some combat mechanics may be confusing without trying the trial version
  • Side missions can feel repetitive with common objectives
  • Occasional events in the middle of fights may disrupt gameplay flow

Overall, One Piece Odyssey offers a visually stunning and immersive experience with its beautiful graphics and detailed world. The game combines adventure and role-playing elements, providing an engaging storyline and unique gameplay mechanics. While there are some drawbacks, such as the quick finding of crew members and limited enemy designs, the game offers extensive content and enjoyable interactions between characters. One Piece Odyssey is a must-play for fans of the anime series, offering hours of fun and nostalgia.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – One Piece Odyssey PC Game

1. What type of game is One Piece Odyssey?

One Piece Odyssey is an adventure and role-playing game (RPG) based on the famous anime series One Piece.

2. What is the gameplay like in One Piece Odyssey?

The gameplay in One Piece Odyssey is divided into two parts: exploration and combat. Players can explore different regions and use the unique abilities of each Straw Hat crew member to unlock new areas and obtain rare resources. Combat involves strategic role swapping and utilizes three types (strength, speed, technique) that each crew member belongs to.

3. What is the story of One Piece Odyssey?

The story revolves around the Straw Hat crew’s ship crashing on an unknown island. Players start as Luffy (Pluffy) and must gather the rest of the crew members while overcoming various challenges. A new character named Adio and a girl named Lim play significant roles in the storyline.

4. How does leveling and skill progression work in One Piece Odyssey?

After an event in the game, the crew members lose their skills and their levels drop to 1. Players must collect missing dice to restore their abilities and progress. Some dice are small and specific to each character, while others are obtained by defeating leaders or unlocking new worlds.

5. What additional content and features does One Piece Odyssey offer?

One Piece Odyssey offers a vast amount of content, including main and side missions, bounty missions, and cooperative attacks. Players can also engage in boss fights against both familiar and new characters from the One Piece series. The game features extensive dialogue and interactions between the crew members, providing a rich storytelling experience.

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