Call of Duty: Vanguard

The Trayarch development team presents us with a new part of the Call of Duty game series that takes us back to the time of 1945 AD, in the era of the Second World War. Today we present you a review of the game after playing it for long hours in different modes and we quickly start talking about the story of the game and its world. The game mode is characterized by the story rich in interesting events that take place at the end of the Second World War, where a special team consisting of several people of different nationalities is tasked with destroying a mysterious project owned by the Nazis under the name To research and identify Project Phoenix, which raises concerns about the Germans’ capabilities and intentions with this project. As the story progresses, you learn more about the team’s personalities and their past, and each person reflects their specialization in gameplay. For example, if you play as Arthur Kingsley, the team leader, you will find that you are able to give orders to your team, for example, to destroy specific targets, or if you play as a character specializing in military aviation, you will find yourself in the cockpit of an airplane again. A warship takes off from an aircraft carrier and you see the character’s point of view and his history in the past. Although the mission was very entertaining and a change from the usual atmosphere, the flight controls were somewhat cumbersome and slow to understand, making it difficult to target and shoot down enemy aircraft in the air.

Story and Gameplay

The development team presented a very good story and not just the single player mode, which was only for entertainment purposes, due to the many dialogues between the characters and the long cinematic excerpts that show us the events in the story and smoothly integrate them into the game mode And without taking long Loading screens so you can start playing without waiting. Knowing that the single player mode is equipped with dynamic background music, the intensity of which increases, for example, during violent scenes, then decreases, then becomes more intense and changes.

Technical Performance

In terms of technical performance, the game runs very smoothly as it ran at a constant speed of 60 frames per second and I didn’t notice any performance hit. Since the game supports TVs with a frequency of 120 Hz and this feature can be activated through the game settings options, one of the impressive features of the game Call of Duty: Vanguard is that it supports the functions of the DualSense controller. For example, you can feel the weight of the trigger of the weapon if you press the R2 button before or during shooting. It is very clear that the Trayarch team has paid a lot of attention to the smallest details in its new version of Call of Duty in terms of excellent graphics, explosions and also high-quality effects, especially if you play with surround headphones, as this is your Immersion in the action is enhanced. Because it is full of action and excitement.

In multiplayer, we were able to experience limited phases of the game’s many common stages. One of the new phases is the Champion Hill Duos mode, where players are divided into multiple teams of two and each team has a limited number of lives. The phase begins with the phase of purchasing weapons and equipment. And the ability to improve them for a certain period of time, and after the end of the period, the game takes you to a medium-sized battlefield, which is worth noting that your arena is adjacent to other arenas where there are other players. The challenge begins between your team and the opposing team, which also consists of two people. You must work with your teammate to defeat the enemy and not die frequently lest you exhaust all your options and complete the challenge. It is possible to collect the money in the arena and get the enemy’s equipment or weapons after killing him. This is a feature similar to the battle royale games.

Multiplayer Experience

As I mentioned before, the battlefield you start on is adjacent to other battlefields, which means you can listen to the sounds of gunfire and the movement of other players next to you, distracting your concentration or increasing your level of tension. I definitely found this feature exciting, and after several battles you return. Back to the buying phase after you’ve collected a lot of money and equipment to buy more or develop what you have. Problems may arise during the purchase phase. When you open the list of equipment or weapons, you only see the name and shape of the weapon and its price, and it seems that the description of these and other weapons is missing. As a new player, you may find it difficult to decide at the purchase stage, not knowing whether you are buying, for example, an SMG type machine gun or a rifle-machine gun, and I hope that the final version takes this into account.

Zombies Mode

After completing the entire phase, your team’s position will be displayed. You may have placed first, second or some other place. It was definitely a very entertaining and exciting phase. As for the second phase of the game, which is tactical 24/7, this phase depends more on the team’s strategic cooperation than the second phases. Note that in this phase the objectives of the game vary Change. For example, you can play the game “Hardpoint”, where the goal is to own a point: if the point is mobile, that is another objective called “Patrol”. You must capture the point with your team and keep it from being captured by the enemy for as long as possible in order to get the points necessary for victory. When the Hardpoint is mobile, the difficulty level increases, considering that the point can traverse completely open spaces, turning the game into a tug of war. The stronger team will kill everyone and capture the point.

