WWE 2K Battlegrounds

For the first time in many years, we won’t be getting a new installment in the WWE 2K series of wrestling games, as the publisher and development team behind the series, Visual Concepts, want to focus on delivering a strong product next year’s release and adding a little of the annual releases that have seriously damaged the level of the series. Instead of the main series we get this. The year brought an action game called WWE 2K Battlegrounds, which offers an unrealistic and entertaining style of arcade games. Today we present you a review of the game and find out more about its level.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Review: An Unrealistic and Entertaining Wrestling Game

This game comes from Saber Interactive Studios, and at first glance you will notice the designs of the characters very different from the usual, with huge heads and muscular bodies, and above all the crazy and unrealistic style game in which we face the wrestlers watching them fly into the sky to deliver their supernatural blows. Was this style? Suitable for fans of wrestling games? Well, if you are looking for fun and entertainment, this game is for you, but there is more.

Unique Character Designs and Unrealistic Gameplay

Talking about this game on a technical level, the designs of the wrestlers are good down to the details and the game also offers different arenas with different ideas that play a role in carrying out the fights. There are arenas where volcanic spots appear on the ground that you can take advantage of by throwing your opponent at them, or arenas near the masked area where there are crocodiles and other ideas. In keeping with the general idea of ​​the game, the options and presentation screens in the game are of medium level, the story is presented in a cartoon-like manner, and there are good effects when performing special strikes for the wrestlers.

Good Designs and Average Presentation

Audio-wise, the game brings the Arabic passion for wrestling games for the first time, although commentary is very limited in all languages ​​and with a group of repeating phrases. There’s nothing to discuss from the side of the game’s limited music. The game can be criticized for not having a full “entry of the wrestlers” into the ring and the possibility of hearing the full entry music. Wrestlers, even though she owns the rights, so we only hear seconds of it with each wrestler’s entry.

An Entertaining Arcade Gameplay with Limited Variety

Let’s talk about the playing style. Well, this game is an arcade game which means it is not realistic and you can perform super moves like kicks, punches and also grabs. There is an energy meter under each wrestler. The game is divided into three sections including energy, fitness and the number of super punches and spectator satisfaction and you have to follow these meters. To help you win, you will see huge jumps and fire punches, but the game has a major flaw in repeating punches, as wrestlers are divided into two types: the strong or those who love flying and acrobatic jumps . Aside from the special punch for each wrestler, most of the remaining punches and holds are repeated between all wrestlers and there isn’t much variety here.

Arcade-Style Gameplay with Limited Variety

You must exhaust your opponent before using super punches to defeat them. There are various game modes including Cage Matches, Royal Rumble and Doubles, and there are no other modes that should actually exist like Hell in a Cell or Ladder Matches etc. The game starts with a limited number of wrestlers, and here you have to go through the story mode to collect points. And get more wrestlers, or the other option is to pay money to get the rest of the wrestlers, like is common in 2K games.

Entertaining Gameplay with Limited Game Modes and Wrestlers

The game offers a style of play that is entertaining in its idea and way of implementation. However, there is a need to connect to the network, even in single player mode, to improve your scores and get news points when you win to strengthen your own character that you design in the story phase. The game thus offers a number of game modes, however these are limited compared to what should be present and also the method of obtaining wrestlers can be annoying for some and a much larger number of them should be available from the start be. The game is entertaining for those who love gatherings and games that don’t require a lot of skill, and it might be one of the best wrestling games released in recent times. It’s fun, but in the end the value of the product is limited. There are many in-game purchases to get everything in the game.

Pros and Cons of WWE 2K Battlegrounds PC Game


  • Entertaining and unrealistic style of arcade gameplay
  • Unique character designs with exaggerated features
  • Various arenas with interactive elements
  • Good attention to detail in wrestler designs
  • Decent effects for special moves
  • Arabic commentary adds a new flavor to wrestling games
  • Multiple game modes available


  • Limited commentary and repetitive phrases
  • Lack of full entrance music for wrestlers
  • Repetitive punches and holds between wrestlers
  • Missing game modes like Hell in a Cell or Ladder Matches
  • Initial roster of wrestlers is limited
  • Need to connect to the network for score improvement
  • In-game purchases required to unlock additional content

Overall, WWE 2K Battlegrounds offers an entertaining and fun experience with its arcade-style gameplay and unique character designs. However, it falls short in certain areas such as limited commentary, repetitive moves, and missing game modes. The need for in-game purchases to unlock content may also be a drawback for some players. Nevertheless, for fans of wrestling games who enjoy casual and lighthearted gameplay, WWE 2K Battlegrounds can be a worthwhile choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – WWE 2K Battlegrounds PC Game

1. What is WWE 2K Battlegrounds?

WWE 2K Battlegrounds is an action-packed arcade-style wrestling game developed by Saber Interactive Studios. It features exaggerated character designs and over-the-top gameplay for a fun and entertaining experience.

2. Is WWE 2K Battlegrounds a realistic wrestling game?

No, WWE 2K Battlegrounds is not a realistic wrestling game. It is an arcade-style game where players can perform super moves, kicks, punches, and grabs. The gameplay is more focused on entertainment rather than realism.

3. What game modes are available in WWE 2K Battlegrounds?

WWE 2K Battlegrounds offers various game modes, including Cage Matches, Royal Rumble, and Doubles. However, some popular modes like Hell in a Cell or Ladder Matches are not included in the game.

4. How do I unlock more wrestlers in WWE 2K Battlegrounds?

In WWE 2K Battlegrounds, you can unlock more wrestlers by playing through the story mode and earning points. Alternatively, you have the option to purchase additional wrestlers using real money, similar to other 2K games.

5. Is an internet connection required to play WWE 2K Battlegrounds?

Yes, an internet connection is required even in single player mode to improve your scores, receive news updates, and strengthen your character through online interactions. However, the game can still be enjoyed offline.

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