Street Fighter 6

Capcom’s Street Fighter series of fighting games is the game that has set the benchmark and foundation for all 2D fighting games to date, and now it brings us the anticipated sixth installment in the series on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. I’ve spent many hours playing it, especially in the new World Tour mode, which I’ll be talking about. In this review, as well as all the existing modes, we will find out in detail what the level of play is and whether it is still capable of offering more creativity after all these years and previous experiences. Well, let’s get started.

Technical Side of the Game

First, let’s talk about the technical side of the game. Just as the fifth part used a new engine, namely Unreal Engine 4, and it was praised by everyone, Capcom uses its own engine, RE Engine, for which Resident Evil The games in the series have been famous recently, as has Devil May Cry 5, and it made the game look much nicer. Compared to its predecessor, there are a lot of fine details in the character models and facial expressions. The game’s graphics look beautiful, especially the backgrounds of the stages, which are full of life, continuous movement and fine details. Also the impact of hitting and grinding. They will feel that the punch has weight and use special punches like the Hadouken and other punches. In short, the game. It’s a visual treat.

Gameplay System

In addition, the details of the characters when performing special attacks and the animation look wonderful and impressive, and the part features a major change in the design of the characters, suggesting that they have aged like Ken, and in contrast to the previous part there is no slowdown in the stages, and this is where the performance of the RE engine is highlighted, as well as the capabilities of the new devices. Of course, this is all my experience. It is in performance mode and that makes the gameplay very smooth. As for the sounds of the game, like its predecessor, it is a mix of new and old in the music of the character stages with new remixes, but the predominant style is hip-hop music, which ESport is famous for, and there are Japanese and English sounds in the game.

Combat System

Now let’s move on to the gameplay system. Street Fighter, for those who don’t know it, is a two-dimensional fighting game. As with the fourth and fifth installments, the character designs bring us the third dimension, but the game itself is two-dimensional in terms of movement. With this installment, Capcom offers 18 playable characters between characters. Return to combat and 6 new characters in the series, and each of them has their own fighting style, and you will spend many hours getting to know them and the way the game plays out in them, but make Don’t worry because Capcom has provided a comprehensive guide for each character in the training part, discussing their strengths and weaknesses as well as their own playing style and system. As the character and even the returning characters have been added, new moves and fighting styles have been added to them.

Combat System Continued

Let’s talk in detail about the combat system in the game. It has been changed and reinvented from the previous part, while retaining some elements. A new system called the Drive System has been introduced, which is a system that relies on proper timing and also makes the game easier for new players. It also features stunning visual effects like watercolors poured onto the surface. The screen is divided into:

-The Drive Impact: It is a powerful blow that stops any movement of the opponent, even special blows. However, timing is very important because if you use it for his punch during the opponent’s animation, hitting him with a punch will hurt him and make him vulnerable to the combo for a second.

-Drive Parry: This is the same variation that was known in the third part, where you block the opponent’s movement while the blow hits you at the same time, but here it has become easier and you just have to hold down the button and your player will block the train by itself.

-The Overdrive: It is the same idea as the EX moves in the previous parts, and the idea is to use two buttons instead of one button when performing the special move and you will get an improved special move and a golden flash Flash on your character.

-Charge: This is a move used to quickly get close to the enemy. It is carried out after the attack is parried or the movement is canceled by pressing the arrow key in the direction of the enemy twice in a row.

Finally, Drive Reversal: This is a move used to repel an enemy’s attack. Hitting him once will give you a way out, but the effect is weak, so you’ll need to do a strong combo afterwards.

World Tour Mode

Now let’s talk about the stages in the game, starting with the new adventure stage “World Tour”, a stage in which you design your own character and roam the world of Street Fighter looking for strong fighters and yourself in the process to strengthen. What’s special about this stage is that you can also use the moves of all fighters and fighting styles after designing your character, Luke, who gets to know you and becomes your trainer. You will begin using his special fighting style, and you will only master all of his moves after a period of training. The more you play with the character in the style of a trainer, the more he will develop and his level will increase, and you will get new skills from the same trainer, and there are many trainers in the game. Actually, all of them are fighters, and you have to find them so that they can become your trainers. In addition, each trainer gives you a special move, the so-called trainer move, which will help you in the stages of the adventure to reach distant places or overcome obstacles in front of you.

