Hitman 3

Here is the trilogy of the best espionage and assassination series launched in 2016 by the IO Interactive team, reaching its final parts. As the development team promised, in the third part you can experience the stages of the first and second parts, with all the improvements that the third part received in terms of new features and capabilities. These improvements include improved graphics, improvements and new gameplay elements, as well as improvements such as animations and reflections on surfaces. In our opinion, this is the perfect time to take a deep dive into one of gaming’s greatest stealth series.


During the events in this part, you will visit many different cities around the world in their different environments. Agent 47’s goal in this installment is to eliminate a group of the most difficult and well-protected people in the history of this series. Of course, no matter how experienced Agent 47 is, he still needs companions, and this is where the two most important and dearest people to him come from, namely Lucas Gray and Diana Burnwoods. These two people play an important role in strengthening Agent 47 to complete his final mission, which is to eliminate all of the Providence Group’s partners and agents, but as with any story, the wind blows against the ships’ and the ships’ wishes Game world will be different for both Agent 47 and the citizens of this dark world.


Now we come to the missions of the game and the story it presents, since it is the final part of the series. During their initial completion, players will experience many story scenes within the levels themselves, in addition to the scenes that precede each mission. Other elements of your first completion include specific tools and clothing, starting the mission at a specific location, and even the escape area after completing the mission. All of these points play an important role in setting up the events. To improve the conclusion of this trilogy, but only once you have completed the mission will you have the freedom that we are used to. Don’t worry, the game doesn’t force you to go in a specific direction to get rid of enemies. However, if you want to get to know the world of the game and the motivations behind many things, we recommend that you take the narrative direction.

Gameplay and Controls

The gameplay and controls are still at the forefront of fun. Each stage is a relatively large world, and you can interact with everything big and small. We’re talking about the simplest things like a can of soda, hacking computer servers, and more. One of Agent 47’s basic tools is the camera. You can use it to open locked windows and doors and use it as an analysis tool. It analyzes several different tools for you, giving you more information about the stage, and opens the way for you to find new ways to assassinate your targets. In general, Agent 47’s movement has become more fluid and faster than before, especially when climbing, and the team has improved Agent 47’s movement by introducing certain shortcuts in all phases of the game that you only open from one side on demand. When you open these shortcuts, they remain open during playback. These phases and this point will play an important role in finding new ways to achieve your goals faster. The fun of the game is that you have complete freedom to find suitable methods to kill each target. This part offers more daring methods that require careful planning and when you implement them, they give you a satisfying feeling that you will not find in any other stealth game.

Environment and NPCs

The appearance of the game environment is breathtakingly stunning. Each area of ​​the third part shows you different factors of its wonderful appearance. Some of them show natural light and the appearance of its reflections inside the Burj Khalifa, others successfully reflect the gloomy British atmosphere, and finally the neon lighting and rainy atmosphere in the city of Chongqing, which successfully presented the architecture. A completely different city than what this trilogy presented, and other other distinctive stages that, in my opinion, gave us the best stages of this series. Unfortunately, although the environment is very beautiful, even after three parts, you will find that many NPCs do not have detailed facial expressions and the quality of their faces is also poor, which hinders your integration into the beautiful game world.

New Missions and Variety

Some of the new missions in the third part were presented attractively. Instead of just specifying who your targets are, in some sections you’ll find yourself living out the role of a completely different character, such as the detective character to concentrate on the environment around him. . Another mission that I liked and that was different, where I had to search for and eliminate certain targets as usual, but you didn’t know their appearance or even their location. This is another excellent point to teach the player to engage in the world and eavesdrop on all conversations because it will show you your goal. This trend is a welcome thing because it is like a “tutorial” or training phase in a hidden way and improves your play style in Hitman to improve your experience with this series in general. The only downside is that I wish this variety was present in most stages of the game as it gives substance and soul to this series and its presence could potentially attract more players to this series.

The Best Installment

The Hitman trilogy The World of Assassination went through different phases, and the development team learned and improved as they played until they were able to create the best installment in the Hitman series. The control and slow movements may not appeal to everyone, but anyone who missed this trilogy will be wasting their time learning about the art of assassination in one of the most entertaining stealth games.

Pros and Cons of Hitman 3 PC Game


  • Improved Graphics: Hitman 3 boasts improved graphics, animations, and reflections on surfaces, enhancing the overall visual experience.
  • Varied Locations: Players get to visit different cities around the world, each with its unique environment, adding diversity to the gameplay.
  • Engaging Storyline: The final installment of the trilogy offers an intriguing storyline, with players experiencing story scenes within the levels themselves.
  • Freedom of Approach: The game allows players the freedom to choose their own methods to eliminate targets, providing a satisfying feeling of accomplishment.
  • Attractive Missions: Hitman 3 introduces new and engaging missions, such as playing as a detective or searching for targets without any prior information, adding variety to the gameplay.


  • Poor NPC Facial Expressions: Despite the stunning game environment, many NPCs lack detailed facial expressions and have poor face quality, hindering immersion in the game world.
  • Limited Variety in Missions: While some missions offer unique gameplay experiences, it would have been better if this variety was present in more stages of the game to attract a wider audience.
  • Control and Slow Movements: The game’s control and slow movements may not appeal to everyone, as it requires patience and precision in executing actions.

Overall, Hitman 3 PC Game offers improved graphics, engaging missions, and a diverse range of locations. However, the game falls short in terms of NPC facial expressions, limited mission variety, and control preferences. Despite these drawbacks, Hitman 3 remains one of the most entertaining stealth games, providing an immersive and satisfying experience for fans of the genre.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hitman 3 PC Game

1. What is Hitman 3 PC Game?

Hitman 3 PC Game is the final installment of the Hitman trilogy, a stealth-based espionage and assassination series developed by IO Interactive. It offers improved graphics, new gameplay elements, and new features compared to the previous parts.

2. What is the objective of Hitman 3 PC Game?

In Hitman 3 PC Game, the objective is for Agent 47 to eliminate a group of highly protected individuals who are part of the Providence Group. The game takes place in various cities around the world with different environments.

3. Are there any companions for Agent 47 in Hitman 3 PC Game?

Yes, Agent 47 is accompanied by Lucas Gray and Diana Burnwoods, who play important roles in strengthening him to complete his final mission. They assist Agent 47 in eliminating the Providence Group’s partners and agents.

4. Can players choose their own approach to eliminate targets in Hitman 3 PC Game?

Yes, players have complete freedom to choose their own methods to eliminate each target in Hitman 3 PC Game. The game does not force players to follow a specific direction, allowing for creative and strategic gameplay.

5. What improvements have been made to the gameplay in Hitman 3 PC Game?

The gameplay in Hitman 3 PC Game offers improved controls and fluid movements for Agent 47. Players can interact with various objects and environments, use tools like the camera for analysis, and find new ways to assassinate targets. The game also introduces shortcuts that remain open during gameplay, allowing for faster navigation.

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