Zombies Mode Continued

I tried a different objective within the mode as it was similar to the Team Death Match mode, but besides that, the ID necklace or dog tags will fall from it when you kill the enemy. Then you have to pick it up necklace to count a point for your team, and if you don’t pick it up and the enemy has recovered it, he will prevent you from getting it. At this point. This objective is called “Confirmed Kill” and I noticed in this phase that it is the most nerve-racking due to the frequent tie between you and the enemy as a result. In addition, you may be frighteningly ahead of the enemy in an instant. The tide may turn and the enemy wins over you by a point or two. The tension when playing is very high.


The development team has made radical changes to the Zombies mode in this installment of Call of Duty. Among the most striking innovations are the following: The map where you start with your team and where you can find everything you need to buy or develop your weapons or develop your personal skills, and of course as in the previous parts of In this one Phase initially begins the difficulty of the zombies, and the more you kill them, the more currency you get for the collectibles you need to get as the difficulty of the zombies increases. Additionally, several supernatural abilities have been added that you can choose from at the start of the phase, giving you a fatal blow that you can use when necessary. Of course, after use, you have to recharge the fatal blow again by killing zombies until it fills up again. Side Info: Zombie Mode helps you increase your personal rank as if you were playing a mode. Normal group play and increasing the rank of weapons as you increase their use, unlike the old parts of Call of Duty in Zombies mode, where it doesn’t matter how many times you play the mode, nothing changes the extent of your personal Progression in the ranks.

Let’s talk more about the new Zombies mode. As I mentioned earlier, in order to complete the mode and increase the difficulty of Zombies, you and your team will have to enter portals called Portals and you will find that they perform different tasks in different maps, similar to the RogueLike -Play style as you don’t know what map you will encounter and what goal you want to achieve. You can reach it in the portal. Completing this gate expands the map by opening a new area after returning to it. One of the objectives that caught my eye was a recurring type of game that involves completing the patrol objective that I mentioned before, but the difference is that instead of a moving dot you have a moving golden head with a Find a specific area and reach the end to complete the mission. You then return to the main map and begin increasing the difficulty of the zombies to a higher level until you reach the fifth level.

In this phase, you have the option to escape through a portal called “Exfiltrate” and end the phase with a victory, or the team can laugh in the face of danger and continue the Zombie phase on a higher difficulty with much stronger and fiercer monsters Show up and break records, and that is without a doubt. The innovations gave Zombies mode a new lease of life, making it faster and more entertaining than before.

Call of Duty: Vanguard was reviewed for the PlayStation 5 version as part of the publisher’s game review event.

Pros and Cons of Call of Duty: Vanguard PC Game


  • Engaging and story-rich single-player mode set in the era of World War II.
  • Well-developed characters with unique abilities and gameplay mechanics.
  • Smooth technical performance with a constant speed of 60 frames per second.
  • Impressive graphics, explosions, and high-quality effects.
  • Supports the functions of the DualSense controller, enhancing immersion.
  • Multiplayer modes offer exciting and challenging gameplay experiences.
  • New phases, such as Champion Hill Duos mode, add variety to the multiplayer experience.
  • Radical changes to the Zombies mode, including new maps, abilities, and progression systems.


  • Flight controls in the single-player mode can be cumbersome and slow to understand.
  • Lack of weapon and equipment descriptions during the purchasing phase in multiplayer mode.
  • High tension and frequent ties in certain multiplayer modes may lead to frustration.
  • Some players may find the Zombies mode too fast-paced and challenging.
  • Limited information provided on the specific gameplay mechanics and objectives of certain multiplayer modes.


1. What is the setting of Call of Duty: Vanguard?

The game is set during the era of the Second World War in 1945 AD.

2. What is the main objective of the game?

The main objective of the game is to destroy a mysterious project owned by the Nazis called Project Phoenix.

3. Can I play as different characters with different abilities?

Yes, each character in the game has their own specialization and abilities that reflect their role in the team.

4. How is the gameplay in the single player mode?

The single player mode offers a story-rich experience with interesting events and cinematic excerpts seamlessly integrated into the gameplay.

5. What multiplayer modes are available in Call of Duty: Vanguard?

Some of the multiplayer modes include Champion Hill Duos, where players are divided into teams of two, and tactical 24/7, which focuses on strategic cooperation and objective-based gameplay.

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