Fifa 21

The world’s most famous football series returns once again with this year’s release Fifa 21 from Electronic Arts. The game promises many long-awaited improvements to gameplay and artificial intelligence. Has FIFA fulfilled its promises this time? Continue reading the review to find out more.

FIFA is a very long-running series of games that came onto the market in 1993 and achieved success that began to multiply with the numbered installments starting with Fifa 95. In fact, since childhood, we as football fans have been interested in playing the new FIFA installments every year since… The 1995 version, and although we preferred Konami’s famous masterpiece International Superstar Soccer back then, FIFA had its own advantages in terms of on entertaining gameplay and even the presence of indoor games in some versions. FIFA reached the peak of success and popularity with version 98, which accompanied the World Cup and declined sharply in the first decade of the millennium, stagnating in gameplay for many years until it began to improve again on the PS3/X360 devices to rise To climb back to the throne of football and defeat Konami’s stubborn competitor PES commercially and even on the level.

Game Modes

FIFA now offers a wide range of game modes. There is a career mode, which is divided into player mode and manager mode. We played manager mode, which is full of options such as: Such as building a network of talent around the world or checking reports on players, developing a player development plan, handling deals and transfers, etc. Talent scouting is a fun mode that develops team management skills requires, but the many options off the field may not be attractive to all players. There is also the Ultimate Team mode, which has become a landmark for fans of the Fifa series, and the Volta mode and 3v3 or 4v3 games. 4 or 5 against 5 players on closed or open courts, and it is also possible to play according to the Futsal rules.

New Gameplay Features

I’m not the biggest fan of Futsal’s very arcade-heavy and flashy gameplay, preferring the simple play on large grass pitches and the more realistic football simulation on those pitches that this game offers. This year’s version of Fifa adds skills that were needed such as Agile Dribbling, a feature new dribbling by pressing R1 and moving the right analog stick. It is a feature available to all players, but its effectiveness increases as certain skills of the player improve, such as: B. ball control ability and dribbling ability, which helps get rid of defenders more effectively in one-on-one confrontations.

The addition that may be more effective or important is the ability to direct other team players without the ball, whether running or passing. This helps solve the “crisis” that players have long complained about when artificial intelligence does not intervene the way the player wants and allows greater control over the team. . In addition, the game developers wanted to increase the value of tactical positioning and you will see top players and those who have this skill move without the ball to take the ideal position in attack or defense. Are these functions enough? In fact, we believe the gameplay in FIFA is moving in the right direction, but further improvements are needed. The game still gives the player a similar feel to what it has been doing for many years, and we feel that it is in dire need of further development in terms of gameplay weight and realism. As well as the movement of the players, and perhaps this is achieved with the expected movement of the new generation, and also the faces of the players, which is an eternal problem The FIFA series still suffers from a lack of realism. When I play for the German club Bayern Munich and score a goal against the crafty Polish striker Lewandowski and watch the replay, I have no idea. I’m just wondering if that’s Lewandowski or Ivan Persic?!

Final Thoughts

FIFA 21 is a step in the right direction and a content-rich game that can give you tens, if not hundreds of hours of gameplay. The game has added many useful improvements to the gameplay, but still needs further development in terms of physics, animation and gameplay weight. It still tends to attack strongly and it is enough that I managed to score more than 9 goals in a game against the Italian club Inter Milan on the global difficulty. The game has also lost some rights in a strange way, such as the rights of the old lady, the Italian club Juventus, which exists under the name Piemonte Calcio.


The game was tested on a PS4 version provided by the publisher before the game was released

Pros and Cons of FIFA 21 PC Game


  • Improved Gameplay: FIFA 21 brings long-awaited improvements to gameplay and artificial intelligence, making it more enjoyable and realistic for players.
  • Wide Range of Game Modes: The game offers various game modes, including career mode (player and manager mode), Ultimate Team mode, and the Volta mode.
  • Tactical Positioning: FIFA 21 emphasizes tactical positioning, allowing players to have greater control over their team’s movements and positioning on the field.
  • Agile Dribbling: The addition of Agile Dribbling as a new dribbling feature enhances players’ ability to get rid of defenders effectively in one-on-one situations.
  • Content-Rich Game: FIFA 21 provides a wealth of content and gameplay, offering players hours of entertainment and immersion in the world of football.


  • Further Development Needed: While FIFA 21 has made improvements, it still requires further development in terms of physics, animation, and gameplay weight to enhance realism and player experience.
  • Lack of Realism: The game still suffers from a lack of realism, particularly in player faces, which can sometimes make it difficult to distinguish between players during replays.
  • Strong Offensive Bias: FIFA 21 tends to favor strong offensive play, sometimes resulting in unrealistic goal-scoring outcomes, which may affect the overall balance of the game.
  • Lost Licensing Rights: The game has lost some licensing rights, such as the rights to the Italian club Juventus, which is now represented as Piemonte Calcio.

Overall, FIFA 21 offers an improved gameplay experience with a wide range of game modes and content. However, further development is needed to enhance realism and address certain gameplay issues. Despite its flaws, FIFA 21 remains a popular choice for football fans looking for an immersive gaming experience.


1. What is FIFA 21 PC Game?

FIFA 21 PC Game is the latest installment in the long-running FIFA series of football video games developed by Electronic Arts. It offers various game modes and promises improvements in gameplay and artificial intelligence.

2. When was FIFA 21 PC Game released?

FIFA 21 PC Game was released on [insert release date] by Electronic Arts.

3. What game modes are available in FIFA 21 PC Game?

FIFA 21 PC Game offers a wide range of game modes, including career mode (player mode and manager mode), Ultimate Team mode, and Volta mode (3v3 or 4v4 games). It also includes the option to play according to Futsal rules.

4. What are some new features in FIFA 21 PC Game?

FIFA 21 PC Game introduces new features such as Agile Dribbling, which allows players to perform new dribbling moves by pressing R1 and moving the right analog stick. It also allows players to direct other team players without the ball, improving control over the team and tactical positioning.

5. What improvements are needed in FIFA 21 PC Game?

While FIFA 21 PC Game has made improvements in gameplay and added new features, further development is needed in terms of physics, animation, and gameplay weight. Some players have also noted a lack of realism in player faces. However, FIFA 21 PC Game still offers a content-rich experience with hours of gameplay.

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