For Honor

For Honor: A Unique Action Game

There are few action games that we get from western game development companies similar to the game For Honor. Here we go back in history to use fighters from different eras in an action game that, despite its simplicity, offers a very wonderful and very deep combat system Appearance and distinctive content for a game of this type, that’s why we’re evaluating for you today. For Honor game. We apologize for the delay in submitting the review as the editorial team is busy with Comic Con and the game requires hours of play. especially in online mode.

The Story Mode: A Training Phase

For Honor, in its main form, is an action fighting game where you choose one of three fighters between the Samurai, the Knight and the Norse to progress through a story that represents the weakest element of this game by trying to advance the world a character who wants to control it. Overall, the story phase of the game is more like the training phase, where you learn the important basics of combat. The game is very professional and the events of the game’s story last about 6 hours of the game and in fact you will hardly care about the events in it due to the weakness of the story, the interconnectedness in it and the dead characters. For Honor makes it very clear that it is a game intended for the network. Multiplayer mode is paramount, and story mode is just an addition to that.

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The Combat System: Mastering the Art

Let’s talk about the combat system that For Honor offers. The general idea is not difficult, but mastering this system requires many hours of play. Here you control the direction of your punches between right, left and up to try to hit your enemy who is defending in the same way. If you practice the topic, it will be a lot of fun. Especially as you learn consecutive strikes or combos and defeat enemies faster, your choice of the type of fighter you use and the weapon you rely on are all things that change the way you play the game , fully determine. There are weapons suitable for fighting from a distance and other weapons for direct confrontation and other options.

Technical and Graphical Excellence

On a technical and graphical level, the For Honor game looks very nice, despite some technical errors from time to time, especially when it comes to the behavior of the soldiers in the game and their falls on ledges and other things, but overall the game is very strong in technical terms Aspect. The same goes for the audio aspect too, where the sounds of battles and sword strikes look very exciting and represent ancient war in the best possible way. We didn’t really get to try out the game on the PS4 Pro to see the best version of the game.

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The Dominance of Online Game Modes

The online game modes are the main element of the game For Honor. Here the game offers you a number of modes, perhaps the most entertaining of which is the one in which you have to occupy territories ahead of the competing team and with the presence of artificial intelligence, in order to control the supporting characters. This game is actually designed for the online game modes and represents them very well. After hours of playing and developing your personality and skills, you will find yourself closer to the super soldier who wants to control the battle alone, this feeling is very wonderful and the play represents it with great nobility.

A Unique Action Experience

For Honor is an action game that offers a very entertaining combat system, but it takes some time to become professional and have the most fun with it. The single player or story mode, while very limited, is more like a training phase before heading out to the network to confront friends. It is a very special experience with a completely different character than any other. Previously produced by Ubisoft and certainly very welcome.

Pros of For Honor PC Game

  • Unique and engaging combat system: For Honor offers a combat system that is both simple to understand and deep enough to require mastery. Players can control the direction of their attacks and must strategize to defeat their opponents.
  • Diverse range of fighters: Players can choose from three different factions – Samurai, Knight, and Norse – each with their own unique fighters and weapons. This adds variety and replayability to the game.
  • Impressive graphics and audio: For Honor boasts impressive visuals and sound design, creating an immersive and realistic medieval warfare experience.
  • Online multiplayer modes: The game’s multiplayer modes are the main focus and offer a variety of engaging gameplay options. One of the most entertaining modes is the territory control mode, where players must occupy territories and control supporting characters.

Cons of For Honor PC Game

  • Weaker story mode: The single-player story mode in For Honor is considered the weakest element of the game. The story is short, lacks depth, and is mainly seen as a training phase for the multiplayer modes.
  • Steep learning curve: Mastering the combat system in For Honor requires a significant amount of time and practice. Some players may find it challenging to become proficient and fully enjoy the game.
  • Occasional technical issues: While the game generally looks and performs well, there are occasional technical errors, such as issues with the behavior of AI soldiers and character animations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – For Honor PC Game

1. What is For Honor and what kind of gameplay does it offer?

For Honor is an action fighting game where players choose one of three factions – Samurai, Knight, or Viking – and engage in intense combat. The gameplay revolves around mastering the combat system, which involves directional attacks and blocks.

2. Is the single player/story mode worth playing?

The single player or story mode in For Honor is limited and serves mainly as a training phase for the multiplayer experience. While it may not be the main attraction of the game, it can still be enjoyable for players looking to practice their skills or learn the basics of combat.

3. How long does the story mode last?

The story mode in For Honor lasts for about 6 hours of gameplay. However, due to its weak storyline and lack of character development, players may not find it particularly engaging or memorable.

4. Are there different types of fighters and weapons to choose from?

Yes, For Honor offers a variety of fighters and weapons for players to choose from. Each faction has its own unique set of characters with different playstyles and abilities. Additionally, players can customize their fighters with different weapons and gear to suit their preferred combat style.

5. Is For Honor primarily an online multiplayer game?

Yes, For Honor is primarily designed for online multiplayer gameplay. The game offers various multiplayer modes, including territorial control and team-based battles. The online multiplayer experience is where players can fully utilize their skills and engage in intense battles against other players.

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