WWE 2K20

Years have passed since THQ announced its bankruptcy and lost the rights to produce games for the WWE Federation, with which the company was very creative and at that time proposed an exclusive game for each gaming platform, but since 2K the rights to Production of wrestling games has acquired the WWE association each time has given us modest experiences with a lack of identity and unwanted additions that have an impact. Thank you for enjoying the game, and this year’s version witnesses the farewell of the “YUX” development team from The image was created after many years of developing wrestling games and the sole work of the Visual Concepts development team on this version. The review can initially be summed up by saying it’s a disaster, but we need to describe it in more detail to find out where it failed. The team is on its mission.

WWE 2K20 game offers many options and game modes as you see the list of options at the beginning of the game. This is usually a great indicator of good content delivery. However, once you look through these options, you will fully realize that a good book interface does not always mean that the book is fun to read. As soon as you play the first match with the regular wrestling option, you will notice some of the disasters of this game and talk about the designs of the wrestlers’ skins in the interface! Anyone in their right mind would notice that these designs of male and female wrestlers’ faces resemble their actual forms! Some of them, oddly enough, are very far from reality and give the impression that the matter was settled within half an hour for the entire list with very poor details, and the matter does not end there with the fact that many wrestlers do not even except can be selected through purchase or via other game modes.

The game’s graphics generally experience a significant decline at various levels, and I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I say that they sometimes reach the level of the second generation PlayStation 2, especially in the story mode, what with the poor character models and the bad Character models involves the dynamic representation of the lips and face. The matter does not end here if we talk about the poor quality of this product on a technical level and it is time to talk about it. As for the most important event, which is technical failures, oh my God God, what is happening here? We all know the famous WWE slogan that anything can happen in WWE, and this game takes it literally. You will see wrestlers flying into the sky and passing through the ring to the lower part of the ring, a referee getting stuck in the ropes, and countless technical problems every time you play the game! No, it is not volatile and occurs in limited quantities. Every time I fight I face technical problems which are very gratifying when they occur!

The game features a much more arcade style of play than previous simulation focused games. The position of some buttons has been changed, particularly the shot reverse button, which the game has often relied on in the past. Instead of using the shoulder buttons, the triangle button is now used, and this does not add any significant advantage to the game. Why? ? Because the game is annoyingly unbalanced. When we watch wrestling shows, we realize that the execution of a special punch by one of the wrestlers often means the end of the fight and his victory, but here you will perform the special punch over and over again on the opponent, his body will turn completely red, but due to the game’s very sterile stabilization system, he can defeat you instantly.

Yes, the game still uses that sterile grapple system that forces you to press at the right time to escape grapple, and the pressure area gets smaller the weaker your energy is. In addition, the more sterile surrender system returns again by trying to move the analog stick in a circular motion to catch up with the opponent’s indicator for a certain period of time until he announces surrender, as if the development team has never responded to the great criticism in recent years What made matters worse was that the game no longer responded well to player movements and the realism of the game. For example, it became very necessary to maintain a certain distance to be able to hit the opponent, otherwise you wouldn’t hit them at all while you were watching. Your character’s hand comes close to his face, and this also happens when using weapons, and you will notice that your wrestler will often punch the air before finding the appropriate area to hit the opponent.

The gameplay system in this part offers nothing new to praise. Rather, it retains everything that was bad about the previous games and adds countless technical problems to them to make things worse. Shall we start talking about the game modes? In addition to the normal game mode, which allows you to take part in battles under normal conditions, in a cage or in a ranked match, and other options, there is the story mode, which offers us long hours of play by designing two characters and starting the story follows them from their college days until they become stars in the WWE, but be prepared for the worst dialogue possible. Hear them in story mode of a video game with history and lots and lots and lots of ridiculous jokes.

Even the game modes, despite their many types, don’t provide any significant fun, and the only fun I had from the game was the group play and watching all these strange and strange technical errors and having them reflect on the events of the battle. In one of the battles, while I was preparing to deliver the final blow to the opponent, the referee appeared in front of me, and there was no… My wrestlers only delivered a special blow to the referee himself, only to find the referee We fly through the air, stay hanging on the ropes and continuing the game without a referee! Yes, this game will give you many moments of laughter and you will always wonder if the game actually went through a testing phase before its release.

When it comes to the WWE 2K20 game, it is very clear that it is an incomplete game and was released just to be “released” and nothing more than that, as it suffered during the development phase due to the Yux team’s exit from the picture , and I don’t know how much time the development team at Visual Concepts had to finish the game, but in the end it was disastrous for everyone. Levels is a game that offers fun and entertainment, but in a way that you would never imagine with all its exciting technology.

Pros and Cons of WWE 2K20 PC Game


  • Offers a variety of game modes and options
  • Group play can provide some entertainment
  • Provides moments of laughter due to technical errors


  • Poor graphics, character models, and facial animations
  • Technical failures and glitches are abundant
  • Unbalanced gameplay and unresponsive controls
  • Story mode features weak dialogue and ridiculous jokes
  • Game modes lack significant fun and enjoyment
  • Released as an incomplete game with many issues

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – WWE 2K20 PC Game

1. What are the major issues with WWE 2K20 PC Game?

WWE 2K20 PC Game has been criticized for its poor graphics, including bad character models and facial animations. The game also suffers from numerous technical problems, such as wrestlers flying into the sky and getting stuck in the ropes.

2. How is the gameplay in WWE 2K20 PC Game?

The gameplay in WWE 2K20 PC Game has a more arcade style compared to previous simulation-focused games. However, the game is unbalanced, with special moves being performed repeatedly without resulting in a clear victory. The grapple and submission systems are also considered sterile and lack responsiveness.

3. Are there any new features or improvements in WWE 2K20 PC Game?

Unfortunately, WWE 2K20 PC Game does not offer any significant improvements or new features. The game retains many of the flaws from previous installments and adds technical problems, making the overall experience worse.

4. What game modes are available in WWE 2K20 PC Game?

WWE 2K20 PC Game offers various game modes, including normal matches, cage matches, and ranked matches. The story mode allows players to create and follow the journey of two characters from their college days to becoming WWE stars. However, the dialogue and jokes in the story mode are often considered subpar.

5. Is WWE 2K20 PC Game worth playing?

Based on the numerous issues and negative feedback, WWE 2K20 PC Game is generally not considered worth playing. The game lacks polish, suffers from technical problems, and fails to deliver an enjoyable experience for players.

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