Pato Box

From the Mexican lands and from the development team Bromio a new game comes to us, and this game is the strange adventure and boxing game Pato Box. What is Pato Box? Continue reading the review to know more about this exciting experience.

Pato Box: A Unique Boxing Adventure

In fact, Pato Box is a game inspired by one of Nintendo’s classic game series, which has inspired and continues to inspire many developers who grew up with its devices and games, and this series is the popular boxing game Punch-Out!! For those who don’t know this series, it’s based on action and reaction. The hero of the series, Little Mac, stands directly in front of the camera. The player moves it right and left or blocks. There are two types of punches that can be delivered: upper right and left punches and lower. .

The control system seems very simple, but the fun challenge lies in enemy punches and unexpected attacks, where you have to read the opponent boxer’s movement and react based on that. There are shots that can be blocked and not avoided, and there are other shots that can be avoided. They cannot be blocked. Some of them force you to lean to the right, others force you to move to the left. If you manage to escape, you have to react suddenly and direct blows at the opponent. The great mastery of designing the comedic opponents, moving them and the fun of competing with them are the strengths and fundamental foundation of the series.

A Faithful Recreation of Punch-Out!!


Our game we’re reviewing today, Pato Box, takes this essence and takes it completely out of Punch-Out!! on. It presents the same philosophy in fighting opponents and in the exact same style of play, and the truth is that Pato Box completely succeeds in reproducing the entertaining punch-out experience that is still unique in its kind, without similarity or Parallel. And it doesn’t just stop there, but by adding a very good adventure phase and pushing this mix forward in a way that hasn’t even been achieved in the Punch Out series!! himself.

An Exciting Adventure Through Deathflock Building

In this game, our hero (a mix of human and duck!) is exposed to the fraud of the same company that sponsored him during the tournament game that he loses to his competitor and therefore decides to turn against Deathflock. The events of this game take place entirely in the corridors of the Deathflock Building, a building… The company can be explored and each floor is under the protection of one of the company’s senior men. There is a floor for the company’s offices, another for food preparation, a casino and more. The style of play is different on each floor. The casino, for example, is full of mini-games, while the food factory contains many traps. Deadly. At the end of each floor there is a boss fight between the company characters. There are also tokens that can be collected throughout the levels, and when they are all found, the player receives a nice reward, namely an additional secret boss fight.

A Captivating Story and Unique Art Style

In addition to the many good adventure elements in the game, there is good storytelling through the files scattered around the company building, which reveal the stories of the men of Deathflock, their relationship to each other and the truth about the terrible experiments that take place in the company, and there are many Characters to talk to when this world building, which seems heavily inspired by graphic novel works like Sin City, is a nice and unexpected strength of this game.


A True Punch-Out Experience

Even for those who want an experience exactly like Punch-out!! is identical. Classic Pato Box gives him this option in arcade mode, and in this mode the player can fight against all the characters one by one without worrying about the adventure, exploration or the narrative element of the story mode.

The gameplay does not deviate from what we mentioned at the beginning of the test, and it is worth noting that this game supports motion controls for the two Joy-Cons in a similar way to the game Punch-Out!! We actually used to have trouble with the motion controls on the Wii because we had to move the antenna forward while hitting one of the buttons during overhead hits. If it had been implemented more simply, perhaps we could have relied on this model for better control, since the game is very precise and requires high skill, and for this reason we only relied on the buttons.

A Variety of Unique Bosses and Stylish Graphics

As already mentioned, the heart and essence of these games is the level of combat. Fortunately, Pato Box offers a wonderful variety of bosses, and since the opponents in this game are not boxers, the Mexican development team was able to add more madness and weirdness to these fights, and if we were to complain, one thing would be that this game has the is not tolerant of players, and one of the battles was a mini-music game that we didn’t particularly like and that took too long to get to where we were bored… Buuuuh.


A Unique and Affordable Gaming Experience

Pato Box has a wonderful black and white graphic style and really looks like a graphic novel full of intrigue, conspiracies and interesting characters. Don’t let this graphic style put you off, the game looks really great, even if it is the Switch version of the game there is a drop in frame rate during… Exploration We hope the development team will release an update in the future will release that solves this problem. Even the music chosen for the game has a techno feel and manages to create the right atmosphere during gameplay or hectic battles to pump the adrenaline hormone into your little veins.

Pato Box is a great game at a low price of no more than $15 at the time of release and, despite the different level of detail, offers a unique experience even at the level of independent games. We recommend this game to fans of the Punch-Out series!! The classic from Nintendo or for fans of games where reactions and fast action in split seconds are important. For all other players, we recommend watching the game demos before making a purchase decision.

The publisher provided a review copy of the game for the Switch device before the game was released.

Pros and Cons of Pato Box PC Game


  • Unique and entertaining punch-out experience
  • Good storytelling through scattered files
  • Varied and interesting boss fights
  • Wonderful black and white graphic style
  • Techno music adds to the atmosphere
  • Affordable price


  • Some battles can be frustrating and lengthy
  • Drop in frame rate during exploration on the Switch version
  • Motion controls can be difficult to use effectively

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Pato Box PC Game

1. What is Pato Box?

Pato Box is a game inspired by Nintendo’s classic boxing game series, Punch-Out!! It combines action and reaction gameplay where players control a hero who must read and react to the movements of their opponent boxer.

2. How does the gameplay work?

The gameplay involves moving the hero right and left or blocking to avoid enemy punches. Players can deliver upper and lower punches to the opponent. The challenge lies in reading the opponent’s movements and reacting accordingly to land successful blows.

3. What is the objective of the game?

In Pato Box, the hero, a mix of human and duck, seeks revenge against the company that sponsored him but betrayed him. The game takes place in the corridors of the company’s building, with each floor protected by a boss character. Players must explore the building, fight bosses, and uncover the truth behind the company’s terrible experiments.

4. Is there a mode similar to the classic Punch-Out!! experience?

Yes, Pato Box offers an arcade mode that allows players to experience a gameplay similar to the classic Punch-Out!! Players can fight against all the characters one by one without worrying about the adventure or narrative elements of the story mode.

5. What can players expect from the graphics and music in Pato Box?

Pato Box features a black and white graphic style reminiscent of a graphic novel, creating an atmosphere of intrigue and conspiracy. The game looks great, although there may be a drop in frame rate during exploration on the Switch version. The music has a techno feel and adds to the adrenaline-pumping experience during gameplay and battles.

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