Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Assassin’s Creed: The Origins

Last year we didn’t see a big release of the Assassin’s Creed series of adventure and stealth games as usual, as this time the series needed another year to change the recipe a bit and offer a new experience after the series was released The experience that it offers with every published part has become routine. This year the series returns to us with the version “The Origins” that takes us to ancient Egypt during the reign of Cleopatra, with a story that introduces us to the beginning of the Brotherhood of the Assassin and we bring you this version present in more detail in this test report.

The story of the game revolves around the young Medjay Bayek from the city of Siwa. The Medjay are powerful warriors and Bayek is one of the few remaining of them. Your mission is to serve Pharaoh and Egypt and its people. The events begin when Khemu, Bayek’s son, was kidnapped by a person called “The Serpent” and the events will lead to the killing of Bayek’s son, which destroyed him and made him swear revenge against this person and as ours Hero believes he has avenged him. After his son’s death, he discovers that the Serpent is just one of several people who make up the “Order of the Ancients” group, which has spread in its political and popular structure throughout Egypt. You begin your journey of revenge, killing the members of this group until you find… the real murderer of your child.

The story of the game will show us the events that led to the formation of the Assassin group, which attracted the attention of most of this version, but unfortunately this part only consists of some cinematic excerpts of the story, while the rest becomes part of the adventure Your journey will be to avenge your son, and although the story begins in a mysterious and interesting way at the beginning, it continues after that in a superficial and weak way, without really clarifying the real goal of the group you are fighting without many questions and to answer unclear issues. Perhaps the only thing that could refute it is clarifying the origins of the Assassin group and nothing else.


Technical Perspective and Graphics

From a technical perspective, the game’s graphics are beautiful and ancient Egypt looks wonderful in this diverse world, from sandy deserts to rocky mountains and oases. The experience doesn’t suffer from any obvious or annoying technical issues, and the development team does a better job of depicting the period, from the poor and humble neighborhoods where the Egyptians lived to the colorful areas. And the luxury city where the Greeks lived at that time and you will find various wild animals from lions and panthers to huge hippos, wild crocodiles and beautiful flamingos, which brings the game world to life. On the auditory level, the game offers good melodies that cannot be praised or criticized because they serve their purpose. Without achieving a special degree.

The game system has changed significantly, as the game has moved closer to RPGs and open-world games, where you have a button for defense and a button for light and strong attacks, with the ability to focus on one of the opponents , but the performance of the camera while focusing is disastrous as it rotates and changes angle very annoyingly, and in many cases… It is difficult to focus on another opponent and sometimes it is almost impossible . The game introduces a leveling system, whereby your character advances to a new level as he gains enough experience to make his punches more powerful and with a better life meter. As you level up, you gain points that allow you to use the skill tree to acquire skills. New.

You can evolve the different parts of your uniform to improve the damage done by shooting arrows, increase health points or increase the damage you deal to the opponent by collecting various resources, including animal skins and some minerals You get by hunting and exploring in the game world. You can also choose two weapons and two weapon types. There is a maximum number of bows through the skill tree while carrying a shield, and each weapon and arrow type has a specific speed and strategy depending on the style you prefer to play. Traditional weapons, cursed weapons and legendary weapons are also available, as is common in other open world games, so you can always look for the best weapon.


Leveling System and Gameplay

The problem with the game’s leveling system is that enemies three levels higher than your level are nearly invincible. For example, if you are at level 5 and the enemy is level 8, in some cases it will be almost impossible or impossible for you to defeat him, and that forces you to complete side missions to increase the level. Based on your level, it can be said that half of the time you will spend completing the story will be wasted on side missions until you can reach the level required for the main missions, which is very annoying since the main missions of Jumping mission to mission in the required level, resulting in completing two or three missions while completing four or more. Five side missions to increase your level and sometimes more.

