Gotham Knights

After the Batman Arkham series, Warner Bros. returns to us to present a new title set in the world of the famous Batman, with the action game and open world Gotham Knights, presented by the development team WB Games Montreal, with a stronger focus on the group game element. Are we on the verge of a new series? ?

The Story

The events of the story take place after Batman’s death in a battle between him and one of his most famous enemies, and it is here that the task of protecting Gotham City is given to Robin, in addition to Batgirl and his four students Nighwing and Red Hood, and the story focuses focuses on the Court of Owls’ role in dealing with the crime behind the scenes. The story has an excellent start and there are interesting developments and if we assume that it will develop in a way that, despite the initial excitement, the events become so predictable that we lose interest in them, especially since the Events suggested that we were heading towards epic developments, and we will avoid further details so as not to spoil the events for the reader.

Character Interactions

The development team made dialogue between Batman’s family an important element in the development of events, but this attempt failed for two reasons. Firstly, the interactions between characters lacked spontaneity and the way they were written was very artificial. with the lack of any actual character development. One of the characters is always angry despite everything… advice and attempts from other characters. We have another character who is sad most of the time and a character who doesn’t know what his role is on the team. The second reason is the continuous reference to the history of the characters from the comics and the events they went through, but all these references to the characters’ past will only be understood by those who have read the comics. .

Gameplay Experience

The gameplay experience ranges from battles to moving around the city to solving some simple puzzles where you inspect a crime scene or similar while linking key evidence together to draw conclusions. For battles, the game assigns a button to attack and you can press it to perform a heavy attack, along with a button to dodge and a button to dodge. Specifically for long-range attacks that depend on the character you’re playing as, such as Red Hood with the pistol and Batgirl with the Batarang. Other buttons are assigned to characters’ special abilities, which can be used when the “Momentum” meter is full, which is filled by dealing damage to enemies and successfully dodging their attacks. .

Limitations and Challenges

The system lacks simplicity, which makes fights quickly become boring. Fortunately, there is an acceptable level of diversity between characters. Playing as Batgirl gives you the opportunity to hack some tools, while Red Hood focuses on direct combat and Robin has an advantage in stealth, and you can switch between characters by returning to headquarters, but the feeling of the limited gaming experience will prevail over time. The other downside is that certain types of enemies will turn into sponge balls as your level progresses in the game. That’s it Unfortunately, all the bosses are sponge balls and their confrontations are little different from the usual battles.

Movement and Side Missions

To move around the city, use the hook to quickly reach the rooftops of buildings and high areas. You can also use a motorbike, which could have been faster than it is. The crime scene-investigating puzzles aren’t deep, but are more of a good attempt to break the usual routine of movement and combat. What’s annoying is the development team’s attempt to extend the lifespan of the experience and push you into side missions by placing many of the features known to be there from the start under the guise of completing challenges. There are certain types of challenges that must be completed to access all of the characters’ abilities, and there are challenges that must be completed to unlock fast travel points, and challenges that must be completed to reveal a faster way for characters to travel can!

Character Progression

Although all characters level up together and receive development points for all characters, many of the challenges we mentioned to reveal the character’s special abilities and some modes of transportation must be completed separately for each character! For example, one of the challenges is to defeat a certain number of enemies in some way while simultaneously interrogating 10 enemies who are committing random crimes around the city, and you must do this for each character who wants to access the rest of their special abilities!

Visuals and Audio

From a visual point of view, the game offers an excellent technical level, paying attention to the various details of the city, including fog, lighting and reflections, and clearly paying attention to the design of the characters down to the smallest detail, despite the large number of costumes for each playable character. On the audio level, the game offers adequate melodies that fit the current events. From a technical point of view, the game suffers from problems in the user interface, which does not respond as desired. Sometimes instructions appear that take up a large portion of the screen without you being able to close them, and sometimes the interface disappears or becomes unresponsive when you complete the mission and eliminate the enemies. The biggest problem is the frequent stopping of the game, which causes it to sometimes occur randomly when using fast travel points or in the middle of battles, and it’s a very annoying problem that we encountered in the trial version on PC, but luckily saves the game the different things you have done and we have not had to suffer from the loss of progress made despite the recurrence of this problem.


We finished the experience after about 26 hours, balancing between completing the main missions and some side missions, as well as many challenges and other activities. In the end we can say what sets Gotham Knights apart from other open world games is its identity in general, since it is no different from… In general, these games have their advantages and disadvantages. The content may be vast and varied, but the quality varies, and you’ll quickly feel monotonous and bored due to mushy enemies and a limited combat system. It’s another mid-level open-world experience for those looking for this type of experience.


  • The game offers a new title set in the world of Batman, providing a fresh experience for fans of the franchise.
  • The story starts off strong and has interesting developments.
  • The game features a beautiful depiction of Gotham City, with each neighborhood having its own character.
  • The side content related to famous enemies, such as Mr. Freeze and Clayface, is more entertaining than the main story missions.
  • The game can be played individually or in a group, with the group play experience making it more enjoyable.
  • The visuals of the game are excellent, paying attention to details in the city and character designs.
  • The game offers adequate melodies that fit the current events.


  • The interactions between characters lack spontaneity and feel artificial.
  • The continuous references to the characters’ past may only be understood by those who have read the comics.
  • The combat system lacks simplicity and can become boring quickly.
  • Certain types of enemies become too powerful as the player’s level progresses.
  • The need to complete challenges separately for each character can be time-consuming.
  • The game suffers from problems in the user interface, including instructions that cannot be closed and unresponsiveness.
  • The game frequently stops, causing frustration for players.
  • The quality of the content varies, with more emphasis on quantity than quality.
  • The game may feel monotonous and boring due to mushy enemies and a limited combat system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Gotham Knights PC Game

1. What is the storyline of Gotham Knights?

The storyline of Gotham Knights takes place after Batman’s death in a battle against one of his famous enemies. Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Red Hood are tasked with protecting Gotham City, with a focus on the Court of Owls’ role in dealing with crime behind the scenes.

2. How is the gameplay experience in Gotham Knights?

The gameplay experience in Gotham Knights includes battles, moving around the city, and solving puzzles. The combat system involves attacking, dodging, and using special abilities. The game also features crime scene investigation puzzles and the ability to switch between characters with different abilities.

3. Are there side missions and challenges in Gotham Knights?

Yes, Gotham Knights offers side missions and challenges to extend the gameplay experience. Completing challenges unlocks characters’ abilities and fast travel points. The game also includes various types of challenges and the opportunity to encounter crimes while traveling in different parts of the city.

4. Can Gotham Knights be played individually or in a group?

Gotham Knights can be played both individually and in a group. While the game can be enjoyed individually, playing in a group enhances the experience by allowing players to perform special attacks together and eliminate enemies faster.

5. What are the visual and technical aspects of Gotham Knights?

Gotham Knights offers an excellent technical level with attention to detail in the city’s design, character costumes, fog, lighting, and reflections. The game also provides adequate melodies that suit the events. However, there may be occasional issues with the user interface and game freezing, although progress is usually saved.

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