Death’s Gambit

Death’s Gambit: A Mix of Dark Souls and Shadow of the Colossus

Death’s Gambit was one of the games from independent developers that attracted attention when it was announced in 2015, with some comparing it to a mix of Dark Souls and Shadow of the Colossus games, and with its final release after three years, so will we Then see if it deserves all that attention.

The story puts you in the role of Sorun, the soldier who died and “Death” brought him back to life, on a mission to end the curse of “immortality” that has spread across the kingdom. While completing this mission, you will try to find out what happened to your mother, who was one of the soldiers who took part in the war that took place a few years ago when you were young. Generally, the story serves to justify what you do most of the time. and there aren’t many details or surprises in it. You will expect the ending and identity of some characters revealed at the end of the game very early as the story is very traditional and there is nothing special in it.

The game uses pixel graphics similar to those of classic games, and the appearance of the game is generally beautiful, but the frames suffer from uneven performance. Sometimes the game runs very smoothly at a frame rate of 60 frames, and here the aesthetics of classic graphics appear as everything appears fluid, but most of the time you will feel like you are playing on a gaming device. Classic, although it is not that bad, it is annoying, and with the technically modest appearance you expect a smooth and stable game. On the audio level, the game offers beautiful melodies as you move through the world and enthusiastic melodies during battles, but nothing special or out of the ordinary here, the characters you will meet in the game world. She has her own voice acting without voice acting for the hero character, but voice acting was done for many texts and not for some, which sometimes confuses you and forces you to check your audio settings.

As for the gaming experience, it is a platforming and action experience with elements of RPG games in which you develop strength, endurance, intelligence and other things to cope with the increasing difficulty and new challenges will be faced throughout the game and the game here Depends much more on the level of your character than on the strength of the weapon itself, since there are weapons that depend on strength, are heavy weapons, and we have light and unusual weapons that require mastery, while magical weapons require intelligence. The more you need The more of these things developed, the more damage you cause to the opponent, with the possibility of developing your weapons as well.

Death move

Gameplay and Mechanics: Platforming, Action, and RPG Elements

To regain lost life points, use a Feather of the Legendary Phoenix. On the journey you will find different types of these bird feathers that are more effective. You can also collect more feathers to increase the number of uses. Due to your contract with “Death” you return after death in a confrontation with… one of the death statues where you were resting and a feather falls off of you every time you can recover by going to the place return to where you lost or pay a certain amount to the statue. Phoenix Feathers can also be used to increase the damage you deal as you receive 10% of the damage. The additional fee applies to each feather. When this effect is canceled, the feather returns to you and can be used.

You can use a primary and secondary weapon in addition to a shield. As a type of long-range weapon that can be used as a secondary weapon, you also have a bow and arrow in addition to some firearms. You can use some magical abilities or special abilities that require a certain number of energy points, which you get by hitting enemies or… Avoid their attacks and you will find that each weapon has its own abilities and cannot be used with another weapon. You can buy more of these skills from the characters in the main area, which you return to to buy some resources and change special skills if necessary. You can develop your character through… skill tree with points you get from bosses, but the skill tree is not very important and you will not feel its importance or the effect of the improvements you generally get through it.

The game has changed a lot since its first release in terms of its general look and art direction, and that’s fine, except that some were waiting for confrontations with huge bosses, similar to the Shadow of the Colossus games, of which some have appeared in old game demos and these confrontations are not present here and you will just fight a similar battle. The bosses in the game provide an excellent challenge and will not necessarily be difficult, but it is entertaining as each new boss will see you advance to a more difficult difficulty level than the previous one as your skills improve and you become familiar with the control system get used to. Each boss has its own distinctive attacks that you must follow to find the best strategy to dodge and attack.

There are books scattered throughout the game world that you can collect to get an easy overview of each leader’s background. With each book you find, you receive a reward for your exploration as you deal five percent additional damage against the leader for each book you find, and since each leader only has two books, you deal additional damage equal to one percentage. A maximum of ten percent. After defeating the bosses, you can face them again using the heroic option, where the boss becomes more powerful and a few direct hits may be enough to eliminate you. It’s unfortunate that the boss types that drew attention to the game weren’t present in the final product. The game doesn’t really offer anything that sets it apart from other games in the same genre.


Duration and Replayability: 10 Hours of Gameplay

About 10 hours is enough to complete the game for the first time, and upon completion you can return with the New Game+ option, where the bosses become more challenging and there are more enemies in the world. You can also cancel your game Contract with Death (this does not require quitting the game), which will cause you to lose everything. Something you did after you died for the first time. These are the two options for those who want to make the experience more difficult, nothing more. This is something that doesn’t often push you to repeat the experience because you don’t feel the value of repeating it. In the end, “Death’s Gambit” offered a good experience, nothing more, with modest content, and although it’s fun. It offers nothing that sets it apart from others.


  • The game’s pixel graphics and overall appearance are beautiful.
  • The game offers a platforming and action experience with RPG elements.
  • The gameplay relies on character development and strategy rather than just weapon strength.
  • The boss battles provide a good challenge and require players to adapt their strategies.


  • The game’s story is traditional and lacks surprises or unique elements.
  • The game’s performance can be uneven, with frame rate issues.
  • The audio can be inconsistent, with some characters lacking voice acting.
  • The skill tree system is not very important or impactful.
  • The game lacks unique features or standout elements that set it apart from others in the genre.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Death’s Gambit PC Game

Q: What is Death’s Gambit?

Death’s Gambit is an independent video game that combines elements of Dark Souls and Shadow of the Colossus. It follows the story of Sorun, a soldier brought back to life by “Death” on a mission to end the curse of immortality.

Q: What type of gameplay does Death’s Gambit offer?

Death’s Gambit offers a platforming and action experience with RPG elements. Players will need to develop their character’s strength, endurance, and intelligence to overcome challenges and progress through the game.

Q: How do I regain lost life points in Death’s Gambit?

To regain lost life points, you can use a Feather of the Legendary Phoenix. These feathers can be found throughout the game and are more effective depending on their type. Additionally, you can collect more feathers to increase the number of uses.

Q: What weapons can I use in Death’s Gambit?

In Death’s Gambit, you can use a primary and secondary weapon, as well as a shield. There are various types of weapons available, including long-range options like bows and arrows. Each weapon has its own unique abilities and cannot be used with another weapon.

Q: How long does it take to complete Death’s Gambit?

On average, it takes about 10 hours to complete Death’s Gambit for the first time. After completing the game, players have the option to replay it with the New Game+ mode, which offers increased challenges and more enemies in the world.

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