Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

The Return of Crash Bandicoot

The character Crash Bandicoot is one of the iconic characters in the video game industry, especially for players who came to this market in the first generation of PlayStation, and given the wide distribution of the device, there is no doubt that Crash was one of the characters that came up play a big role in the gaming market and for fans of platform games, and at that time the famous development team “Naughty Dog” He is still on the first steps of success and presents us with a trilogy of very unique platform games that were very well received and it persists There is no doubt that an entire generation of gamers have taken to heart this character, who subsequently largely disappeared from the scene.

Now, after all these years, Activision, the title’s owner, returns to us with the help of the development team at Vicarious Visions to try to bring the character back to the forefront. The best way to do this is to release the three main parts of it with graphics that keep up with modern times, with not much having changed in what the development team calls a remaster plus version of the classic games. However, the gameplay style went back to work from the ground up for this pack and providing various improvements to the gameplay and control system as well as the additions included in the pack, we are reviewing the pack for you today after trying it out.


New Graphics and Art Style

Let’s talk about the main aspect of this version, which is the new graphics. There were certainly a lot of concerns about the way the “art” or art style was used for the character itself and the worlds. We have often seen previous development teams present us with different designs for the character Crash and his worlds in previous games that did not reach the level of the Naughty Dog team’s productions. What’s nice here so far is that the team has retained the main designs and styled them in a very distinctive, modern style. The game seems distinctive and rich from the first release, with a lively world with a lot of movement, with good animations for the character and greatly updated compared to the original game, with some slowing down of the frame speed.

Even on the audio side, this game keeps the old and updated by presenting the same classic music but with a modern feel. If we want to talk about the technical level, the game offers a good product, even if there is the possibility of improvement at least by trying to increase the frame rate to 60 frames, which this package does not offer, or even HDR support on PS4 Per.


A Remaster of the Classic Games

Well, the game is a remaster of the old installments, and anyone who has played the experience before knows exactly what to expect here. It is a platform game that offers different ideas, from shooting behind the character to advancing at the top of the screen or other side-scrolling phases such as: B. in 2D platform games. There are certainly some side missions with different ideas that will guide you. to control vehicles, animals and other things through the three parts of the series The truth is that the Crash Bandicoot series did not offer the best platforming experience, but with what it offered it was very entertaining and there is no doubt about it that the experience will be entertaining, whether for old players or for those who are new to the character.

The development team has largely retained the essence of the original version of the game. There are some new additions, including the Time Challenge mode, which first appeared in the third installment of the series, as well as improvements to the game’s saving system, as well as the ability to complete the adventure as Coco Bandicoot, “Crash’s sister”, but not that complete adventure as you don’t go through it. It includes challenging ladders or stages that depend on the use of vehicles or racing on the backs of animals.


A Package Full of Content and Value

Fans of platform and family games will undoubtedly be pleased with this package, which includes three complete games and very rich content for an affordable price. There is no doubt that it is a very good game to add to the PlayStation 4’s game library Given the lack of platform games in general, this could be the expected return of the character that opens the door for him again. To break into the hearts of a new generation of gamers and perhaps gain new parts for Crash Bandicoot, a certainly welcome return to the Crash character and a product full of content and value.

Review of the Nintendo Switch version of the game:

A year after its release on the PlayStation 4 platform, the Crash Bandicoot trilogy game package finds its way to the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC platforms. The publisher kindly sent us the review code for the Switch version at our request. The Xbox and PC versions are identical to the PlayStation 4 version. The Switch version of the game is included. The resolution is lower, especially due to the “fur” effects that we see in the Crash Bandicoot character’s skin compared to this. However, this does not prevent the game from looking very good on the Switch, especially in mobile mode, and it is one of the games that has been transferred to the device excellently on all levels, especially when it comes to the speed of loading times in comparison. In the PlayStation 4 version, this version offers two additional stages and for fans of platform games it’s nice to see Crash, Sonic and Mario on one gaming device.

This game was reviewed using a Nintendo Switch review copy provided by the publisher before the game was released.

Pros and Cons of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy PC Game


  • Iconic character: Crash Bandicoot is an iconic character in the gaming industry, especially for players who grew up with the first generation of PlayStation.
  • Remastered graphics: The game features updated graphics that keep up with modern times while retaining the distinctive art style of the original games.
  • Classic music with a modern feel: The game keeps the old classic music but presents it with a modern twist, adding to the nostalgic experience.
  • Retains essence of the original games: The development team has largely retained the essence of the original Crash Bandicoot games, providing an entertaining platforming experience.
  • Additional content and improvements: The remastered version includes new additions such as the Time Challenge mode and improvements to the saving system.
  • Affordable price: The game package includes three complete games and offers rich content for an affordable price.
  • Available on multiple platforms: The game is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, allowing players to enjoy it on their preferred platform.
  • Good performance on Nintendo Switch: Despite lower resolution, the game looks good on the Nintendo Switch, especially in mobile mode, and offers fast loading times.


  • No 60 FPS or HDR support: The game does not offer the option to play at 60 frames per second or HDR support on the PlayStation 4.
  • Not the best platforming experience: While the Crash Bandicoot series offers an entertaining platforming experience, it may not be the best in terms of gameplay compared to other platform games.


1. What is Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy PC Game?

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy PC Game is a remastered version of the original Crash Bandicoot trilogy, which includes three platform games featuring the iconic character Crash Bandicoot.

2. What improvements have been made to the gameplay and control system?

The gameplay and control system have been revamped for this remastered version. Various improvements have been made to enhance the overall gameplay experience.

3. What are the main changes in the graphics of the game?

The graphics have been updated to keep up with modern times. The character designs and worlds have been styled in a distinctive, modern style while retaining the essence of the original game.

4. Are there any additional features or modes in the game?

Yes, there are some new additions to the game. The Time Challenge mode, which first appeared in the third installment of the series, has been included. The game’s saving system has also been improved. Additionally, players have the option to play as Coco Bandicoot, Crash’s sister, in certain parts of the adventure.

5. Is Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy PC Game worth buying?

For fans of platform and family games, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy PC Game offers three complete games and rich content at an affordable price. It is a great addition to the PlayStation 4’s game library and a welcome return for the Crash character.

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