Mega Man 11

It’s been 8 years since we received the last releases of the classic Mega Man action and platform game series, and this year Capcom presents us the eleventh installment of the 2D action and platform game series, which celebrated its thirtieth anniversary some time ago. In this review we will tell you more about Mega Man 11. This brings the famous blue bomber back to the stage after a long absence.

Story is generally not an important element in platform games, and the Mega Man game series is no exception. The goal of the story is to add background to the events and a reason for what you are doing, nothing more. The story is about the return of Dr. Wily came back with another evil plan and completed work on the Double Gear project he had been working on during college, which was designed by his colleague Dr. was not admired. Light or university officials, which led to his rejection, and now that he is back working on the system, Dr. Wily takes control of 8 new robots to test this system on them.

The tenth installment of the series brought back the experience of pixel graphics of a classic nature, but the eleventh part presents us with three-dimensional graphics that the development team succeeded in giving the game a very nice look in terms of design for characters and stages with special effects for explosions and other visual elements with a beautiful variety of colors. What we see on the screen and the audio content is also beautiful, as we get new tunes based on the same tunes that we are used to in the classic versions.

Gameplay and Controls


The controls are not much different from what we are used to. You can move in different directions while jumping or sliding to avoid enemies and jump over obstacles or traps. You attack enemies by firing grenades from the Mega Buster Cannon, with the ability to charge the cannon’s energy to fire a larger grenade. With greater power, you will gain the special abilities of the leaders when you defeat them, as we are used to in the series, but a new addition here is the Double Gear system Activated by selecting the “Speed ​​Gear” option, which increases your speed and Your reaction to the environment around you is doubled, making everything look like it’s moving slowly, and you have the Power Gear option. This doubles the power of your shots and doubles their number. You have a limited time to use this system before Mega Man’s temperature rises. If you use the system for longer than allowed, it will be disconnected for a temporary period until it returns to normal temperature. and you cannot use it during this period.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation and your life bar drops by a certain amount, you can fully activate Doppelgang as you become twice as fast and powerful. However, if you enable this option, you cannot stop it. Before the temperature rises and after the temperature rises and the system is disconnected, you cannot stop it. From firing missiles at the same speed until the system returns to its normal temperature, which can put you in a more critical situation. If you use this system, you should be sure that you can finish off the opponent quickly. The Double Gear system will help you avoid some of the obstacles and traps that you will find in the different stages where there are traps. It works very quickly, which requires you to activate the speed system, and if you want to get rid of some enemies, the strength system will come in handy. The Double Gear system takes some time to get used to, and it’s a fair attempt to add some innovations, but even after getting used to it, it doesn’t work smoothly and doesn’t offer anything revolutionary to try out.

Difficulty Levels and Challenges

Mega Man 11 Review-6

Mega Man 11 offers everything players love about this series as we have 8 different bosses, each with their own stage different from the others. The stages in this version have been elaborately and beautifully designed, and despite the presence of many ideas that we have seen in previous versions, this version offers a lot. The phases of the new ideas have also become longer than usual and one can say that they take two to three times as much time as usual. Each stage is presented with a sub-boss (mini-boss), and some sub-bosses will be faced exceptionally once, while others may be faced again under slightly different circumstances. For example, when the ground moves, sometimes you will be chased by destructive machines or fire, for example. Here you have to escape and overcome obstacles and enemies as quickly as possible to escape danger. There are other examples of the dangers that you traverse in stages, which adds a welcome change of pace to the experience.

Confrontations with leaders are, as always, interesting, and knowing the weak point of the leader you’re facing will give you an advantage in battle. However, the leaders now have either the Power Gear or the Speed ​​Gear, and in a certain part of the battle they activate the property they own. Some of them can transform into a larger and more dangerous form or double in size or number. The missiles they fire at you while others move quickly and try to attack you and you will find that you have to use the Double Gear system when facing bosses stronger than others.

Difficulty Levels and Challenges

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Duration and Additional Content

If you play the experience on normal difficulty, the average duration of the experience will be between around 5 and 8 hours, while with the casual option you can complete it in around 3 or maybe 4 hours. You can also play the maximum difficulty option B to improve or test your skills. The game also features a challenge phase that offers a large number of challenges. Various challenges, such as trying to complete the stages as quickly as possible or collecting medals. There are also Boss Rush challenges where you try to defeat the bosses as quickly as possible, and many different tasks are provided in this phase that add more content and value to the experience.


Mega Man 11 once again offers everything fans of the series and fans of platform games in general love, with beautiful visuals and interesting boss encounters. While the Double Gear system wasn’t a significant change or addition to the experience, it’s still a fun and enjoyable experience, and the challenge mode it offers adds even more…hours to spare after completing the basic experience with the game.

This game was tested using an Xbox One copy that we purchased ourselves.

Pros and Cons of Mega Man 11 PC Game


  • Visually appealing three-dimensional graphics with well-designed characters and stages.
  • Beautiful variety of colors and special effects, enhancing the overall visual experience.
  • Classic Mega Man gameplay with familiar controls, allowing for easy maneuverability.
  • Addition of the Double Gear system adds a new layer of strategy and gameplay options.
  • Challenging boss encounters with interesting mechanics and weaknesses to exploit.
  • Multiple difficulty options cater to different player preferences and skill levels.
  • Challenge phase offers a variety of additional tasks and challenges, extending the gameplay.


  • The Double Gear system, while a novel addition, may not offer significant gameplay enhancements.
  • The system takes time to get used to and may not work smoothly or revolutionize the gameplay experience.
  • Storyline is not a significant element in the game and may not provide a compelling narrative.
  • Some boss encounters may feel unbalanced or overly difficult compared to others.
  • The game’s length may be relatively short, especially on lower difficulty settings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Mega Man 11 PC Game

1. What is the story of Mega Man 11?

The story revolves around the return of Dr. Wily, who has completed work on the Double Gear project and takes control of 8 new robots to test the system on them.

2. What are the controls in Mega Man 11?

You can move in different directions while jumping or sliding to avoid enemies and obstacles. You attack enemies by firing grenades from the Mega Buster Cannon, with the ability to charge the cannon’s energy for a more powerful shot.

3. How does the Double Gear system work?

The Double Gear system is activated by selecting the “Speed Gear” option, which doubles your speed and reaction to the environment. The “Power Gear” option doubles the power and number of your shots. However, there is a limited time to use this system before Mega Man’s temperature rises and it gets temporarily disconnected.

4. What are the difficulty options in Mega Man 11?

Mega Man 11 offers difficulty options such as “Newcomer” or “Casual” for a less challenging experience, “Normal” for the usual difficulty, and “Superhero” for a more challenging experience with increased damage and tougher boss attacks.

5. How long does it take to complete Mega Man 11?

The average duration of the game on normal difficulty is between 5 and 8 hours. On the casual option, it can be completed in around 3 to 4 hours. There is also a challenge phase with various tasks and challenges that add more content and value to the experience.

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