Outriders is a game by People Can Fly Studios and published by Square Enix. It is a cooperative shooting and action game with fast-paced gameplay and elements of RPG games, such as developing different armor and using different skills. Has the studio managed to ensure a balanced game? Experience and fun cooperative play? We will find out in the following lines of our test report.

The game’s story tells of a fighter whose events revolve around him and who has special abilities. With the help of his friends, you must solve the mystery surrounding his world and the danger that the remnants of humanity face. The game offers a diverse gaming world, from battlefields to ruined cities, army camps, barren lands and abandoned forests in a distinctive variety. It helps you play for dozens of hours in different areas without getting bored. The game’s maps are buggy due to the large number of loading screens. There is a loading screen before each cutscene, and there are cutscenes that are added unnecessarily, such as a cutscene where a door is opened or a bridge is crossed to complete a side mission.

The game style depends on the shooting system, hiding behind barricades and walls, and diversifying the use of skills to face dozens of enemies. Well, we would be doing the game an injustice if we said that hiding is what matters. Everything in the game is designed to encourage you to constantly move, as the enemies are constantly moving to attack you, and the game does not offer you a traditional method of treatment, encouraging you to maintain the character’s health through the use of skills and direct fighting.

The game offers the opportunity to play with one of four specializations in the game, offering a unique experience for each. One has skills useful in long-distance confrontations and advantages when using sniper weapons, the other gives you direct confrontation skills, armor and additional advantages and damage when fighting close to enemies.

As you progress, the game presents you with many new abilities, three of which you can choose during the game and combine depending on the situation. You’ll also get lots and lots of weapons and armor, obtained from enemies and through chests hidden in the battlefields, encouraging you to continue exploring. You can develop armor and weapons by increasing their level or changing the skills and benefits associated with them, but with the amount of armor and weapons you receive proportional to the character’s level and strength, the equipment used will constantly change.

Apart from the story missions, the game offers many side missions, hunting missions or eliminating wanted people in an optional variant for those looking for ways to increase their level or perhaps obtain rare equipment.

The game offers difficulty levels that are different from the usual. When you start playing, you play in the first level, and if you successfully complete several battles and gain experience points, you can play in the next level, but the choice is in your hands, because moving to the next level means more difficult opponents and also means the opportunity to obtain much better equipment and advance the game. 15 difficulty levels to keep you excited Reach the highest difficulty levels to get the rarest weapons and armor.

You can play the story with one player or cooperatively with up to three players, and the game actually offers a more enjoyable experience in cooperative play as you can spread yourself out better across the map and also combine your skills to help each other when one of you get into trouble.

This doesn’t mean that the cooperative gaming experience is free of problems. Since its release, the game has experienced various connection issues such as: B. a long wait to join the game or a sudden connection loss, as well as an imbalance The difficulty level may change in some phases if one of the players leaves the team. This is in addition to a few different technical issues. That you may come across, e.g. B. Enemies sometimes disappear from the area and a door cannot be opened due to a bug in the game that requires retrying the mission to fix it.

The game delivered acceptable graphics, especially on new generation devices and PCs, without offering anything particularly impressive, but the audio wasn’t at the level we’d hoped. Despite some excellent performance voice conversations, some characters offer monotonous audio performance and some weapons offer monotonous audio performance, with weak sounds that are not proportional to the type of weapons in the game.

This game was reviewed using a PS5 review copy provided by the publisher when the game launched.

Pros of Outriders PC Game

  • Fast-paced gameplay with elements of RPG games
  • Cooperative play with up to three players
  • Unique specializations offering different playstyles
  • Diverse gaming world with various environments
  • Opportunity to obtain rare equipment through side missions
  • 15 difficulty levels for increased challenge and rewards
  • Acceptable graphics on new generation devices and PCs

Cons of Outriders PC Game

  • Maps with numerous loading screens and unnecessary cutscenes
  • Connection issues and technical bugs affecting cooperative play
  • Imbalance in difficulty level if a player leaves the team
  • Some characters and weapons have monotonous audio performance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Outriders PC Game

1. What is Outriders and who developed it?

Outriders is a cooperative shooting and action game developed by People Can Fly Studios and published by Square Enix.

2. What is the gameplay like in Outriders?

The gameplay in Outriders is fast-paced and combines elements of shooting, action, and RPG games. Players can develop different armor and use various skills to combat enemies.

3. Is the game balanced and does it offer a fun cooperative play experience?

Yes, the studio has managed to ensure a balanced game and a fun cooperative play experience. The game encourages constant movement and offers a variety of skills and abilities for players to utilize.

4. Can I play Outriders alone or do I need to play cooperatively?

You can play Outriders alone or cooperatively with up to three players. The game offers an enjoyable experience in both single-player and cooperative modes.

5. Are there any technical issues or bugs in Outriders?

While Outriders has experienced some technical issues and bugs since its release, such as connection problems and occasional imbalances in difficulty levels, the developers have been working to address these issues through updates.

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