The Last Case of Benedict Fox

“The Last Case of Benedict Fox” is a new mystery and metroidvania game from the Polish development team Plot Twist, which is used to bringing simple experiments and experiments to smartphones. This project is his first project of its kind, and the result was unique in some ways and unfortunate in others, and that’s what we’ll cover in detail in… this review.

The Story

The game’s story focuses on Detective Benedict Fox, whose special mission takes him to a mansion where a murder recently occurred. Here Benedict relies on the skills of his demonic companion to delve deep into the mind of the recently deceased victim in a thrilling story that speaks about the disintegration of families in a world of secret organizations, hidden motives and exploitation, with a quote. For a series of ideas from HP Lovecraft novels, the development team has really excelled in this story that is full of mystery and suspense. The basic details of the story are interesting and contain many surprises. The game also strongly invites you to get to know the details of its world, built in a sophisticated and brilliantly harmonious way. We will be surprised by the different level of the story.

Artistic Approach

The game features a cartoon-like artistic approach that generally gives simple details to the characters, with a large focus on detail and accuracy in the environments. The game has presented unique designs for the environments you will visit in the victim’s mind, each The environments you will visit in your mind represent rooms of the palace where the crime took place and with quotes from the novels of HP Lovecraft, the game offers us many unique environments that will remain in our memory, while at the same time presenting calm and other exciting music limited situations to maintain the atmosphere of mystery and darkness that the game offers.

Gaming Experience

As far as the gaming experience is concerned, these are, as usual, genre games divided into battles and exploration, with the addition of a large puzzle element. Battles depend on the use of your knife and pistol while exploiting the abilities of your demonic companion to defend yourself against your enemies, ferocious demons. The fighting style is simple and could have been very entertaining, but unfortunately the result is not. These fights suffer from a lack of clear timing. Some enemies give a signal that they are attacking with a time window that allows you to defend or dodge, but the same enemy can give the signal and attack directly. In addition, the distribution of enemies in some areas is poor and puts the player in very critical situations that are difficult to get out of. If you assume this, you will find that despite increasing experience, improved weapons and stronger skills, the battles are still confusing, especially because the reaction to some commands does not work as desired in many cases.


As far as exploration goes, the game offers the complexity that fans of Metroidvania games are used to, with the need to advance to a certain part in the experience and then return to a previous area to unlock a door that doesn’t open or a room that could not be accessed before obtaining a particular tool or ability is a problem. The game in this part is revealed to the player around the second half of the game, just as many of the areas you visit at the start will be full of areas that you cannot reach and the game does not actually take you to the next location, that needs to be visited, or to the area that needs to be returned, and for that in many cases you will… From time to time we have to revisit previous areas area by area in order to pass on the correct area to which we are returning must.

Exploration Challenges

Another problem with the exploration process is that the reaction may not work as desired and some of the game mechanics may not work exactly either, which is why you often find it difficult to reach a high platform or fall repeatedly when trying to jump over a trap. Despite these drawbacks, it suffers. Including the exploration aspect, it’s not as bad as the player might imagine. There are many side missions and collectibles that provide more details about the game world or give you further developments and other rewards. Of course, they are not enough to cover up the existing negatives, but they do move the tide a little towards the positive side. .


As for the puzzles, they represent one of the main strengths of the experience, in addition to the exciting story. These puzzles are diverse in their ideas, although they follow the same concept, and you will have a lot of fun disassembling them to solve puzzles and find out the solution, especially for digital puzzles that require understanding certain symbols. There are also simple rhythmic puzzles and environmental puzzles that you can try. It involves knowing the secret code through the environment where clues are placed in innovative ways. Some of these puzzles are more difficult than others, but the game usually makes these difficult puzzles a part of the side missions or activities.


We completed the experiment with all main and side content within 15 hours, and it is possible to complete the main content in around 9 hours if we focus solely on it. So what is the result? The Last Case of Benedict Fox is undoubtedly an experience that suffers from many fundamental problems, but offers many elements that stand out within it. If you are a fan of Metroidvania games and deep storytelling, you will undoubtedly appreciate the efforts of the game’s development team, but if you have not yet tried this genre, we do not recommend that you go through the experience, as in exploring and solving some Puzzles may cause confusion. Since this game is the development team’s first attempt with this genre, the result is very good. We hope that the developer learns from his mistakes in future attempts and see this game as an opportunity to present a unique second part.


  • The game features a unique and intriguing story that is full of mystery and suspense.
  • The environments in the game are beautifully designed and offer a variety of unique settings.
  • The game’s artistic approach, with its cartoon-like style, adds charm to the characters and environments.
  • The puzzles in the game are diverse and provide a fun challenge for players.
  • The game offers a decent amount of side missions and collectibles, providing additional content and rewards.


  • The combat in the game suffers from a lack of clear timing and can be confusing and frustrating.
  • The distribution of enemies in some areas is poor, leading to difficult situations that are hard to overcome.
  • The exploration aspect of the game can be frustrating, with the need to backtrack and revisit previous areas frequently.
  • The game mechanics and reactions may not always work as desired, leading to difficulties in platforming and navigating traps.
  • While the game has its strengths, it still suffers from fundamental problems that may deter some players.


1. What is “The Last Case of Benedict Fox” PC game about?

The game follows Detective Benedict Fox on a special mission to a mansion where a recent murder occurred. He relies on his demonic companion to delve into the mind of the deceased victim and uncover the truth behind the crime.

2. What is the gameplay like?

The gameplay combines elements of mystery, metroidvania, battles, exploration, and puzzle-solving. Players will engage in battles using a knife and pistol, explore various environments, and solve puzzles to progress through the game.

3. How long does it take to complete the game?

Completing all main and side content can take around 15 hours, while focusing solely on the main content can be completed in approximately 9 hours.

4. Are there any issues with the gameplay?

Some players may find the battles confusing due to a lack of clear timing and poor enemy distribution in certain areas. Additionally, the exploration aspect may have issues with mechanics and reactions, making it difficult to reach certain areas or platforms.

5. Are there any positive aspects of the game?

Despite its drawbacks, “The Last Case of Benedict Fox” offers a captivating story, diverse puzzles, and unique environments. Fans of metroidvania games and deep storytelling may appreciate the efforts of the development team.

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