Summer Catchers

How I love summer! How nice it is to eat ice cream and enjoy a vacation away from everyday stress! How bright, warm and full of life, don’t you love summer? What a coincidence, and neither do I! I’ve always hated this fiery season full of bugs, sweat and stress! Don’t you feel the same way? Well, let’s calm down a little and calmly organize our thoughts; Let me introduce you to Summer Catchers. It’s simply an adventure that we take through the different seasons to reach summer! What a contemporary game! It could be an ideal way to determine our position on this chapter: do we love it or hate it? Are you willing to fight the battle for a cold drink while also suffering a sunstroke that lands you in the hospital? I think I’ve startled quite a few of you with this strange introduction, but for those still with us, please come along.

Summer, I’m coming to you!

Heading towards the golden sands and the bright sun, our journey begins in a dark, snow-covered forest, where the little heroine of our story wakes up and realizes that she has never seen summer before and that she really wants to see it. She addresses her words to a gentle-looking wolf, who begs him for help in making her dream come true. Despite his initial hesitation, he decides to help her, so he builds a small car to reach her destination, the hottest and brightest time of year. The story, as you guessed, dear readers, is not the main component. It’s very simple, just like the introduction above, but it’s also a big part of the magic that the game enjoys. What Summer Catchers offers in its world is… It’s like a book for young people, full of beauty, very gentle and very innocent! You will see many picturesque views with a charming artistic approach and meet many wonderful characters on your trip. Despite their extreme simplicity, they managed to put a smile on my lips with the greatest ease with their good and bad. Your encounter with You will pass your stops at the stations you pass during your journey, giving you… Some tasks that you must complete to progress in the story.

Even as you progress further, your connection with them will not be broken, as you can message everyone you met on your journey and tell them about your latest developments in it and what you went through along the way, and they will do it in turn The same goes for you, which gives you a really nice feeling, the limits of which are not limited here as the game progresses… In each region there is an event that represents a mini-game, a puzzle or an encounter between you and one of them may contain the characters in its world. If you successfully complete the event, you will receive a gift that you may find a future use for. Overall, the side content the game offers is no less magical and beautiful than its world and sights! Oh, and did I mention that the melodies here are incredibly captivating too? Well, here it is!

Don’t be afraid girl, honestly I don’t bite.

There’s something wrong and I think you’ve noticed it. I’ve talked quite extensively about the beauty and magic of the game. Why does the number you achieved seem a bit modest? Well, I have to start talking about the bad news: despite all the wonderful elements that Summer Catchers offers, for a reason that I don’t know at all, it has strangely decided to spoil one of the most important elements in it, namely the game System! how did that happen? It’s easy. The game is based on the endless runner style of 2D shooting, similar to games like Super Mario Run and Jetpack Joyride. Let me clarify this as I have nothing against this genre. In fact, I really liked the latter much earlier! However, like this type, you have no control over your vehicle as it moves automatically and all you have to do is press the corresponding power button when you encounter a certain obstacle. The problem here is that the obstacles are The species you will encounter here are few and do not have any significant diversity. Of course, there is a difference between their forms depending on the region. What is present in it, but carries exactly the same mechanism, the matter does not seem to be really bad, but we have not yet reached this part after another! The skills that you will use are acquired in the workshop through pieces of mushrooms, which, by the way, are easy to collect, and when you buy them, the game does not allow you to choose between these skills or arrange them before the phase begins, since they Appearing on your screen completely randomly and you can’t even switch between them! Let me put it briefly: the biggest factor that will help you overcome obstacles in general will not be skill or quick wit, but luck! Imagine?!

Although the game features a group of cute assistants that have skills that make it easier for you not to lose quickly and that you can get in different ways, meeting them within the levels themselves is not guaranteed and it can happen that you’ll fall before you can get one! Going back to the missions, you usually get different tools to complete them. This matter not only does not add variety, but also makes the experience increasingly bitter, as the tool you get takes up additional space from the tools. which made me very angry! After completing the tasks assigned to you, you will have to face the leader of the region. In fact, the fight against leaders only presents one or two obstacles that you can overcome using one of the traditional tools, and it will not have a much different character from the normal stages. It is worth noting that I lost to the first leader many times, while one of the leaders in the advanced stages only needed one attempt without loss, for a very simple reason: I was lucky with the tools that were given to me in the right way order were available! The last thing worth mentioning is that the game offers you a co-op mode with another character, whose dialogues with the main character are entertaining to read as an addition to the fun, but in terms of the gameplay system it is an idea with a The implementation is very poor and increases the suffering you will suffer in it and may cause you to quarrel with the person you share the game with.

Sorry, Mr. Frog, but you’ll be frozen for the rest of your life because I don’t have a flamethrower in my lineup.

I ask myself a little question: Did you like “Summer Catchers”? In short… Yes, I really liked it! And no, I hated her so much! It is difficult to clearly define my position. When I remember the beautiful moments I experienced in the midst of it, I can’t say I didn’t love them, but when I remember the many times I lost just because happiness wasn’t there on my part I feel intense anger and can’t help but say that I hated her. ! Summer Catchers is a vivid example of a product that has all the ingredients to be an unparalleled masterpiece, but all of this is undone by one fatal choice, namely the sterile gameplay, which, while it may not be impressive, at least cannot be can be bad, and there is no doubt about it. It could be better than it was, but regretting what happened won’t help either. If the development team has the opportunity to work on a second part of the game or a completely new project, I would be happy if they correct the mistake they made here and work to fix it, otherwise; Summer Catchers leaves only a mixed experience that will certainly not appeal to many, just like summer! You can hate him and love him so much at the same time, what an irony.

We got the game from the publisher.


  • Beautiful and charming visuals
  • Engaging and innocent story
  • Magical and captivating melodies
  • Side content offers additional magical and beautiful experiences
  • Ability to message characters and share progress


  • Sterile gameplay with limited obstacle variety
  • Skills acquired randomly, relying on luck rather than skill
  • Difficulty in obtaining cute assistants and tools
  • Co-op mode implementation is poor
  • Mixed experience that may not appeal to everyone


1. What is Summer Catchers?

Summer Catchers is an adventure game where players embark on a journey through different seasons to reach summer.

2. What is the objective of the game?

The objective of the game is to help the main character, a little heroine, experience summer for the first time by overcoming obstacles and completing tasks.

3. What is the gameplay like?

The gameplay of Summer Catchers is based on the endless runner style of 2D shooting. Players have no control over the vehicle, which moves automatically, and must press the corresponding power button to overcome obstacles.

4. Is there a variety of obstacles in the game?

While the game offers different regions with varying forms of obstacles, the overall diversity of obstacles is limited. This can make the gameplay feel repetitive.

5. Are there any additional features in the game?

Summer Catchers offers side content such as mini-games, puzzles, and encounters with characters. Players can also interact with characters they meet during their journey and share their progress.

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