Kao the Kangaroo

In recent years we have seen the return of many classic game series that gamers have wanted for years, and one of the successful examples is the fourth installment in the Streets of Rage series of fighting games. We have also seen the return of a number of games. There have been many series that did not enjoy the same popularity or had limited popularity, and the results here have been very different. Between games that made a successful comeback and others that we wish hadn’t returned, the latest series that were less fortunate in the past, and so on, today the Kao the Kangaroo series of adventure and platform games returns back to us, the development of which is returned to the original development team Tate Multimedia.

Story and Gameplay

The story is about Kao, the kangaroo, who goes in search of his sister Kaia, who has not returned to the island for a long time after she went in search of her missing father. This is where Kao’s adventure begins. Search for his sister after receiving his father’s magical gloves, and Kao will try it on this journey. Learn about the secret of the mysterious crystals that have spread across the various islands. The game’s story justifies the events and nothing more, as is usual in genre games.

Graphics and Performance

The game offers a cartoon-like graphical approach and can be said to be similar to the Crash Bandicoot games. The game features a variety of well-designed environments and presents some of the usual classic character tunes from games in the genre. It has to be said that most of the unpleasantness of this game lies in these two aspects. The graphical level does not match the textures, and details of the environment sometimes appear late while moving. As far as technical performance goes, the game generally performs well, with the exception of the final island, which clearly suffers from low frame rates, be it during exploration or combat. As for the audio aspect, the voice acting and the many sounds of effects and the like disappear completely. Suddenly when playing and in some clips.

Gameplay and Level Design

The gameplay system is very simple, with the ability to jump and roll and a button to direct blows at enemies, another button for killing blows when the meter is full and the same button that used to interact with characters. One of the criticisms of the gameplay system is its simplicity or primitiveness, as there are no continuous attacks or abilities to use effectively in combat. Many of the powers you gain are used in solving puzzles, not in battles that provide some entertainment and are mostly used to break the routine, as the game relies heavily on moving between platforms and puzzles to solve. A limited number of boss encounters were featured, which were varied. With simple and beautiful ideas, the strategy for defeating the boss changes a few times during the fight, he relies on his health bar, and these confrontations usually require you to take advantage of the elements of the environment.

Platforming and Content

As for jumping between platforms, despite the simplicity of the name and its seemingly ordinary appearance, the game’s levels are very beautifully and carefully designed, combining the need for precision without being overly difficult with constant variety. There are different forms in each stage you play, there are numerous obstacles with many puzzles related to the elements. This will make you gain strength as you progress through the game, and some stages may revolve around a specific idea, such as skiing or escaping from an enemy that is chasing you, and all of these elements add up to a very entertaining experience that is suitable for players of all ages age appropriate. Fans of genre games and experienced fans will especially be pleased with the many references to many famous games, and it is also suitable. For children thanks to the beautiful balance between its different elements.

Exploration and Conclusion

The game’s content is also excellent in that it offers plenty of opportunities for exploration to search for treasure or collect manuscripts that will introduce you to the game’s characters. You can also search for the letters that make up the name Kao, and also collect mysterious gemstones that you have to search for and collect a certain number of them to be able to enter the stages. There is also a group of challenges that you can find during the stages, and you can later return to these challenges via a special portal on All Islands. It is clear that the game’s content is rich and will encourage you to explore it again to collect everything.

Final Thoughts

We completed the game in 8 hours with a rate of 89% because we particularly value exploration, and it’s safe to say that the game will take around 5.5 hours to complete, fully Focusing on the story without exploration will take you about 10 hours to collect everything. The game offers a good and entertaining experience, despite the disadvantages we mentioned. There are not many, but they are notable, apart from the performance issues that appear in the final area, and these issues may be resolved with some updates in the future, but the result of the review is based on the game in its current state and not the , what it could become in the future. Kao the Kangaroo is a successful return to this series and an experience that offers content. Excellent and entertaining.

Pros and Cons of Kao the Kangaroo PC Game


  • Return of a classic game series that fans have been waiting for
  • Engaging storyline that follows Kao’s adventure to find his missing sister
  • Cartoon-like graphics similar to the popular Crash Bandicoot games
  • Well-designed environments with a variety of levels and puzzles
  • Simple gameplay mechanics suitable for players of all ages
  • Multiple boss encounters with varied strategies
  • Plenty of opportunities for exploration and collecting treasures
  • Rich game content that encourages replayability


  • Graphical level does not match the textures and details of the environment
  • Technical performance issues, especially in the final island with low frame rates
  • Voice acting and sound effects sometimes disappear during gameplay
  • Simplicity and primitiveness of the gameplay system with no continuous attacks or abilities
  • Performance issues may require future updates to resolve

Overall, Kao the Kangaroo offers a successful return to the series with its engaging storyline, well-designed environments, and simple gameplay mechanics. While there are some graphical and technical performance issues, the game’s rich content and entertaining experience make it a worthwhile choice for fans of adventure and platform games.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Kao the Kangaroo PC Game

1. What is the storyline of Kao the Kangaroo PC Game?

The game follows Kao, a kangaroo on a quest to find his missing sister Kaia. Equipped with his father’s magical gloves, Kao embarks on an adventure to uncover the secret of the mysterious crystals spread across various islands.

2. How would you describe the gameplay of Kao the Kangaroo PC Game?

The gameplay is simple and straightforward. Players can jump, roll, and attack enemies using basic controls. The game focuses on platforming and puzzle-solving, with limited boss encounters that require strategy and utilization of the environment.

3. What are the graphical and audio aspects of Kao the Kangaroo PC Game?

Kao the Kangaroo features a cartoon-like graphical style similar to Crash Bandicoot games. The environments are well-designed, but there are occasional issues with late texture loading. The game generally performs well, but the final island may suffer from low frame rates. The audio aspect, including voice acting and sound effects, may occasionally disappear during gameplay and cutscenes.

4. Is there replay value in Kao the Kangaroo PC Game?

Yes, the game offers plenty of opportunities for exploration and collection. Players can search for treasure, collect manuscripts, find letters to spell “Kao,” and collect mysterious gemstones. Additionally, there are challenges that can be accessed through a special portal on all islands, providing replay value and encouraging players to fully explore the game’s content.

5. How long does it take to complete Kao the Kangaroo PC Game?

The game can be completed in approximately 5.5 to 10 hours, depending on the player’s focus on exploration and collection. Completing the game with a focus on the story alone takes around 5.5 hours, while fully exploring and collecting everything may take up to 10 hours.

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