Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts is a game from the interesting Polish studio CI Games. The studio was founded in 2002 in the Polish capital Warsaw and was called City Interactive. In the early years of its founding, the emphasis was on small and educational games, and there were no games to speak of during this period. In 2007, the company became a public company after putting the studio’s shares up for sale.

The studio then abandoned small, low-budget games and developed an ambitious game in 2010: Sniper Ghost Warrior, which consumed the highest budget in the studio’s history. The most famous of their games that the public knows is Lords of the Fallen, which is similar to the Dark Souls games. Despite average to poor reviews, the first game in the Sniper Ghost Warrior series (surprisingly) managed to sell two million copies by 2011 and become a series.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts: Focusing on Single Player Mode

The Sniper Ghost Warrior series has always been a mediocre game, and the year 2017 was disastrous for the studio with the release of the third part of the series and its transformation into an open world full of technical errors, up to the point where the basic sniper weapon becomes useless because of enemies do not appear from a great distance (150 meters or more). As a result, the studio was affected and closed many of its offices, and the number of developers fell from 150 to 30 developers, but the studio is persistent and is trying with all its might to find the right mix for a game around sniper weapons.

This time Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts focuses only on single player mode. Unlike the previous parts, there are no online functions. The developers took a lot of inspiration from the recent Hitman games. You are a hired killer who carries out assassinations for the highest bidder, and your experience with sniper weapons makes assassinations easier. The events take place in the snowy Siberian desert. The story is presented through short presentations that are explained before each mission in a manner clearly similar to the Hitman series’ presentation. The developers abandoned the open world and turned to several semi-open areas.

Gameplay and Features

The game is designed in first person perspective (FPS) and offers many ways to complete missions. There is a fitness meter that decreases while running or climbing and also while holding your breath for precise shooting with a sniper rifle. Each mission has five objectives: Usually the objectives are to kill an important character, hack, kill an enemy sniper, and collect samples from a laboratory. Some tasks are repetitive, but there are multiple ways to complete them.

There are many different weapons, such as rifle weapons, a number of machine gun weapons and of course sniper weapons, which are divided into three categories: light; Excellent for killing at close range, the long-range heavy variant that has powerful ammunition and is excellent for killing armored soldiers, and finally the distinctive weapons that fall between light and heavy weapons and are suitable for medium ranges. You can modify and evolve weapons, replace ammunition, and use explosive or armor-piercing ammunition. There are also various tools that make tasks easier, such as: Such as the use of enemy detection devices, hand grenades, a remote controlled plane and more and all of this is done with the money the player receives. After completing the tasks. One of the most important things that the hero of the game has is the mask. The mask is very useful for exploring enemy locations, mission locations, and night vision, and you can evolve it to get more information about the places around you.

Challenging Shooting Mechanics and Technical Issues

As is common in many games of this generation, there is a greatly simplified development tree, as I unlocked most of the tree’s abilities while playing a mission (the mission lasted two hours). Using sniper weapons is exciting and challenging. In addition to moving enemies, wind and gravity affect shooting accuracy. This makes the process more difficult but at the same time more satisfying. The artificial intelligence is uneven and the enemies seem to suffer from a major cover issue, which is bad in a game that relies on snipers. This allows you to easily get rid of the enemies one by one while they are in a position of cover.

The game uses the famous Cry engine and offers average looks and nothing more. Since I play on PC with maximum settings, there is nothing exciting in the graphics. The sounds in the game are distinctive, the surround sound experience is excellent as the game makes good use of it. There are a lot of conversations between soldiers… some of them are funny, but they are sometimes repetitive. The music fits the atmosphere of the game. The game lasts up to 10 hours without focusing on trivialities. I encountered some technical errors such as: Such as enemies freezing in certain locations and markers disappearing after attaching to enemies (however, there will be an update on launch day to address the technical issues).

The game was reviewed using a PC copy we received from the publisher prior to release.


  • Engaging single player mode
  • Inspired by the successful Hitman games
  • Multiple ways to complete missions
  • Wide variety of weapons and tools
  • Exciting and challenging sniper gameplay
  • Realistic factors like wind and gravity affecting shooting accuracy
  • Distinctive sounds and excellent surround sound experience
  • Atmospheric music
  • Decent gameplay length of up to 10 hours


  • No online functions or multiplayer mode
  • Repetitive objectives in some missions
  • Uneven artificial intelligence
  • Enemies suffer from cover issues
  • Graphics are average and not visually impressive
  • Some technical errors and glitches
  • Occasional repetitive conversations between soldiers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts PC Game

1. What is Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts?

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts is a game developed by CI Games, a Polish studio known for its Sniper Ghost Warrior series. Unlike previous installments, Contracts focuses solely on single player mode and takes inspiration from the Hitman games. Players assume the role of a hired killer and carry out assassinations for the highest bidder using sniper weapons.

2. What is the gameplay like in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts?

The game is designed in first person perspective (FPS) and offers multiple ways to complete missions. Each mission has five objectives, which typically include killing an important character, hacking, eliminating an enemy sniper, and collecting samples from a laboratory. Players can choose from various weapons, modify and evolve them, and use tools such as enemy detection devices, hand grenades, and a remote controlled plane to aid in their missions.

3. What are the different categories of sniper weapons in the game?

In Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, sniper weapons are divided into three categories: light, long-range heavy, and distinctive. Light sniper weapons are ideal for close range kills, while long-range heavy sniper weapons have powerful ammunition and are effective against armored soldiers. Distinctive sniper weapons fall between light and heavy weapons and are suitable for medium ranges.

4. What are some notable features of the game?

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts features a fitness meter that decreases while running or climbing, as well as when holding your breath for precise shooting with a sniper rifle. The game also incorporates elements such as wind and gravity, which affect shooting accuracy and add to the challenge. Players can utilize a mask for exploration, enemy detection, and night vision, which can be upgraded for enhanced functionality.

5. Are there any technical issues or graphical limitations in the game?

While Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts uses the Cry engine, the graphics are considered average and there are no standout visual elements. The game offers distinctive sounds and makes good use of surround sound. However, there have been reports of technical errors such as enemies freezing in certain locations and markers disappearing after attaching to enemies. The developers have announced an update to address these issues on launch day.

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