NBA 2K21

Sport and Basketball

Sport comes to us in many ways. Basketball is world famous, but many of us only know the famous American teams. This fast-paced sport, although the most famous in the United States of America, was invented in 1891 by a Canadian doctor and the first NBA game was played in 1946. This sport has gone through various phases over many years, but its 13 relatively basic laws have been applied to this day.

For many years, sports games have attempted to simulate sports of all kinds, and with the development of technology we have seen the accuracy of these simulations develop in very impressive ways. That’s why we’re going to talk about everything NBA2K21 offers from new elements to general changes. Last year’s version was loved by many and is considered the best-selling installment in the history of this game series. Many expect many improvements in this new version. I wonder if the Visual Concept team was able to overcome these expectations?

Graphics and Gameplay

As for the graphics, this series surprises you almost every year with its graphics, from the lighting to the loud and iconic sounds in each basketball game, and what makes these graphics stand out even more is the elaborate gameplay style. This year’s release introduced new details that have ensured that all types of players can enjoy the game. From a simple style of play that is fun for anyone who has never played the sport before, to options that allow the experienced player to deepen their knowledge of the new style of play, allowing them to be creative and the players up a very precise way to control what was missing in the previous parts. In addition, each large group of players has its own character in the game, from the movement to the method of shooting to the weight with which the ball is thrown at the target.

The new ball throwing system is a welcome touch and has added variety and a new character to the game. Although there are new factors, we will find the Pro Stick system from the release of the game in 2017, so every throw of the ball no longer allows you to control it only through the accuracy of the throw, but you have to adjust the weight of the time. So you throw perfectly for all types of shots. The artificial intelligence of defenders has become wilder and the movement of players they do not control has become more natural than before. In general, the gameplay is balanced and entertaining, and the Visual Concepts team continues to raise the standard of simulation in sports games.

Game Modes and Features

Apart from the basic mode, the game includes another segment of modes including My Career, which takes you into an acceptable story mode with strange moments. You play as a character in the late days of high school and then in the university phase until you enter the NBA and the gameplay events tell of a character who was an American football player. He changed his inclination to become a basketball player to follow in his father’s footsteps. The performance and voice acting were acceptable, but don’t expect it to be an enticing experience for you to continue the story for a long period of time as the only entertaining factor is the gameplay.

When you complete the story phase, a place like the “Hub” will appear to you, which lets you walk through some streets of Miami and visit shops while also offering you many different activities, such as playing basketball in public arenas around the sea, but the biggest problem is developing your character in this place. What’s interesting is that if you want to develop the character by paying certain amounts to purchase the in-game currency, you can develop your character without purchasing anything, but this will take you annoyingly long periods of time. Of course, these purchases generally dominate all phases except the traditional phase where you have to play with the available teams.

The other mode, MyTeam. The return of this mode this year provides more variety and new items with each season, but it hasn’t been spared from purchases, to the point where I felt like some of these activities were specifically designed to last a long time, to save the player time by purchasing in the game’s virtual currency. The MyGym mode is good and gives the game a varied character as it is a way to manage your own team and one of my saddest experiences was with the online game, which periodically lost connection and there is nothing, which connects you with players of the same level as you, except for the presence of some technical errors that I noticed during my game. On the internet, like some players don’t receive my ball when I pass to them, or some of them turn around during my attack.

Pros and Cons of NBA 2K21 PC Game


  • Impressive Graphics: NBA 2K21 continues to deliver stunning graphics, with attention to detail in lighting, sound effects, and gameplay style.
  • Improved Gameplay: The game offers a balanced and entertaining gameplay experience, with the new ball throwing system adding variety and precision to shots.
  • Realistic AI: The artificial intelligence of defenders has been enhanced, making their movements more natural and challenging for players.
  • My Career Mode: The game includes a story mode where players can follow a character’s journey from high school to the NBA, providing an engaging experience.
  • MyGym Mode: This mode allows players to manage their own team, adding a varied and personalized aspect to the game.


  • Microtransactions: The game heavily relies on in-game purchases, which can be frustrating for players who prefer to progress without spending additional money.
  • Long Development Time: Developing your character in certain modes can be time-consuming without purchasing in-game currency, leading to potentially tedious gameplay.
  • Online Connectivity Issues: Some players have reported periodic disconnections and technical errors during online gameplay, affecting the overall experience.

Overall, NBA 2K21 offers impressive graphics, improved gameplay, and engaging modes such as My Career and MyGym. However, the heavy reliance on microtransactions and potential connectivity issues may hinder the overall enjoyment for some players.

FAQ – NBA 2K21 PC Game

1. What is NBA 2K21?

NBA 2K21 is a basketball simulation video game that allows players to experience the excitement and intensity of the NBA on their PC.

2. What improvements can I expect in NBA 2K21 compared to previous versions?

NBA 2K21 offers new gameplay elements and general changes, including improved graphics, realistic player movements, and a new ball throwing system that adds variety and precision to the game.

3. What game modes are available in NBA 2K21?

NBA 2K21 includes various game modes, including the basic mode where you can play with available teams, My Career mode which offers a story-driven experience, MyTeam mode for building and managing your own team, and MyGym mode where you can manage your own team.

4. Are there in-game purchases in NBA 2K21?

Yes, NBA 2K21 includes in-game purchases that allow players to enhance their characters or progress faster. However, it is possible to develop your character without purchasing anything, although it may take longer.

5. Are there any known technical issues in NBA 2K21?

Some players have reported occasional connection issues during online gameplay, such as lost connections or technical errors. Additionally, there have been instances where passes may not reach intended players or players may turn around unexpectedly during attacks.

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