World Tour Mode Continued

In World Tour mode there is a long story where you progress by completing main tasks and moving on to the next chapter of the story. There are also many side quests in the game and you will get rewards for completing them and gain experience points to strengthen your player. You can fight anyone on the street and the fights start immediately and smoothly without any problems. A loading screen, and that really impressed me. During the battle there will be short missions with specific tasks to fulfill conditions, and if you successfully complete them you will receive the associated reward. The game starts in the city phase and later in the game you get plane tickets that allow you to travel around the world to meet new trainers. My problem with this mode is that the side missions get boring after a while, but the battles in them are a lot of fun. Just switching between missions is sometimes annoying at first, but once you open up the quick movement points it becomes a lot easier. There is an alternation of day and night, and the types of enemies differ, as do the missions. There are different gangs that will attack you as soon as they see you, and some of them don’t. Their level is high, so you have to train and return to teach them a lesson. In short, World Tour mode is the interactive, adventurous story mode in the game Street Fighter 6. I strongly advise you to play it!

Remaining Stages

Now let’s move on to the remaining stages. As is the case, there are all the previous stages in the games, in addition to a new stage, the Extreme Battle Hub, a stage in which you fight against your opponent, but by providing conditions for victory and also interaction in the Choose phase. For example, I chose the condition for victory by falling, and I chose the bomb ball. Whenever it explodes and the player falls, a turn is counted for it. This makes it a fun mode that adds a lot of excitement to the game.

Online Multiplayer Mode

I did not have the opportunity to experience the online multiplayer mode in detail because it was open for a certain time and most of the reviewers who experienced it at the same time as us did not accept the confrontation because they were working on preparing the video content, but I was able to combat some of them, understand the basic elements in them and try out the net code. The fight against them went very smoothly and, with some improvements, was very similar to the experience of the netcode for the fifth part, Street Fighter 5. There is a hub for players and in it there are many activities, such as playing classic games, you saw a fight between two people or bought clothes with the points and money earned in the game, and the best thing was that they paused the game during the fight. For the fight, they have used esports game commentators who make the match in the game very exciting and gives you the feeling that it is actually real commentary and not very recorded voices. I was impressed by the commentary and its method and hope they will use Arabic commentators in the future.

Controls and Conclusion

Capcom has once again managed to invent a fun and entertaining gaming system, and the beauty of it is that it has also taken beginners into account in the game, as it has developed three types of controls in it. The first is modern and can be used with special moves The second is classic, the usual controls in previous Street Fighter games, and finally the dynamic mode that allows you to create a combo with the press of a button. The game is Arabicized in terms of menus and texts, and believe me, there is a lot of texts, especially in the training phase for each character.

Well, we’ve come to the end of the test. The Street Fighter 6 game is the result of many years of extensive experience in Capcom’s development process. It offers many hours with different modes, 18 characters, the innovative Drive system and the World Tour mode, in addition to the impressive graphical presentation in the game, so I can say that it is the best Street Fighter game yet.

We received the PS5 version from the publisher ahead of the release date.

Pros and Cons of Street Fighter 6 PC Game


  • Visually stunning graphics with detailed character models and backgrounds
  • Smooth gameplay and improved combat system
  • Introduction of the Drive System for proper timing and easier gameplay for new players
  • World Tour mode offers an interactive and adventurous story experience
  • 18 playable characters with unique fighting styles
  • Arabicized menus and texts for better accessibility


  • Side missions in World Tour mode can become repetitive
  • Limited experience with online multiplayer mode during review period
  • Some reviewers experienced difficulty in finding opponents for online battles
  • Not all features and aspects of the game were thoroughly tested

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Street Fighter 6 PC Game

1. What engine is used for Street Fighter 6?

Street Fighter 6 uses Capcom’s own engine, the RE Engine, which has been praised for its graphical capabilities in games like Resident Evil and Devil May Cry.

2. How many playable characters are there in Street Fighter 6?

Street Fighter 6 offers a total of 18 playable characters, including both returning characters and 6 new characters in the series.

3. What is the Drive System in Street Fighter 6?

The Drive System is a new gameplay mechanic introduced in Street Fighter 6. It relies on proper timing and offers visual effects like watercolors. It includes features like Drive Impact, Drive Parry, Overdrive, Charge, and Drive Reversal.

4. What is the World Tour mode in Street Fighter 6?

The World Tour mode is an adventure stage in Street Fighter 6 where players can design their own character and explore the world of Street Fighter. They can encounter strong fighters, train with different trainers, and gain new skills and moves.

5. Are there different control options in Street Fighter 6?

Yes, Street Fighter 6 offers three types of controls: modern, classic, and dynamic. The modern control option allows for special moves, the classic option uses the usual controls from previous Street Fighter games, and the dynamic mode allows for combo creation with the press of a button.

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