No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky: The Big Dream Come True?

No Man’s Sky has been making a huge splash in recent years, being the center of attention at every exhibition it attended and every conference it was shown at. The reason for this is the big idea on which the game is based: players can explore a very large and unprecedented world by traveling through vast space. The game developers did not hesitate at all to ride the wave of excitement and bring with them the largest possible number of players. Still, some preferred to watch from afar, perhaps making no secret of their pessimism about the game and the hidden truth that might lie behind it. But between this and that, what was the final product like and was the game really the big dream that finally came true for the players?

For those who don’t know the game or have never heard of it, No Man’s Sky is a very huge world with many planets and a vast space, and it tries to make this huge place an arena where players can do everything can discover in it. At the start of the game you are on a planet, your ship is broken and you have to restart it to leave the planet. Here the game tells you the basics as you need to collect certain materials to repair the vehicle and then collect fuel to take off. You can find these materials around you on the planet, where you have a laser gun that crushes rocks and plants to collect the materials you need. After repairing the vehicle, you can leave the planet and launch into vast space.


The Technical Splendor of No Man’s Sky

The technical splendor of the game, which has captured the admiration of everyone since its release, has nothing to do with the graphics. The appearance of the game is very ordinary, but is directly related to the programming. The developers at the small Hello Games team have managed to provide a wonderful algorithm that ensures that the game offers different planets, environments and random creatures each time you visit a planet. After you leave the first planet, you will find and visit other planets near you. Then everything repeats as you collect more materials and discover new locations and creatures.

Throughout the game you can craft new tools and purchase some of them from some alien traders you encounter along the way. During this time you move from one planet to another trying to reach the center of the galaxy, which is the main goal of the game. But in reality, you don’t need to pay attention to this goal, as you can roam endlessly through space and continue your explorations and gathering information until you get bored.

Speaking of boredom, I think there’s a good chance it’ll hit you much sooner than you expect. After traveling several planets, you will find yourself repeating everything again without finding the depth in the game that allows you to experience something truly new. Although the random planets are different, they offer you the same experience as the other creatures. Even aliens, traders and inhabitants of some planets are similar in their behavior and the way they interact as if they were really the same person. The game sometimes allows you to either fight on the planet or take on space pirates, but the control system is so slow and boring that you won’t get any joy from fighting them.

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The Flaws of No Man’s Sky

Even the inventory control system in the game was not well designed, as switching between screens and tools is very slow and you have to constantly access it to fix some problems or refuel. This situation becomes even worse when we combine it with the fact that game worlds become boring over time. Land on a planet, collect materials, craft tools and leave. This is the lifecycle of the main game. Otherwise, you can upgrade your ship to go to a new solar system, but only to repeat the same steps again.

The Ambition of No Man’s Sky

No Man Skies is a very ambitious game, but its ambition was ultimately a negative factor. The effort made in presenting the massive game world has deprived the team of the ability to give the game enough depth and distinctive content that would end up making it a motivation for the player to further explore its factors. Maybe the team’s first experience didn’t go as hoped, but it laid the foundation for a potentially even more wonderful experience from this talented team in the future.

Pros and Cons of No Man’s Sky PC Game


  • Massive open-world: No Man’s Sky offers players a vast and unprecedented world to explore, with countless planets and a vast space to discover.
  • Procedurally generated content: The game uses a wonderful algorithm that ensures each visit to a planet offers different environments, creatures, and locations, providing a unique experience every time.
  • Crafting and trading: Players can craft new tools and purchase items from alien traders, adding depth and variety to gameplay.
  • Endless exploration: The main goal of reaching the center of the galaxy is optional, allowing players to roam endlessly through space, gathering information and exploring at their own pace.


  • Repetitive gameplay: After traveling to several planets, players may find themselves repeating the same tasks without finding enough depth or new experiences to keep them engaged.
  • Lack of variety in creatures and NPCs: While the random planets offer different environments, the creatures, aliens, and traders behave similarly, making the game feel repetitive and lacking in diversity.
  • Boring combat system: Fighting on planets or against space pirates can be slow and unexciting, resulting in little joy or satisfaction from these encounters.
  • Poor inventory control system: Switching between screens and tools is slow and cumbersome, detracting from the overall gameplay experience.

No Man’s Sky is an ambitious game that offers a massive open-world experience, but its ambition may have hindered the development of deeper gameplay and more distinctive content. While the game’s procedural generation and exploration elements are impressive, the repetitive nature of the gameplay and lack of variety in creatures and NPCs can lead to boredom. Additionally, the combat system and inventory control could have been better designed. Despite its flaws, No Man’s Sky lays the foundation for future potential and showcases the talent of the development team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – No Man’s Sky PC Game

1. What is No Man’s Sky?

No Man’s Sky is a vast open-world game where players can explore a procedurally generated universe filled with planets, space, and various creatures. It offers a unique experience of discovery and exploration.

2. How do I start playing No Man’s Sky?

At the beginning of the game, you find yourself on a planet with a broken ship. To leave the planet, you need to collect materials to repair your ship and gather fuel. Use your laser gun to crush rocks and plants to collect the necessary materials. Once your ship is repaired, you can venture into space.

3. What makes No Man’s Sky special?

No Man’s Sky stands out due to its procedural generation algorithm, which ensures that each planet, environment, and creature you encounter is unique. The game offers endless possibilities for exploration and discovery.

4. What is the main goal of No Man’s Sky?

The main goal of No Man’s Sky is to reach the center of the galaxy. However, players are not obligated to pursue this goal. You can freely explore the vast universe, gather information, and engage in various activities.

5. Does No Man’s Sky offer a diverse gameplay experience?

While No Man’s Sky boasts a vast universe and different planets, some players may find the gameplay repetitive over time. The random planets may offer similar experiences, and the interactions with aliens and traders can feel repetitive. Additionally, the combat system and inventory control may not be as enjoyable as expected.

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