With the orientation of being an open world game, the game imitates other games of the same type in the concept of freedom, where you take on missions and then complete them in the way you wish, be it through infiltration, direct combat or in a different way . The game doesn’t add anything new or revolutionary compared to other open world games, but it is an experience. The gameplay is still fun and good, and if you expect a similar infiltration experience to the previous installments, you should think again, because the events of the game begin before the start of the Assassins and follow the silent mode of the Movement in the shadows in which you go through many missions that give you direct and loud confrontations and that the game does not require you to penetrate without… Discovering how it was in the previous parts.

In addition, the missions are very varied, as you sometimes kill a target and investigate to find out the circumstances of another crime. The game also presents a world that is the largest in the history of the series and is full of many missions and side content. In addition to the secrets hidden in multiple regions of the world, with the ability to explore pyramids and temples to obtain treasures. The side activities included such as chariot racing or entering the battlefield and listening to the bloody and enthusiastic mass confrontations. The side content is very extensive and will provide you with many hours of gaming fun. With your presence in ancient Egypt, you will witness stories of magic, sorcery and strange rituals that were performed during this time. Unfortunately, the stories. Some of the side missions are sometimes more interesting and complex than the main story.



After you complete the original story, you are presented with some additional options and activities to motivate you to complete the experience. There are also daily missions through which you can obtain unique weapons. To complete the game for the first time on medium difficulty, you will need between 25 and 30 hours. However, if you want to finish everything in the game, it will take time. The game has, without a doubt, an insane amount of hours, and it’s safe to say that it lasts twice as long as it originally might not even be enough for you. However, the game changes the original recipe of the series, but does not offer the revolutionary experience or experience that we might consider one of the best in the entire series, but it does offer huge content that is satisfying. We don’t really know whether the development team has chosen the most appropriate direction for the series or not, but we hope that next time it will offer something better and the game may be suitable for those who are looking for an open world experience with diverse and extensive content.


  • Beautiful graphics and immersive world: The game’s graphics are stunning, and ancient Egypt is depicted in a diverse and realistic way.
  • Varied missions and side content: The game offers a wide range of missions and side activities, providing many hours of gameplay.
  • Large game world: The world of Assassin’s Creed: Origins is the largest in the history of the series, with many secrets and hidden treasures to discover.
  • Exploration and freedom: The game allows players to take on missions and complete them in their own preferred way, whether through infiltration, combat, or alternative methods.
  • Extensive content: With its numerous side missions and activities, the game offers a lot of content and provides a satisfying gaming experience.


  • Weak story execution: While the game’s story starts off intriguing, it becomes superficial and fails to clarify the real goals of the antagonist group.
  • Leveling system issues: Enemies that are three levels higher than the player’s level can be nearly invincible, forcing players to complete side missions to increase their level.
  • Disappointing camera performance: The camera rotation and angle changes during combat can be annoying and make it difficult to focus on opponents.
  • Not revolutionary compared to other open world games: The game doesn’t introduce any new or groundbreaking features, sticking to the familiar formula of the genre.
  • Side missions sometimes more interesting than the main story: Some of the side missions offer more depth and complexity than the main storyline.


1. What is the storyline of Assassin’s Creed: Origins?

The game revolves around the young Medjay warrior, Bayek, who seeks revenge after his son is killed by a group called the “Order of the Ancients.” He embarks on a journey to eliminate the members of this group and uncover the truth behind his son’s murder.

2. How is the gameplay different from previous Assassin’s Creed games?

Assassin’s Creed: Origins introduces RPG elements and an open-world environment. The combat system has changed, allowing for light and strong attacks, as well as the ability to focus on opponents. The game also features a leveling system, skill tree, and the option to upgrade weapons and armor.

3. Are there side missions and activities in the game?

Yes, the game offers a variety of side missions and activities. Players can engage in chariot racing, participate in battlefield confrontations, explore pyramids and temples for treasures, and uncover hidden secrets in different regions of the game world.

4. How long does it take to complete Assassin’s Creed: Origins?

Completing the main story on medium difficulty takes approximately 25 to 30 hours. However, if you want to fully explore and complete all the content in the game, it can take significantly longer.

5. Does Assassin’s Creed: Origins offer post-game content?

After completing the main story, players are presented with additional options and activities to continue their gameplay experience. Daily missions are available to obtain unique weapons and further extend the game’s replayability.

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