Little Nightmares II

Little Nightmares II: A Dark and Magical Experience

In 2017 we got the dark atmosphere puzzle and platform game Little Nightmares developed by Tarsier Studios, which gave us an experience different from anything else on the gaming market, with that “atmosphere” or a very strange atmosphere and world with With its extreme darkness and unusual designs in video games, it was truly a very magical experience. Differently and moreover, the game presented itself as a very distinctive puzzle and platform game, also with the strange and ambiguous nature of its story without much explanation, and now, 4 years after the release of the first game, we get the second part, which is the events continue for us. Did the team have another strong experience or were they satisfied with a game? Distinctive first? Today we find out the answer.

The second part of the game brings with it a new hero of events. Here we control this boy who puts a paper bag on his head. “You can change the headdress as events progress, as this is one of the secret things in the game that you can collect.” His name is Mono. After waking up from sleep, Mono finds himself in one of the strange houses, and while he’s wandering around, he finds a young girl locked in a cage, so he frees her. “Hmm, I wonder who this girl is?” Their adventure begins with escaping this place and escaping the hunter who is trying to eliminate them until they reach the city. From here we learn about the main idea of ​​​​this strange world, where there is a huge broadcast tower, and through television screens the inhabitants of this world are controlled, and Mono and the girl who is with him are “controlled” by him. “Artificial Intelligence” goes on this adventure to survive this world.

Cooperative Gameplay and Challenging Puzzles

The idea of ​​the game is identical to the first part. You have to solve puzzles or jump between platforms to get out of these rooms and advance to new locations. The most important innovation in this part is the cooperative game, in which many puzzles are solved through cooperation between the character Mono and the helper girl, be it by jumping to further locations or pulling together heavy objects and other things. The ideas we’ve often seen in previous cooperative games are real. There are no new ideas here in any way solve puzzles in cooperative play, but the story and interaction between the two characters is the basic element between them to gain the trust of these unknown characters and try to survive in this strange world.

This time we are playing with a boy. He is physically stronger than Six, the heroine of the first game. Therefore, he has more characteristics, including the ability to carry heavy objects such as a hammer or a metal rod and use them to hit enemies when necessary, and also the ability to break down doors to advance. There is also the option to use a flashlight to paralyze enemies and prevent them from moving. Where the enemies in one of the areas are affected by light, this time the adventure takes place in the abandoned city and we go through the first chapter of it in one of the schools and what kind of school it is. There are lots of little devils, but they aren’t the biggest problem, it’s the teacher with the long neck and all the horror you’ll get from her if you try to avoid her at every encounter. .

A Dark and Unique World

We then head to the hospital, the scariest part of the game, where we face a possessed doctor and many incomplete human parts. The game’s puzzles rely heavily on the two characters working together to progress, and often you’re playing alone because the girl disappears for one reason or another. Here the game is very similar to the first part. There are crazy boss fights between escaping from them and trying to eliminate them and what a wonderful feeling when you accomplish that. The game can sometimes have difficulty detecting how far things are from you due to the shooting angles, making it difficult to hit enemies or shine light on them, as well as throwing or jumping things into the right place. .

The game, like the first part, presents a wonderful and dark world that we don’t see in video games. The majestic atmosphere that the game offers makes exploring each new area a wonderful thing in itself. The depressing depiction of the depopulated and rainy city represents a major innovation for the development team in the representation of us. The game is very distinguished on a graphical level by the “art” it presents and by the representation of a world that we Can’t imagine it like this, with all its darkness and gloom. The game’s music is also so unique that it sometimes helps us solve puzzles and my constant advice to you, especially in the final areas of the game, is to listen to the music. With great concentration.

A Unique and Special Experience

The game is a single player game. There isn’t much additional content in the game, aside from collecting some secret accessories. In addition, like the first part, the game is not long at all and can be completed over time. A playing time of 4-5 hours. The game offers no explanation of the story and you have to try to figure it all out. Something for yourself or to read on the Internet, Little Nightmares II offers a very special experience for fans of puzzles and puzzle platform games and especially fans of survival and mystery games with a magical world and atmosphere that we don’t often see in games . This game offers a very special experience.

Pros and Cons of Little Nightmares II PC Game


  • Unique and dark atmosphere: Little Nightmares II offers a distinct and atmospheric world that is different from other games on the market.
  • Engaging puzzle and platform gameplay: The game presents challenging puzzles and platforming elements that keep players engaged and entertained.
  • Cooperative gameplay: The addition of cooperative gameplay adds a new dimension to the game, allowing players to solve puzzles and progress together.
  • Strong protagonist: The new protagonist, Mono, brings new abilities and gameplay mechanics, making the game more dynamic and exciting.
  • Stunning graphics: The game’s graphics are visually stunning, with detailed and atmospheric environments that immerse players in the game’s world.
  • Unique music: The game’s music adds to the overall experience, creating a haunting and atmospheric atmosphere.
  • Mysterious story: Little Nightmares II’s story is intriguing and leaves players wanting to uncover more about the game’s world and characters.


  • Short gameplay: The game can be completed in 4-5 hours, which may be too short for some players.
  • Lack of additional content: Aside from collecting secret accessories, there isn’t much additional content in the game.
  • Difficulty with aiming and throwing objects: The game’s shooting angles can make it difficult to accurately aim and throw objects, leading to frustration.
  • Lack of story explanation: The game doesn’t provide much explanation for its story, leaving players to figure out the details on their own or through external sources.


1. What is the gameplay of Little Nightmares II PC Game?

The gameplay of Little Nightmares II PC Game involves solving puzzles and navigating platforms to progress through rooms and locations. The game also features cooperative gameplay, where the main character, Mono, must work with the helper girl to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.

2. How long does it take to complete Little Nightmares II PC Game?

Little Nightmares II PC Game can be completed in approximately 4-5 hours.

3. Is Little Nightmares II PC Game a single player game?

Yes, Little Nightmares II PC Game is a single player game.

4. Are there any additional content or collectibles in the game?

Aside from collecting some secret accessories, there isn’t much additional content in Little Nightmares II PC Game.

5. Does Little Nightmares II PC Game provide an explanation of the story?

No, Little Nightmares II PC Game does not provide an explanation of the story. Players must try to figure it out themselves or seek information online.

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