Alan Wake Remastered

In 2010, development team Remedy Entertainment brought us the action and horror game Alan Wake on the Xbox 360, and it was one of the best exclusive games for the device at the time. An action and horror story game in which we go on an adventure with the very successful novelist Alan Wake in his attempt to find his wife who disappeared in the town of Bright Falls. The little one on vacation. Now, 11 years after the release of the original game, we get the remastered version, available on various platforms, including for the first time on Sony home devices. Today we present you a review of the remastered version of this classic game.

Gameplay and Storytelling

The Alan Wake game is the closest thing to a television series in terms of the way the story is told, which consists of chapters that always end with an unexpected ending. Here we control the character of the writer Alan Wake, with whom the adventure begins A strange dream. It is similar to the training area in the game, where we learn the very simple basics of control. The enemies are in the game. They are people who have been afflicted by the power of darkness and you have to take the lead. Point the flashlight at them to get rid of the power of darkness and then hit them with bullets to eliminate them. There is also a dodge button, and choosing the right time to dodge will help you a lot when confronting enemies, especially when their number is large, it increases to save your energy and also get the opportunity to attack enemies after theirs to hit a failed attack. The gameplay style is very simple and fun and can be somewhat flawed by repetition, be it in terms of the enemy designs or the style itself, which doesn’t develop much over the course of the game until you play through it.

Improved Graphics and Atmosphere

You should always pay attention to the battery indicator of the flashlight and also identify the places where the light is strong as this is where enemies cannot attack you. Here you can also restore your energy. As you progress through the game, the power of the flashlight increases. You will also find more diverse weapon options. The gameplay is very fun. In fact, the remaster version hasn’t changed anything here. Everything was like the original version and there was no real need to change anything in terms of how the original gameplay system was strong in the game. The remaster version focused more on improving the graphics in the game. Well, the original version of the game is still beautiful to this day. It was present, but had some minor problems such as a reduction in frame speed, etc. Here the problems have been fixed, and also the character models have been improved during the game’s cinematics and a higher screen resolution has certainly been added to the current version for home devices.

Immersive Atmosphere and Engaging Story

The game’s tone is distinguished by both the characters’ voice acting and the music. This game was very impressive on a technical level during the Xbox 360 generation and now looks nicer than before, although it didn’t need a lot of improvements. The game is very linear and offers a very nice explanation of the events of the story. Its secrets and how Alan Wake tries to remember this novel where he lives and where his wife disappeared and the secrets of this darkness that haunts him The game’s environments are very beautiful, as are the storytelling and Movie scenes, and it is one of the games that have portrayed this theme excellently.

Additional Content and Conclusion

The main adventure is not very long. What sets the remaster pack apart is that it includes additional content to the original game, namely “The Signal” and “The Writer” chapters, which provide great added value to the content and longer hours of play. The game does not offer any additional stages of group play or networking, as it is a game intended for one player and is presented in a very special way for fans of story games. Alan Wake is one of the very special action game experiences worth trying, and it’s very nice that it has received a remastered version so that the largest possible number of players can play the game, especially given the rumors about the possibility of . .. We will get a second part of the game in the future. It is a very entertaining game in which most of the elements, including the gameplay system, story and graphics, were characteristic in the original version of the game and have been further improved in this new version.

Alan Wake Remastered was reviewed using a copy we received from the game publisher prior to the game’s launch.

Pros and Cons of Alan Wake Remastered PC Game


  • Engaging Storytelling: Alan Wake Remastered offers a captivating and immersive story that unfolds like a television series, with chapters ending in unexpected twists and turns.
  • Simple and Fun Gameplay: The gameplay mechanics are straightforward and enjoyable, with players using a flashlight to ward off enemies and engaging in combat with a variety of weapons.
  • Improved Graphics: The remastered version of the game features enhanced graphics, including improved character models and higher screen resolution, making it visually appealing.
  • Atmospheric Tone: The game’s voice acting, music, and environments create a compelling and immersive atmosphere, adding to the overall experience.
  • Additional Content: The remastered pack includes extra chapters, “The Signal” and “The Writer,” providing added value and extending the gameplay hours for players.


  • Repetitive Gameplay: Some players may find the gameplay mechanics, enemy designs, and overall style to be repetitive over the course of the game.
  • Linear Experience: Alan Wake Remastered is a linear game, limiting player exploration and offering a more focused narrative experience.
  • No Multiplayer or Online Features: The game is designed for single-player gameplay only and does not offer any additional multiplayer or online modes.
  • Short Main Adventure: The main adventure in the game is relatively short, but the additional content helps to extend the overall playtime.

Overall, Alan Wake Remastered offers an engaging story, enjoyable gameplay, and improved graphics. While it may have some repetitive elements and a linear experience, the additional content and atmospheric tone make it a worthwhile experience for fans of story-driven games.


1. What is the gameplay of Alan Wake Remastered?

The gameplay of Alan Wake Remastered is a combination of action and horror. Players control the character of Alan Wake, a successful novelist, as he embarks on a journey to find his missing wife in the town of Bright Falls. The game involves using a flashlight to weaken enemies affected by darkness and then eliminating them with bullets. Dodging and timing attacks are also important strategies in combat.

2. Is the gameplay repetitive?

While the gameplay style of Alan Wake Remastered is simple and fun, it can become somewhat repetitive over the course of the game. This repetition can be seen in the enemy designs and the overall gameplay mechanics, which do not develop significantly as the game progresses.

3. What should I pay attention to during gameplay?

During gameplay, it is important to pay attention to the battery indicator of the flashlight. Additionally, identifying areas with strong light is crucial as enemies cannot attack you in those areas. These areas also serve as energy restoration points. As you progress in the game, the power of the flashlight increases, and you will find more diverse weapon options.

4. What improvements have been made in the remastered version?

The remastered version of Alan Wake focuses primarily on improving the graphics of the game. The original version was already visually impressive, but the remastered version fixes minor issues such as frame rate reductions and improves character models during cinematics. The current version also offers a higher screen resolution for home devices.

5. Does the remastered version include additional content?

Yes, the remastered version of Alan Wake includes additional content not present in the original game. It includes “The Signal” and “The Writer” chapters, which provide extended gameplay and added value to the overall content. However, the game does not offer any multiplayer or online features and is designed for single-player experiences.

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