Jump Force

We have always dreamed of watching the most famous anime and manga characters adventure and fight in a game that brings them together, and the answer comes from Bandai Namco with the fighting game Jump Force, with which to be the famous Jump magazine Celebrates 50 years of its publication and introduces with it a group of the most famous characters, modern and ancient, who have appeared in the pages of the magazine… They are years on battlefields inspired by the worlds of these stories, but the New here are the fights taking place in the human world, according to the story that the game presents.

The human world suffers from the misfortune of evil characters from the Jump world appearing who want to destroy the planet and the solution to stop them was to also involve the famous good characters from the Jump world to save it . During Story Mode, you take on the role of a male/female character from planet Earth who was exposed to one of Frieza’s bullets, almost causing him to lose her. In his life, Trunks only had to use shadow cubes (they play an important role in the story) to save that person, but now he also gains the superpowers of heroes and has become a warrior in the Jump Force team to conquer the world save. This is the introduction to the game where you can choose your character and design it “within…” The options are very limited and most of them are based on Jump characters. The adventure begins with learning the combat system that the game offers.

Technical Side of the Game

Well, let’s start talking about the technical side of the game. This game presents us with the famous manga and anime characters but with more realistic graphics because they are in the earth sphere. Personally, I didn’t like this approach at all since the character designs were bad, but the worst thing about it is that on a visual level the game is not good in several ways. The animation isn’t perfect at all. “It is enough to watch how the character runs in the game world,” with many problems with slowdown during a lot of action and even cinematic shots. It seems clear that the game’s production value isn’t high just by looking at the performances to explain the story. This game took additional months of work to reach the visual level. It’s good, at least in terms of the smoothness of the game’s movements, and I’m not talking about its general appearance, which depends on personal opinion whether you accept this appearance or not.

Audio Level

At the audio level, we hear the voices of famous anime characters, as is the case in the television series, but do not expect that there will be a lot of dialogues besides the movie scenes, since everything in the game is silent. The game is The music is good and appropriate to the events and in general there is nothing wrong with the audio quality of the game, but when it comes to the technical level of the game in general, you can’t praise what the game has to offer.

Fighting Gameplay

Jump Force is a fighting game that allows players to move quickly through the combat phase, relying on a limited number of buttons, without lacking in professionalism. You have to press the square button one after the other to perform combo punches, whether on the ground or in the air. and perform special strikes when the energy meter to do so is full, although each character has their own style. The fights or their special strikes, but in general there is not much difference in the fighting style and you quickly realize that you are fighting the same fights, but just with a different skin for the characters. There are also clear technical problems with the fights, such as slowness and weak animations, and even the characters’ lip movements seem very annoying.

Game Features

The game features a story phase in which you go on an adventure with a character you design yourself and begin to develop their skills by completing tasks and joining one of three main teams, each of which has a leader: ” Luffy, Goku, or Naruto” with special tasks between defense and attack and gathering information, and you can learn the combat skills of the characters that support you. To benefit from this during battles, there are also the normal battle phase, the group play phase and the network play phases.

Final Thoughts

A few hours are bought by the game’s story mode, which was not exciting at all, and the fun in this game is limited to choosing one of your favorite characters from Jump magazine and using it to fight against characters you don’t like from the same Magazine and try to destroy them, but given the limited combat system that the game offers, the weak graphics and the many problems in it, I can’t do that. In fact, I would describe this game as the dream we wanted from a game with Jump characters. Even the characters offered by the game were limited due to the number of absences that were supposed to be in the list of characters.

If you love professional fighting games, this game is not for you. If you love anime series to the point of madness and want to live an experience that brings together your favorite characters, you can accept this game with all its flaws, but that it is undoubtedly a very limited game in all its elements.

Pros and Cons of Jump Force PC Game


  • Brings together famous anime and manga characters
  • Celebrates 50 years of Jump magazine
  • Offers a unique story mode
  • Allows players to create and design their own character
  • Features a variety of combat styles and special strikes
  • Includes famous anime character voices and appropriate music


  • Realistic graphics may not appeal to everyone
  • Animation and visual performance issues
  • Limited character customization options
  • Weak lip movements and character animations
  • Story mode lacks excitement
  • Limited combat system
  • Weak graphics and technical problems
  • Limited character roster


1. What is Jump Force PC Game?

Jump Force PC Game is a fighting game that brings together famous anime and manga characters from the pages of the Jump magazine. It celebrates the 50th anniversary of the magazine and features a mix of modern and classic characters.

2. What is the story of Jump Force PC Game?

The game’s story revolves around evil characters from the Jump world appearing in the human world with the intention of destroying it. To stop them, famous good characters from the Jump world are also brought in to save the planet. Players take on the role of a male or female character from Earth who gains superpowers and becomes a warrior in the Jump Force team.

3. How does the gameplay of Jump Force PC Game work?

Jump Force PC Game is a fast-paced fighting game that allows players to quickly move through the combat phase. The game relies on a limited number of buttons for combo punches and special strikes. Each character has their own style, but there may not be much difference in the fighting style overall.

4. What are the technical issues in Jump Force PC Game?

Jump Force PC Game has been criticized for its graphics and animation. The character designs are considered to be bad, and there are issues with slowdown during action and cinematic shots. The game’s production value is also questioned, and there are technical problems with fights, such as slowness and weak animations.

5. Is Jump Force PC Game recommended for fans of professional fighting games?

No, Jump Force PC Game may not be suitable for fans of professional fighting games. The combat system is limited, and the game has weak graphics and technical problems. However, if you are a fan of anime series and want to experience a game that brings together your favorite characters, you may still enjoy it despite its flaws.

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