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Review: Resident Evil 3 Remake

After giving us a wonderful experience last year with the remake of the second part, Capcom returns to us again this year with the remake of the third part of the series, in which the Japanese Capcom studios work together with the newly founded development team M – Two, the classic game released in 1999 on the first PlayStation device. It returns with graphics that simulate current generation devices and many modern technologies, and certainly by evolving the classic gameplay style to obtain an action and survival horror game with third-person shooting. Has Capcom brought us a new classic experience? Or did I fail this time? Today we review the game for you and learn more about its level.

The third part of the Resident Evil game series takes us on one last adventure in Raccoon City before it is destroyed. Here we go through the story with the character Jill Valentine, the famous heroine from the first part, on her journey to try to escape and survive from this infected city that has turned into a cave full of zombie creatures, but what What’s new here is the enemy that the gaming community has loved. For many years, it has been enough to say “stars” for us to understand that about “Nemesis”, the biological weapon launched by the Umbrella Company, serves only one purpose. This huge monster, which persistently pursues you throughout the events of the game, wants to overthrow all members of the “Stars” team, including Jill Valentine, and the game of “cat and mouse” between the Nemesis and Jill Valentine in this exciting adventure.

Improved Direction and Fearsome Nemesis

From the first look at the game, we are aware of the great improvement in Capcom’s level of directing in recent years. The enthusiastic opening scene and early conflict between Jill and the Nemesis will get players excited early on for a frightening and exciting gaming experience. The Nemesis has become significantly more fearsome than in the past with its weapon ammunition and fast movement. After a cinematic scene, the affair moves into the neighborhoods and streets of Raccoon City to survive before it is destroyed. The story of the game takes place a day before the events of the second part and lasts until after its events, but in reality, despite the game’s enthusiastic start, the game begins to quickly lose levels after that.

We won’t go into the story much for various reasons, including because it is very limited to this part and most of the movie scenes are limited to meetings with the Nemesis or some side events that do not take the main story of the series into a new dimension. Although this part is the third part of the series, but the story has never been the strong element in it, there are some scenes in which we will play the role of Carlos, the auxiliary character in this part adventure. He is from the Umbrella Company and its protection department, but he is a noble person and will help you a lot in survival. Now let’s talk about the game system. Well, Remake Part Three follows in the same footsteps as Remake Part Two in terms of gameplay, which is different here. Just adding a dodge button “when playing as Jill, but when playing as Carlos it is replaced by using only the knife” will help you a lot in the fight against the archenemy and enemies in general.

Limited Areas and Linear Gameplay

You have to develop weapons and build bullets for different pistols by combining different gunpowders with classifications to get the appropriate ammunition for the weapon you want to use. The game doesn’t offer a lot of puzzles or variety and focuses more on confronting enemies and most importantly facing the arch-enemy from time to time. The role of the archenemy does not end. Not only is he a hateful enemy, but he also uses the zombies around you to turn them into stronger zombies, making the confrontation with him more difficult and you have to eliminate the zombies before the arch-enemy takes advantage of them. At the same time, you have to be careful of this huge, fast monster that has a variety of weapons.

The game doesn’t offer a wide variety of areas. You’ll play a bit in Raccoon City, then in the sewers, and from the second part onwards through very limited areas in the hospital and police station, but even these limited areas are very small in terms of rooms and places to roam. The game is completely linear and there is a noticeable absence of some areas in the part. The original third, which presented exciting scenes, including the clock tower, “was changed to something much less exciting” and a longer game length of exploration, as well as a difference in some scenarios from the original version, “for example, the character of Jill is not shown here enter the police station, and the matter is limited to the character of Carlos.” ​​That’s why the play hours in this game are very limited, and I think that Raccoon City deserved more expansion into the regions, and there was one in this version great opportunity to do better, but it seems Capcom rushed the game’s release.

Impressive Graphics and Unique Atmosphere

This remake offers very wonderful graphics and Capcom once again brings a lot of innovations using its own engine, the RE Engine, which we previously saw in Part 7 and the remake of Part 2, and also at the level of the movie scenes , especially with the expressions and details of the characters’ faces. There is no doubt that this engine will be impressive even on new generation devices with what it offers. In terms of tone, this game offers a very special experience in this regard, such as in the voice acting of the characters or the melodies of the game itself. You can blame the game for the lack of areas and the variety in it, but there is compared to the remake of the second part with the appearance of a larger number of enemies hunters and other creatures, but we will come back to point out that “Encountering the Nemesis” is the basis of this game.

Limited Content and Short Playtime

Let’s end the conversation here, the Resident Evil 3 remake offers an entertaining experience for fans of the series. The content is very limited for fans of the story and single player mode, as well as missing some content from the original version and changing events. On a technical level the game is very unique and unfortunately we were not able to experience the game mode. If you are a fan of this series there is no doubt that you will get the game and challenge the Nemesis with multiple confrontations with him, but if you want a game that presents a strong or long story then this is the remake very limited in this regard and this remake cannot be compared to what Capcom Premake Part Two presented All Levels.

The game was reviewed on PlayStation 4 with a copy provided by the publisher before the game was released.


  • The game features improved graphics and visuals compared to the original version, thanks to the use of Capcom’s RE Engine.
  • The opening scene and early conflict between Jill and the Nemesis create an exciting and thrilling gaming experience.
  • The Nemesis character is more fearsome and challenging, making the gameplay more intense.
  • The addition of a dodge button for Jill and the use of a knife for Carlos enhance the combat mechanics.
  • The game offers a variety of weapons and allows players to craft different types of ammunition.
  • The game’s tone, voice acting, and melodies create a unique and immersive experience.


  • The game quickly loses momentum after the initial excitement, with levels and areas feeling limited.
  • The story is limited and doesn’t offer much depth, with minimal impact on the overall series.
  • The game is completely linear, lacking exploration and variety in its areas.
  • Some iconic locations from the original version, such as the clock tower, are changed or omitted.
  • The game’s playtime is very short, with the main story mode ending in just a few hours.
  • There is no second scenario or multiple endings, limiting replayability.
  • The multiplayer mode, Resident Evil: Resistance, may not function properly.


1. What is the gameplay like in Resident Evil 3 PC Game?

The gameplay in Resident Evil 3 PC Game is a combination of action and survival horror with third-person shooting. Players control the character Jill Valentine as she tries to escape and survive in the infected city of Raccoon City.

2. Who is the main enemy in the game?

The main enemy in the game is Nemesis, a biological weapon created by the Umbrella Company. Nemesis relentlessly pursues the player throughout the game and poses a constant threat.

3. Are there any new features in the gameplay?

Yes, there is a new dodge button that can be used when playing as Jill. This can be helpful in evading enemies and the archenemy. When playing as Carlos, the dodge button is replaced by the use of a knife.

4. Is there a variety of areas in the game?

No, the game does not offer a wide variety of areas. Players will explore Raccoon City, the sewers, and limited areas in the hospital and police station. The game is linear and lacks some areas present in the original version.

5. How long is the gameplay experience?

The gameplay experience in Resident Evil 3 PC Game is relatively short. The main story mode can be completed in around 4 hours, including cutscenes and defeating bosses. There is no second scenario or multiple endings.

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