Fairy Tail

A role-playing game based on the famous manga and anime series Fairy Tail, developed by the famous Gust studio behind the development of the Atelier game series and published by Koei Tecmo. The game takes you on an adventure with the characters of the famous series in different stories between events that occurred in the anime or manga series and completely new events in the game. For example, you will go through a story. Both the Grand Magic Games and the Events of Tartaros are also included in this game. The developers have worked with author Hiro Mashima, the author of the original story or the mangaka behind the title, to ensure that a game carries the spirit of the original work, which is actually achieved in the game.

The game takes place after the heroes have been absent for several years and when they return they find that their guild has lost its luster and is no longer the same as before. Natsu and his friends work to start from scratch to restore the guild’s prestige to the Fairy Tail guild. To achieve this, the team must work together and work to complete the various tasks and improve their rank among the competing guilds until they reach a rank that allows them to do so. From participating in the Grand Magic Games to trying to win them.

The game contains 16 playable characters, with 4 additional characters being paid for. You can play as 16 characters throughout the story, and each character will give you a unique fighting style. The combat battles in the game depend particularly on magic, and each character has their advantages and weaknesses. In some missions you will have to use a specific team to complete the task, and in others you will have the opportunity to choose the right team for you.

Speaking of missions, the game offers you dozens of missions, and the missions are divided into four types: First, story missions, which are missions that you only complete in a narrative context when your guild reaches a certain level. Secondly, guild missions, which are dozens of missions of different levels, by completing which you will receive money and increase the reputation of the guild. Third: service missions. For the residents of the city, where some residents will request some of the various materials that you will need throughout your adventure, fourth and finally, you will come across Friendship Missions, which are missions that you undertake with your team members to solve some of their problems to solve. In return, you will increase the limits of their strength and add new properties to them.

Tasks, especially guild tasks, are the ones you’ll be doing most of the time in the game, and despite their abundance, they lack variety as you only take on one task at a time, and most of them involve killing a certain number of enemies or the fight against a specific leader, and this thing is repeated again and again, with a difference in the number of enemies and what increases his salary. Tasks: The lack of diversity of enemies in the game. The number of enemies cannot be more than ten enemies. You can find them in different areas but in different colors!

In its combat system, the game depends on the magic and the level of friendship between the characters. The stronger the relationship between the characters, the more powerful the successive blows are and the more varied the characteristics between the characters. It is worth noting that the game offers good combat system full of unique ideas, but at the same time easy to understand. The guild headquarters and throughout the story you will receive many services that you can use, such as a laboratory to create character-boosting stones or a shop to purchase treatments and various other services. You must work to develop these services by increasing the level of the guild and providing the materials and money needed to level it up to help you in your next tasks.

Technically, the game delivered very stable performance and I was even amazed at the speed of movement between the different areas of the game, which does not exceed seconds. The design of the small areas could play a role. I didn’t encounter many technical problems in the game, but in one of the areas the enemies did not appear on the battle screen, but you can easily bypass this area.

Speaking of play areas, the developer chose a safe and less risky option by setting up small areas for running around and completing tasks. At the same time, the graphical details in most of these areas were boring. Unfortunately there weren’t many of them. There are approximately two cities and six areas to explore, and completing the story gives you two additional areas. The game took me 22 hours to complete with a large number of tasks and 34 hours to 100% complete.


  • The game captures the spirit of the original Fairy Tail manga and anime series
  • Offers a unique and immersive storyline with both familiar and new events
  • Features 16 playable characters with unique fighting styles
  • Combat battles rely on magic, adding depth and strategy to gameplay
  • Offers a variety of missions, including story missions, guild missions, service missions, and friendship missions
  • Allows players to strengthen relationships between characters for more powerful attacks
  • Provides a stable performance and fast movement between different areas
  • Includes additional services like a laboratory and shop to enhance gameplay


  • Lack of variety in tasks, often involving repetitive killing of enemies or fighting specific leaders
  • Enemies in the game are limited in number and lack diversity
  • Graphical details in play areas are often boring and lack variety
  • Limited number of cities and areas to explore
  • Technical issues may arise, such as enemies not appearing on the battle screen in certain areas


1. What is Fairy Tail PC Game?

Fairy Tail PC Game is a role-playing game based on the famous manga and anime series Fairy Tail. Developed by Gust studio and published by Koei Tecmo, the game takes players on an adventure with the characters of the series in different stories and events.

2. What is the objective of the game?

The objective of the game is to restore the prestige of the Fairy Tail guild, which has lost its luster. Players control Natsu and his friends as they work together to complete various tasks and improve their rank among competing guilds.

3. How many playable characters are there?

The game contains 16 playable characters, with 4 additional characters available as paid DLC. Each character has a unique fighting style and advantages and weaknesses in combat.

4. What types of missions are available in the game?

The game offers four types of missions. Story missions are completed in a narrative context as the guild reaches certain levels. Guild missions are numerous and help players earn money and increase the guild’s reputation. Service missions involve fulfilling requests from city residents, and Friendship Missions are undertaken with team members to solve their problems and strengthen their abilities.

5. How does the combat system work?

The combat system in Fairy Tail PC Game revolves around magic and the level of friendship between characters. The stronger the relationship between characters, the more powerful their blows become. The game offers a combat system with unique ideas that is easy to understand.

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