Attack on Titan 2

The Sequel to Attack on Titan

The anime and manga series “Attack on Titan” or “Attack on Titan” has gained wide admiration since its presentation because of its strange idea and distinctive narrative direction. There is no doubt that anything that succeeds in this field is undoubtedly translated into a video game, and that is what happened when Koei Tecmo and the development team Omega Force presented us with the first action game. It was adapted from the series in 2016 and now, two years after the release of the first game, we are The sequel will come from the same development team to follow the story and events. Did the game present itself to fans of this title in a special way, bringing with it strong content that tells us the second chapter of events? Today we review the game and give you the answer.

Attack on Titan 2 is an action game in which you play as a new character (well, it’s not a character, it’s more like a character without a character). You go through the history of the famous series and observe the events in it They happened in the original story. The main idea of ​​the game is to use the skills of jumping and flying and try to defeat the titans and eliminate them by hitting them. Behind the neck, which is their weak point, the game here presents itself in a very entertaining way, as the fight against the giants is very enthusiastic, and this part allows greater freedom by trying to hurt the giants with multiple body parts , to weaken them before the final blow, and you must always take into account your flight level and the strength of the weapon so that you do not end up in a very difficult fight. To win him.


Fighting the Giants

There are many strategies to consider when fighting. Attack power is not always the best solution, and you have to think a little to find the best way to defeat the giants, be it by trying to weaken them first by cutting off their limbs to make them fall , which opens the door for you to make a final attack behind the neck and eliminate them. You can also build towers to help you. By stabilizing the giants and delaying their movement, you have the opportunity to deliver deadly blows or turn them into a platform to mobilize your combat skills. In fact, the development team was able to offer a very entertaining style of fighting against the giants, but the problem is that the matter repeats itself over and over again as events progress, even with the presence of a system for developing weapons and skills, however is not very profound and may also be a problem. The repetitive nature of the missions is also a problem here, as the game doesn’t offer much innovation or ideas in this regard.

In fact, the game’s main problem is that it is an extremely “lazy” second part. You will return to go through all the missions of the first part of the game and the story of the first season of the anime before moving on to the events of the second season, only to find that you won’t experience many events in it, which really surprises me, that the game is the sequel to the first game, but it does not offer many new things that justify it. This is important, as if the publisher wanted to release the game before the third season was shown only in the summer of this year, so that it would be in the The narration of the events is not too distant. As a new character in the game, you You must interact with the rest of the characters by selecting dialogues, making the right choice and strengthening relationships with them. Famous characters from the series. This opens up more skills for you to acquire, develop your character and complete missions. It also enables the same thing.


Technical Details and Game Modes

On a technical level, the box presents itself well with the details of the characters and movie scenes, and you will notice some slowdown as the action on the screen increases and the frame speed decreases at different intervals. The game’s tone is also exciting music, especially in the main battle scenes, similar to the famous anime series. The second part brings with it a number of game modes. Among the new ones is the online cooperative game mode, which offers special missions that give you rewards. There is also The Most Fun Challenge Mode, where you join a team of four players to compete with another team of four players by trying to eliminate the largest number of giants before the allotted time expires. It’s fun. It’s very interesting to watch The opposing team tries to weaken one of the giants before attacking it with a knockout blow and counting the point in your team’s favor.

The second part of Attack on Titan is a good choice for those who have not yet tried the first game, as it offers all the content of this game with many improvements and the addition of limited parts of the second season novel, but for everyone who If you’ve experienced the first game, you won’t find much here, and the name of the game that bears the number may not reflect this. “2” in the title, the closest thing to the truth about this game is part 1.5 before we get a third part that tells us all the events of the second season. It’s a fun action game for fans of the Attack on Titan series, but it comes with a lot of mission replays and retellings of the same story from the first game.

This game was reviewed using a PS4 review copy provided by the publisher before the game was released.

Pros of Attack on Titan 2 PC Game

  • Unique concept and narrative direction
  • Entertaining and enthusiastic fights against the giants
  • Freedom to use multiple strategies to defeat the titans
  • Ability to weaken giants before delivering a final blow
  • Opportunity to build towers for assistance in combat
  • Exciting music and visuals that capture the tone of the anime series
  • Introduction of new game modes, including online cooperative mode and challenge mode

Cons of Attack on Titan 2 PC Game

  • Repetitive nature of missions and lack of innovation
  • Game does not offer many new events or content compared to the first game
  • Story progression requires replaying missions from the first game
  • Limited depth in weapon and skill development system
  • Occasional slowdown and frame rate issues during intense action scenes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Attack on Titan 2 PC Game

1. What is Attack on Titan 2 PC Game?

Attack on Titan 2 PC Game is an action game based on the popular anime and manga series “Attack on Titan”. Players take on the role of a new character and relive the events of the series by fighting against giant titans.

2. How does the gameplay of Attack on Titan 2 PC Game work?

The gameplay of Attack on Titan 2 PC Game revolves around using jumping and flying skills to defeat titans. Players must aim for the weak point of the titans, which is the back of their neck, while also considering their flight level and weapon strength.

3. Are there different strategies to consider during the fights in Attack on Titan 2 PC Game?

Yes, there are various strategies to consider when fighting in Attack on Titan 2 PC Game. Players can choose to weaken the titans by cutting off their limbs before delivering a final blow to their neck. They can also build towers to stabilize the giants and create opportunities for deadly attacks.

4. Does Attack on Titan 2 PC Game offer new content compared to the first game?

No, Attack on Titan 2 PC Game is considered a sequel but lacks significant new content. Players will have to replay missions from the first game and experience the story of the first season of the anime before progressing to the events of the second season.

5. What additional game modes are available in Attack on Titan 2 PC Game?

Attack on Titan 2 PC Game introduces new game modes, including an online cooperative mode with special missions and a challenging mode where teams compete to eliminate the most giants within a time limit.

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