Gun Skaters

Gun Skaters is an Arabic game developed by Funny Syntax Software. It is a competitive multiplayer game that supports online and local modes. One day, four cowboys were about to fight in the desert, but suddenly the weather changed, snow fell and the area filled with snow, so they decided to compete in a different way… with ski boots! The story is funny and appears in the introduction to the game, but the story stops there and nothing else is mentioned. In general, what matters in this type of game is the gameplay and not the story. The art direction of the game is pixel art, and since I’m a pixel artist, I love this type of drawing, so I liked the art direction, but I think there is room for improvement.

Gameplay and Features

The game offers three phases: the last man skating phase (the last skater alive)… The battles here take place in three rounds, and each round the obstacles on the map change and there is no cooperation between players . Each player will be alone to fight for victory. The idea of ​​the game is innovative, dodging by skating and shooting is fun. Yes, the game needs some modifications, especially balancing the skate speed, because at this speed the game sometimes seems random… The artificial intelligence is good, but sometimes there are problems. For example, the characters get stuck when they collide with each other, and the characters also get stuck in obstacles. On the map.

Soccer Mode

There is a soccer mode that consists of two teams and this mode reminds me of the game Rocket League. The same idea is to use your own speed to push the ball into the opponent’s goal. I found this mode fun and competitive. But there are several notes about this mode… When the round starts, no… You have time to prepare, see your character’s location or even know what your teammate looks like. Also, the speed of skating makes this phase random, especially when you’re trying to rush the ball or defend your goal. Finally, there is Zombies mode, a cooperative mode between players in which they fight and get rid of zombies over three rounds to score the most points.

Characters and Maps

There are twelve playable characters, but I didn’t notice any differences between the characters either… The game only offers one map for each stage… The sound effects in the game are good, and I mean the music… Yes, there are a limited number of melodies, but the melodies present are beautiful, as I noticed that the intro music is more reminiscent of… Mexican cowboy music. The game is still in beta and there is room for development, improvement and adding more levels or maps. I think Gun Skaters in its current form offers a fun experience with friends.

We received a review copy from the publisher.

Pros of Gun Skaters PC Game

  • Competitive multiplayer game with online and local modes
  • Innovative gameplay concept of skating and shooting
  • Funny and engaging story introduction
  • Pixel art style with room for improvement
  • Soccer mode offers fun and competitive gameplay
  • Cooperative Zombies mode for team play
  • Good sound effects and music
  • Potential for development and improvement in future updates
  • Offers a fun experience when playing with friends

Cons of Gun Skaters PC Game

  • Limited variety of playable characters with no noticeable differences
  • Only one map available for each stage
  • Skate speed balancing issues, making the game feel random at times
  • Artificial intelligence problems, such as characters getting stuck
  • Lack of preparation time and information in soccer mode
  • Limited number of melodies in the music


1. What is Gun Skaters PC Game?

Gun Skaters is an Arabic game developed by Funny Syntax Software. It is a competitive multiplayer game that supports online and local modes. The game features cowboys competing in a unique way, using ski boots.

2. What is the gameplay like in Gun Skaters?

The game offers three phases: the last man skating phase, soccer mode, and Zombies mode. In the last man skating phase, players compete individually in three rounds, using skating and shooting to dodge obstacles and defeat opponents. In soccer mode, two teams compete to push the ball into the opponent’s goal using their skating skills. Zombies mode is a cooperative mode where players fight and eliminate zombies over three rounds to score points.

3. Are there different characters to choose from in Gun Skaters?

Yes, there are twelve playable characters in Gun Skaters. However, there are no noticeable differences between the characters in terms of gameplay.

4. How many maps are available in Gun Skaters?

Currently, Gun Skaters offers one map for each stage. The game is still in beta, so there is potential for the addition of more levels or maps in the future.

5. What are the strengths and weaknesses of Gun Skaters?

The strengths of Gun Skaters include its innovative gameplay mechanics, fun multiplayer modes, and pixel art style. However, the game may require some balancing adjustments, especially in terms of skate speed, and there are occasional issues with character collisions and getting stuck in obstacles.

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